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  1. Yeah, I realized my mistake after I had posted. I'm well aware that people use salt in the bath tub. The name of the recipe threw me for a minute, "Moisturizing Bath Powder Blend". Whoopsie.
  2. Has anyone made bath powder with Epsom salt as an ingredient? I found a recipe in the www.makeyourown.buzz formulary that includes it at 29%. That seems odd to me, but maybe it's normal.
  3. You're welcome. The Lotioncrafter site states that you can use aloe juice, hydrosols, etc. An aside, I did try a couple of versions of the recipes based on both the CME & AquaEM but neither were strong enough emulsifiers on their own. If I tried it again I would do as TallTayl had previously suggested and add RE's FO modifier.
  4. I've used the bags & the canning jars. While the jars do take up a lot of space they really do work the best for me, much better than the bags really. Like kandlekrazy said, I would give a good shake every time I passed them. Shake-shake-shake! Unfortunately they're not popular around here. I have butt load of them just sitting around.
  5. Maybe you have to create an account. I have one. Sorry.
  6. Well that's weird. Does this work? www.makeyourown.buzz/formulary
  7. I was concerned about customers as well although I had really wanted to make shampoo for myself. I can't find any sulfate-free shampoo that I like. My scalp has an actual reaction to sulfates. I've tried a couple of Swift's recipes, but I need to make some adjustments to them. I recently found some recipes here I'm planning to try, with some tweaking of course.
  8. Thank you. I've read about certain EOs thinning out shampoos & washes but I don't think I've heard of one seizing. Yikes. Again, thanks for sharing. You are a wealth of knowledge.
  9. @TallTayl How long do you sequester your products?
  10. Thanks. Where do you get your perfumers alcohol, if you don't mind me asking? I never thought about coloring it. That would be pretty.
  11. Please forgive me, I've asked before & have looked through previous posts, but I keep finding contradicting info (everywhere) about making body mists/sprays; how to make them, which ingredients to use, how much, etc. I know people like to use bases but I want to make my own. I like making everything as close to "from scratch" as possible. I know I don't have to do it, I like to do it. So is it cyclo? Perfumers alcohol? Pixie dust? Something that will leave a scent lingering longer than two seconds? Am I asking for too much?
  12. That happened to my husband recently. He ordered through Amazon & had all transactions/emails on their site. He tried to communicate with the original company several times but they ignored him. He finally filed a complaint with Amazon & the next day he had a refund. Amazon don't play.
  13. That's good know, thanks. I want to test the waters with some products. I agree about the extras. I check out Swiftcraftymonkey a lot & she loves that stuff, but I don't see how they make much difference, if any. Customers do like seeing it.
  14. Does anyone create surfactant based products? If you sell, are customers put off by the ingredients? Also, do you think ingredients like herbal extracts, hydrosols, hydrolyzed proteins, etc. really add anything to products or is it really label appeal?
  15. Thanks! I'll check them both out.
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