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  1. katmeltswax

    Aroma Bead Ornies not working out

    I am so confused as to what may have went wrong bc I always ordered the premium & no issues ever . It's been a while back & ordered twice now . I an guessing he received a bad batch or something . I will call in my order & be sure to ask him for the exact same beads ,I received a couple months ago . They were really great & no issues at all. I know I ordered the Premium .
  2. katmeltswax

    Aroma Bead Ornies not working out

    Ok at this point ,I consider myself lucky to have received the hood beads . If I place another order for premium beads ,will I be getting the same as I originally started with . ? never had a issue & performance was great .I am out& need to order asap . Thanks in advance . Kat
  3. katmeltswax

    Aroma Bead Ornies not working out

    The beads I used only took a day to dry & performance was great . I never received any of the problem beads . I hope the issue has been resolved ,I need to place another order asap . If they are taking that long to soak up the oils ,sounds like the problem beads . Hope I am not going to be wasting money on my next order . Customers have been very happy with the freshners so far . The beads I received were the best ever ,love these .
  4. katmeltswax

    Aroma Bead Ornies not working out

    Belinda,The beads that soak up over night, are the good beads . I personally never received any of the problem beads from this company .I have had great results with all the ones I have received . I know a couple of members here were having a issue . I think the problem has been resolved by now. I will be ordering again soon & love the results with the ones I used from Plasticpellets4fun. Yours should be fine .I am very happy with these myself & get good feedback . I have a ornie in my car going strong still after 5 weeks now . Let me know how yours are performing . Thank you bunches . Kat
  5. katmeltswax

    Aroma Bead Ornies not working out

    The beads I purchase from Plasticpellets4fun only take a day to dry ,some scents will take 2 .Are you getting your beads from this company?
  6. katmeltswax

    Aroma Bead Ornies not working out

    Let me know if you attempt to make your own ,please post a pic . I am excited to hear about this adventure . Kat
  7. katmeltswax

    Marshmallow Fireside BBW =$12 lb

    I absolutely love the MF from Aztec ,I get great throw ,smell is spot on to BBW as well. I will be more than happy to send you a sample . I have plenty 😉 Kat Oh I just remembered ,I need to mail Trapp a sample well ,as promised a while back lol.i will definitely do this tomorrow .
  8. katmeltswax

    What should i make?

    I know it's so hard dealing with chronic pain . It's quite the challenge to do these crafts right . I try to stay positive & keep moving forward ,I find it helps me alot emotionally to stay busy as possible . It certainly beats sitting around feeling down about my condition. I do have good days & bad . It would be nice to have everyday turn out to be a good day kwim. I wish you all the best !!!!! Kat
  9. katmeltswax

    What should i make?

    Appears to have smooth tops now. Did you cool the wax down before cooling ? At what temp did you pour to get these results ? The reason I ask is bc I have some 450 & this wax is believed to be the same as 133 . I plan on test pouring the 450 soon for melts . A member here ,sent me some melts he made with the 450 & performance was super Imo. It was RE pumpkin lattee & a couple more . Hang in there you will find the comfort zone for this wax.
  10. katmeltswax

    Aroma Bead Ornies not working out

    So the beads should be the good ones ,same as we got a while back . I hope so bc they were so good .
  11. katmeltswax

    Aroma Bead Ornies not working out

    I am so shocked to hear the beads are not working out .I will be placing a new order soon & compare .I am thinking I might better call him & ask if the beads are the same as the ones I purchased a while back . I want the same bc I loved the results & had no issues at all .In fact the beads were the best I ever worked with . I am Leary to order now ,fear they may not be the same .It's such a waste of money to invest & cannot even use the beads . I will certainly talk to the owner & see what kind of info I can get.
  12. katmeltswax

    Aroma Bead Ornies not working out

    I find this interesting .How do you make your own cutters? What a great idea !
  13. katmeltswax

    Aroma Bead Ornies not working out

    I put mine in the polypropylene zip bags & store in a huge file cabinet I have ,away from the sun & light Keeps the scents fresh kwim .
  14. katmeltswax

    Aroma Bead Ornies not working out

    I have good luck with Candlesource leather oil ,soaks up super fast . I also do a cherry & vanilla leather . I add 1oz oil per cup = 6oz of beads .
  15. katmeltswax

    New to the forum, not to candlemaking

    I know that will really make you furious bc it's not always such a easy thing to come up with such unique catching names for products & then to see a company is actually benefitting the rewards from your own original name you thought of yourself. Yes once patented it is unfortunately to late . Sorry you have to see the name & success someone's else is getting from what was once Yours .