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  1. Thank you! You know that thought crossed my mind! They even have cardboard ones with windows on top? I'm going to have to play around with them for sure!
  2. Thank you I have some on hand right now.
  3. Yes some are and some are NG I love cherry slushee anything!Probably my favorite scent lol it goes with almost anything? I love the strawberry white cake as well!! Top 2 favorites!
  4. That would look cute! I have to look into that.Will it hold the scent in well? The packaging is for shipping only,no store displays but I still wanted them to be cute!:)
  5. Top left:"Beach Girl"(febreeze Hawaiian aloha+ coppertone) Top Right : Pumpkin Pecan Waffles with cinnamon sprinkled on top!(this was my very first pie slice which is why the wax drips look terrible lol didn't let it cool enough:) Bottom left: "Sweet Sixteen" (vanilla cupcake + cake batter ice cream) Bottom Right : "Gossip Girl" (Strawberry White Cake,Dreamsicle,Pink Lemonade) and then the last two are "Bomb Freeze" (cherry slushee,frosted lime cupcake,Blue raspberry slushee) "Unicorn Cupcake" (Birthday cake,cotton candy,fruit loops) These were all my very first test slices of each They are all amazing EXCEPT cake batter ice cream I will never make that again for some reason it had a wierd smell to it OOB and in wax..smelled like whiskey ??
  6. Thank you so much! These are wax only! I do love bakery bags too!
  7. It's okay:) Thank you so much for taking the time to reply with all your helpful info!:)
  8. I've been playing around with these...how would some of you package these? Bakery bag with a window so you can see the tops through the bag? Pictures aren't the best sorry didn't use my camera:)
  9. So I've noticed businesses claiming they have copyrighted the scent names of their products...is that a smart thing to do? How do you go about that and does that mean no one else is allowed to use that specific name?How do I look up this up to avoid causing issues with other local vendors? Also what do you guys suggest for designing your own logo?If it's made on a build your own site or app is it ok to use or should it be trademarked...and best label making process (a way to be able to edit different scent names). Sorry for the newbie questions:)
  10. I finally found my formula after months of testing but I am always open to suggestions! I use the illumination warmers! They are 25 watts and I feel they work the best. Honestly I will never use another warmer,if I do not get a great hot throw with them then, i feel like the wax/FO is not up to par...the electric hot plates have a good throw for about half a hour and get too hot and dissipate the frangrance too fast.With the 25 watt my smell with last for days and that is with turning it off at night. Illumination warmers are the best for my parasoy blend.
  11. What are the top wax blends for melts? I know this question could have so many answers and it can be different results for each person but I'm kinda looking for a place to begin...I love soy and the look of it so I would rather use a parasoy blend...tried a all soy blend with terrible results unfortunately :/ Pretty bummed about it. Does anyone use vybar? Will that help my results with a all soy blend or parasoy blend..
  12. DestinyRae


    So my glass thermometer shattered tonight:/ What type does everyone else use for wax? Ordering one later tonight:!
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