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  1. Hi, Thank a lot Sponiebr for the reply. I think, I can plan out with this. It's a detailed and beneficial reply. Thank you
  2. Hi, Even if it’s days ahead of the valentine's day, I would eagerly start planning to give my sweetie a big surprise. This day will be more sweeter as we are celebrating five years of our relationship. I searched for different ways by which I could celebrate this day. Recently, I heard about the valentine soaps and its preparation,so I did a few researches on that too. Sharing of your suggestions is highly appreciated. I used to give lots of new gifts and surprises on each valentine's day. And I think, the coming valentine's day will be the best. Last year, she was shocked because of the unique surprise I gave her. I still remember the excitement I saw in her eyes when I gave her a painting http://www.robertsgallery.net/gallery-image/athabasca-paintbrush/ . It was so close to her heart because art and painting is her passion. I’m just waiting for that auspicious day. I always intend to make her happy and provide her an ostentatious life. Hope I will get your suggestions on this. Thanks in advance
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