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  1. katmeltswax

    Black Friday Sales

    Idk I have never purchased from BC & have many I want to try asap Maybe someone will know & post if they do ,would be nice . Do you have any great fo recommendations on BC ? I have been loading a cart for a while with BC bc I have heard such good reviews on their oils kwim ... Thank you in advance ,Kat
  2. katmeltswax

    Black Friday Sales

    Gail ,great news your not going to be missing out on any great FO deals from Aztec this year . It's just 18 of the 1 oz for a dollar ,such a disappointment for me . They are offering 464 at cost as well . I use paraffin so not going to be spending my money on this sale . Lol I have a Bittercreek order I want to place soon ,so that's the positive for me anyways . I just purchased from CW also ,so guess I will save for next better sale on Aztecs kwim ,sure they will have a better one in near future 😀 Kat
  3. katmeltswax

    Black Friday Sales

    TCS meaning The Candlemakers store ? Idk about this supplier doing a BF . I know I have received up to 30 off from Aztec on BF all fo the year 2016&2015 ,such a let down this year . Last year was top seller lb bottles for $11 . Well maybe next big sale will be much better . WSP has a BF Sale , usually a good one if you like some of their oils . I will hope for New Year's for some sales as well . Lol guess I will spend some $ I had saved on Bittercreek oils ,never used BC & excited to try many from them asap 😀 I agree with you on the 464 sale ,I use paraffin ,however I have heard the bad news on some of the soy waxes this year having issues .
  4. katmeltswax

    Black Friday Sales

    I am so disappointed in this BF . Good for 464 soy wax users ,just no big discount on the oils ,kinda bumbs me kwim. Maybe next sale they will have a good one for oils ,hoping so anyways . Let's see what FB & others have to offer ,got my eyes open for the emails .
  5. katmeltswax

    Candlewic New Fragrances

    Sarah S I have CW Mahogany Spice heading my way . I was out of Frasier Fir & a couple more ,so went ahead & used the Free lb code during check out , love that deal always . I noticed CW also has the BBW Mahogany Woods dupe under the classic scents .I went ahead with Mahogany spice instead , looking forward to this one soon .Thanks for the recommendation... Kat
  6. katmeltswax

    FB Quick Shipping

    It's ok & yes it's Candlewic we were talking about . If you spend $75 during this promotion ,the code is entered & they subtract a certain amount from the total . It's really nice to get this deal . .I love so many CW scents .😀 Kat You also get a free 1 oz sample with every lb purchase ,love this deal too kwim.
  7. katmeltswax

    FB Quick Shipping

    I have not seen it this way before either .The Free samples 1 oz are always subtracted from the total ,for every lb bottle .
  8. katmeltswax

    FB Quick Shipping

    I wanted to correct my earlier post in the Free lb CW . I just check out & it appears they take the discount off after the cart is loaded . They gave me the medium cost oil free . It was the Black tea orange almond .The Frasier Fir was the highest cost oil of my selections ,love this one . I am guessing they have their own formula calculation on the Free lb offers . I am sure I will love the black tea scent . I passed on Snickerdoodle bc the near $40 a lb is just more than i am willing to pay for a lb of oil kwim, can find a good one from another supplier . Snickerdoodle scents are very plentiful right lol. I look forward to my order & hope I like the free samples as well . Sorry for the misunderstanding ,guess I did not get the Storm Watch free in the past lol .. It's ok bc it is a amazing scent & performance is great in my wax blend for melts . I wish CW had a BF sale ,never have seen one in the past with this supplier . I do love the coupon codes they offer often on free lbs & shipping .
  9. katmeltswax

    Black Friday Sales

    I will keep you updated on the emails in the future for all sales ,as I am a bad enabler 🤗
  10. katmeltswax

    Black Friday Sales

    Gail ,Your right they did have a anniversary sale back in the spring with 35 off . I checked my invoices & in 2016 the BF was 30 ,I purchased alot lol... The announcement for this year will be next Monday according to their web site . I am sure hoping it will be a 30 off this go around . FB was 25 off last year on BF . I am out of many I use from them & trying to hold off kwim. Fingers crossed for the 30 ALL oils bc I use so many from Aztec .😀 I know if it's just a select hand full ,I will have to go to plan B lol...
  11. katmeltswax

    Black Friday Sales

    I will check my invoices & see why in the world ,I was thinking 30 off from FB . I will check same for Aztecs . I do recall the BF Aztec last year was exactly as you mentioned . I am almost certain I received 30 from Aztec before on BF . I am curious now to see what it actually was in the past years kwim. Thanks Gail for pointing this out ,I certainly do not want to mislead or get anyone's hope on about the sales . I will be in touch asap . Kat.....
  12. katmeltswax

    Black Friday Sales

    You know Gail ,I do remember now about Aztecs last year. I was a bit disappointed bc I liked the 30 off better on All the oils . Hopefully they will offer the 30 off this year idk . I am busy loading a cart ATM. I may be in for a disappointment right . We shall see what it is going to be for 2018 . I will look at my past invoices from FB as well ,maybe the 30 off is starting to fade away slowly ,darn it .
  13. katmeltswax

    Aroma Bead Ornies not working out

    I agree with cswilson, I find I just have to trim the pointy spikes off bc if you do not bake the beads long enough ,we all know what happens . You will have beads falling out from the middle . I do not get alot of spikes & just trim the ones that need a trim.... Glad your getting good results 😀
  14. katmeltswax

    Black Friday Sales

    Yes for the past few years or more ,Aztec,Fragrance Buddy & WSP . These are the ones I know have great BF sales , usually ,30-35% discount .I always try to save back some $ for these sales , the discount helps tremendously .
  15. katmeltswax

    Fillmore Enable alert 3 NEW Scents

    Great! Please do keep me posted on the other two.I received a code for $5 off ,helps with shipping kwim . Code GIMME5 . Kat.