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  1. Interesting, I haven't thought of that. How are your tests coming out and what percentage of soy to coconut oil are you using?
  2. I have to agree their wax is very soft and has an odd scent that I can't really pick up on what it is, but after pouring the FO it goes away. Does make me wonder what they're putting in it... I haven't tried using stearic with this wax maybe that will help with all the tunneling I was experiencing no matter how high I wixed. I think Coconut wax is definitely more tricky to test than soy.
  3. I think the hotter the pour the less chances of it developing wet spots and cracks. What temperature are you pouring at? How do you like Cal candle supply's wax vs. candlewics wax?
  4. Have you tried warming the jars? When I was using CB Advanced I did get a lot of wet spots, but warming the jars made a huge difference. I would say only 10% of candles ended up developing wet spots.
  5. The shipping of Voluspa candles has me stumped, it's very surprising that they don't melt. I wonder if they use any additives. Have you had a chance to test your burn with 5% of stearic?
  6. I was surprised that the hot throw was actually pretty good. I'm am getting wet spots on some candles but they're minimal. I'm currently pouring the candles at 175 degrees anything lower than that gives makes the wet spot issue worse. No Shrinakge So far. I think the more soy you add the more likely it will cause shrinking after burning.
  7. HT and CT are perfect with this blend. I purchased the wax at Cal candle supply. CD wicks did not work for me, Eco's worked well.
  8. Okay so update. When mixing the coconut wax with 40% of soy 464 it burns beautifully. No tall flames, no mushrooming, just an overall nice clean burn!
  9. Great point Kerven! If the candle wick is producing a large flame it's most likely the wax quality since the wick itself shouldn't change it's own burning quality in different jars, because it should only affect the melt pool size. I didn't think of this before! Maybe the wax from California Candle Supply's is just not good on its own, not is it good when you only add a small amount of soy. Even though they told me their wax should work without blending, I'm finding that impossible.
  10. Whats the diameter of your jars? Another one of my problems with this wax is that I won't achieve a full melt pool after a 3-4 hours. I made a few test batches with higher amount of soy this morning and I will be testing them soon.
  11. I did dye them once and I used the dye blocks from Candle science. I think they color really nicely and I didn't get any frosting.
  12. Even though the flames are quite large the wax still burns slowly, a lot slower than soy wax. It also gives an amazing scent throw and it looks nicer. That's why I'm really trying to work with coconut wax and spending a lot of time + money testing. I think that once I get a good blend and appropriate wicks it'll be worth it.
  13. I tried blending coconut wax with 5% and 10% of Soy 464 and that didn't help much. Maybe I this wasn't enough soy. At first, I did not want to ad more than 10% of soy because I didn't want the soy to affect the scent throw, but maybe you're right Kerven. Perhaps by adding more soy it makes the coconut wax easier to work with. I'd rather have a candle with a lighter scent throw than an improperly wicked one. I'm going to try a 70/30 and a 60/40, coconut to soy and hope this works.
  14. I haven't tried RRD wicks. Not many suppliers offer them which makes me think that they're not as popular, but other candle makers have had success with them. I'll have to try them and hope these work better than all the others I've used.
  15. Has anyone had any luck wicking coconut wax? I am using coconut wax 83 from Calcandlesupply and I am having a hard time finding proper wicks. I've tested different FO's, different jar sizes. So far very FO and jar combinations work well, the majority of them give me a tall smoking flame. Sometimes the first burn will be fine but the second burn will give me a tall flame even after trimming the wick or vice versa. I've tried eco, CD, LX, HTP and nothing.
  16. Hi @Fluffysparkles did you ever find a wick that works with this wax? I purchased the same one and I'm dying for more info as it's extremely difficult to wick. If I wick down I won ft a full melt pool and if I wick up I'll get a tall flame with smoke.
  17. Hi @cvndlechix we're you successful on wicking the wax? I just began using the same wax and all my flames are tall no matter how small I wick them.
  18. Hi @Kerven, I am using Coconut Wax 83 from Calcandlesupply, and my ECO wicks are from Candlescience. For my test with ECO 4 in both the 4oz and 8oz jars, I used the same FO, but I just saw my notes that dye was added to the 4oz jar, maybe this was a factor in its burnability. The wax supplier recommended using ECO 4 for the 2.75" 8oz jar, and CD 8 or ECO 10 for the 3.20" jar. I tried the three size combinations with no FO, 10% Lemon Pound Cake FO from Candlesciene, and 10% Blood Orange FO, same results. I think you're right ab
  19. Have you found a wick that works for this wax? When Ecosoya's CB Adv. wax was discontinued I was forced to change my wax and decided to try something different. I decided to try a coconut blend but it is extremely difficult to wick. The lack of information about coconut wax doesn't make it any easier. So far I've tested: Eco 4, 4oz jar, 2.75" diameter: Full melt pool after a 3-hour test burn. Perfect wick for this jar! Eco 4, 8oz jar, 2.75 diameter: For some reason even though this wick worked on the 4oz jar with the same 2.75 diameter, it did not work on the 8oz jar. I
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