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  1. ozzie

    Melts Question

    I'm embarrassed to admit it, but you are both correct.
  2. ozzie

    Melts Question

    It was a fresh 50lb box of wax.
  3. ozzie

    Melts Question

    I've made hundreds of melts and never had any negative issues using Parasoy 600 Problend. But the wax didn't harden in my last two batches. Should I have left them open longer ...admittedly, I closed the lids and stacked them sooner than normal, but I've done that before and I didn't have any trouble with wax sticking to the molds.
  4. It's all good. I've learned a lot from this MB. Thanks.
  5. I get excellent hot scent throw using the 6006 70% paraffin and 30% soy. I'm wondering about the Para-soy 600 wax approximately 52% soy and 48% paraffin because the 6006 is messy to work with. Is throw in direct proportion to the amount of paraffin wax in the blend ...the more paraffin, the better the scent throw??
  6. Interesting! Who is your supplier? I dropped CS because it's almost impossible to remove the lids. I like the tins from TFC.
  7. Makes sense. Thanks! I'm done with Mason jars. I wish tins would outsell the jars ...it would make my life a lot easier!
  8. I'm getting poor wax adhesion when using Mason jars. I've used all of the tricks of the trade ... warming, cooling in an insulated cooler, pouring at different temps, etc. My candles look pretty good when I use salsa, straight-sided and canning jars. Do the corners of the Mason jar negatively affect wax adhesion? I use the 6006 blend.
  9. Thank you. They are a bit more expensive than CS, but I'd sell more product with a functional container vs watching the customer struggle to open the tins that I currently use. "I love the candle,but I'll think about it". ie. It's too darn hard to open. See ya.
  10. I'm currently using the CS tins, but my customers have difficulty opening the container. I found a source for the screw top tins, but they are much more expensive than CS tins. So I'm looking for some help in locating a new wholesaler for screw top travel tins. Thanks!
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