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  1. Does anyone know where you can get the bigger sized aroma beads anymore? I already know that PP4F, NG, LS, BuyItShipIt, ABO, and BCN don’t have them but curious If anyone here is getting them from somewhere else that still carries them? It seems that everyone is carrying smaller ones compared to a few years ago when most were big. I actually prefer small but looking for the bigger ones for a specific project. Thanks in advance!
  2. Great! Did you get the economy or premium?
  3. I get most of mine from Ann Clark Cookie Cutters or just find them on Amazon
  4. Thank you! I ordered the Black Ice from TCS and got me a new pink from rustic essentials!
  5. Yeah this heat is out of control! I ordered red dye from Lonestar since I was already getting oils, so I'll try it with the strawberry leather instead of pink. Do you currently have "Black Ice?" A lot of men are looking for that scent and I didn't see it on Lonestar or NG.
  6. Ok, I take that back. Lol I've been using the pink for strawberry leather and it always come out super light. I just recently made Butt Naked and it's hot pink like it's supposed to be soooo I'm guessing the leather is doing something weird to the color or something. ?
  7. Yes, it's always something! Lol I have noticed that they are thinner now that I'm using the Bittercreek beads so I'll definitely make them thicker. Once it gets cooler, maybe I won't have any other issues lol Oh, and where do you get your liquid dyes? I've only bought from natures garden and lonestar and I swear my "hot pink" from lonestar never stays dark once the beads absorb. It ends up light pink.
  8. Well, the last few fresheners I have made(and gave to friends) have melted off their string or warped. These friends do leave their cars out in the sun all day while at work and it is over a 100 degrees. I have another friend that has one of the older fresheners(from when I used nature garden beads) and it didn't melt at all but it was teal and now it's faded into like 10 different colors. The new ones I've made with Bittercreek beads don't fade but melt, and the older ones with NG beads don't melt but fade. The struggle. Lol have you had any melting problems??
  9. Hi! I just ordered some fragrances from TCS, including leather and buckles and spurs, so I'm excited to see how those work out! I've had a new issue I wanted to run by you, If you have time! ?
  10. It looks like we are doing everything the same so maybe I'm just being paranoid with thinking the leather doesn't smell. I just don't want to sell a scent and it not be potent enough. Yes, I am in Stephenville, TX.
  11. The Bittercreek beads were seriously miracle beads to me! With using NG beads, I never had any scents done in 1-2 days. The beads seem a tad smaller than the NG ones but they soaked up the oil SO well! You definitely need to bake them for less time though. I just baked them for the first time yesterday and I'm kind of curious whether they'll still last as long as my normal fresheners do. I SO badly wanted to use Houston Candle Supply and their online site seriously shut down like a week before I started making these. Lol The shipping from all these places KILL me. There isn't anything close to me. I just got on Texas Candle Supply and I think I'm gonna go ahead and order from them because they have a few other scents I've been looking for also. Thanks so much for the offer though! Have you used their leather and lace? That's another one I've been looking for. I had intentions on making my own by mixing leather and vanilla, but since I wasn't happy with my leather, I never did it. What is your oil to bead ratio?? I usually do a 1:4 ratio whereas I would use 1/4 cup oil to 1 cup of beads but I'm almost always having to add beads so that's probably not what I need to do. Lol That's awesome you are doing so well with selling them! Right now I'm basically just selling to people I know, but hope to sell at a craft fair type thing once I get everything down. I started making them after I bought one from a local and it didn't smell at all. I was like "I can do better than this!" Lol Thanks so much your advice!
  12. Thanks for your reply Belinda. Ok, the leathers I've tried are: Lonestar Candle Bittercreek Natures Garden- it was actually "leather jacket" and it was super strong but smelled of fake leather. Lonestar is by far the best smelling leather scent in my opinion, as it smells like true leather. I also have to add beads to the leather to get it done faster but I still feel like the scent isn't strong. Maybe leather just isn't a super strong scent and I'm worrying for nothing? Lol I used this scent in combination with aroma beads from natures garden. Where do you get your beads? Also, I used Bittercreeks beads with Bittercreek leather and it was literally done in a day. The only problem is the scent seemed less strong than lonestars. I'll probably end up trying leather from Texas candle supply like you mentioned. I'm baking my fresheners at 350 for 10 minutes. Thanks so much for your input!
  13. For all you aroma bead makers--- I'm having a major problem. I made the aroma bead fresheners and I CANNOT find a good strong leather fragrance oil. I have tried three different oils from three different wholesale candle companies with NO luck. It is so frustrating. Everyone wants a leather scented freshener and I just can't figure it out. Once the beads get ready the scent is so light you can barely smell it. I don't have this problem with any other scent. Can anyone that makes the fresheners or just aroma beads let me please know where they get their leather oil???
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