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  1. No I was talking about the new ecosoya pb wax. I see now thought it's out of stock again. I'm moving on to a new wax. I don't have time to wait around for new waxes
  2. That's strange CS had it not long ago. Now I see its gone again
  3. Hi I live in Arizona I used to use ECOSOYA PB but now I to am tring to figure out a wax that would work well. I'm thinking about tring a 50/50 blend. That may hold up to the heat.
  4. Thanks so much for the info I will check them out
  5. Yes it's out but I don't think I'm going to try it I heard it frosts alot
  6. I have been thinking about tring a parasoy melt wax.I am giving up on the new wax that repaced my PB wax. What brands do you like the best. I live in Arizona so I'm tring to find somewere that is close to me because of shipping.
  7. I hope so to I know the melt point is lower than the PB was.
  8. The new tart wax is out and Candle Science has it. It says it can hold up to 2 ozs of fragrance oil per pound. I'm going to buy 10 pounds of it and see just how good it is.
  9. I to am interested in the gel melts.
  10. I went to order a sample and they wanted to charge me 13.00 for shipping. I guess I will have to call them and see If it's right or not.
  11. Yes I was wondering If the customer can get them out of the clamshells easy.
  12. Those are really cute. I have seen other shapes also. Are the melts easy to get out of the clamshells
  13. Try doing a search for shaker jars
  14. Ops never mind .The smallest deli containers are 8 Oz to big. But I was thinking about tring souffle cups They come in sizes from 1 Oz to 4 oz and they have lids. I may have to play around with this and see what I come up with
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