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  1. It really does, the one o added ginger too I couldn't believe how it turned out, but it was perfect. Thanks again there is a handful of you that always seem to get me thru my up hills!
  2. It was easy to make. Using the base I added 1.5 % bergamot, 0.5% eucalyptus and 4% lavender essential oil a 1/2 cup of salt mixture to soap base. I have hard water so it's up to you with salt. The salt mixx is 80% water 10% Epsom n 10% organic sea salt. I'm sure you know to add the salt to boiling water n mix right before adding. It turns soap cloudy n may break apart but I mixed it really good n particles went away but the color I'm not sure if it will come back after sitting. I poured half soap mix into a 10 oz bottle (the little dish soap bottles I found are perfect for testing) I added a half tablespoon nutmeg and than added rest soap. N mixed. Nutmeg is great for mostiterizing. I also made another with same ingredients but added a little bit more than a 1/2 tablespoon of ginger. Ginger is good for fighting aging, elasticity, and firming. The one with ginger came out nice and thick n fluffyish. I may try one with cinnamon n honey for my daughter since CINNAMON is good for acne and honey reduces the redness. I suppose my screwup helped make some item I would of mist likely never tried before. Good luck if you try!!!!and thank you for everyone helping
  3. It worked, it took a bit and I ended up adding jojoba so n more water so I'm just messing around with it. Came up with a great mostiterizing Lavender Nutmeg soap though I put in testers lol, nice thick consistency. But the base is thin. Still not sure though what I did wrong.
  4. Yes, I did and ok thanks I'm going to try adding water and see what happens.
  5. I didn't use the jojoba this time. I normally would of done 7.5 and 57.5 coconut, but I removed it since it wasn't for skin and for cleaning. Do you think if I add water and remix it might be salvageable?
  6. Yes I was very careful with my measurements, but no it was different looking. When I was mixing it took over an hour and it was thick like taffy when you pull it apart and than turned like a fluff, as if you were beating egg whites. I used 65% coconut oil, 25% grapeseed, and 10% palm with 5.25 KoHat 35% water. Oh I upped the coconut and did not use jojoba this time since I wanted to make it for cleaning I didn't see the purpose for the jojoba. I've read everywhere that KoH is not pure so use -7 on your lye calculation. Is it possible that what I bought is pure and I shouldn't of used a negative number?
  7. I made about a dozen Castile Soaps using different oils to see what I liked the best. This time though I made a larger batch of the soap I use for cleaning and it turned into white powder while cooking. Why did it do this? How can I fix it? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. I have to agree when I first started, which was not that long ago maybe a few months, the problem was me n not the supplier. Using wrong items, not correct temp, not curing ling enough, over using additives, wrong formula calcs. I use items from NG and my end result is fantastic. Just a FYI
  9. I have not done this, and have a question. If 16 oz of wax turns to 18oz melted do you figure how much FO on pre melted wax or melted wax.
  10. I read on here that soy needs at least a week curing ... Some people found older item they mad that were 3-4 weeks left on shelf and had an amazing throw. I don't use soy because of both those reasons but hope that helps
  11. So exciting I'm at the same time frame you are. Good luck!!
  12. If you like patchouli NG Bitches Brew is kinda like Yankees Witches Brew. And the Berry Bewitching Brew has a bit of sweetness to it. My itty bitty group of testers love them. I used Palm Wax and made a purple/blue color (I normally don't use color) and it makes a cute Halloween melt kinda has hints of almost midnight blue sparkles. I'm sure it would look nice in candles. I haven't gotten that far yet
  13. Ty I will...I read an article online that said to drop the melt point of wax to match the FO flashpoint or it would evaporate so o it confused me. Ty again
  14. I started messing with Palm Wax. It says to heat 200° -210° add FO stir n pour quickly. But if a FO has a flash of say 170° don't I have to wait until it drops to 170°? Im very confused with this.
  15. Just wanted to say thank you very much for all your help. I fixed melting temp, and played with different combinations of waxes and believe I have found my blend I made a Cinnaberry and Lavender Twist melts last night at 8. Threw one each in a warmer this morning about 2 hours ago and ran to store. Just got home and I could smell them as I was unlocking front door!! Thank you again!!!!
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