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  1. Also i was wondering if anyone knows what is the difference between ECO and CD wicks?
  2. The size of the ECO is 8 and the glass jar is 8oz and approximately 3" tall and about 3" round.
  3. Thanks for replying! Here is the a bit more info Coconut 83 Wax Fragrance supplier is from a local vendor (California candle supply) currently doing 8% Fragrance load Glass 4oz container No additives Candle cured for about 3 days
  4. This is the equipment i use when candle making, hope this helps! I was also wondering what type of thermometers everyone uses? (Infrared or candy thermometers) Presto Pot (without spigot) Aluminum Pour Pot Scale Wooden chop sticks (for mixing wax and fragrance oil) Heat gun (for smoothing finished candles, if needed.) Aluminum Wick Holders Glue dots (for holding the wick to the jar) Thermometer
  5. I've been using ECO wicks and noticed that they seem to produce a lot of black smoke when burning. Are they producing a lot of black smoke because they are too large for the size of candle? Would anyone know which wicks produce minimal black smoke?
  6. @cvndlechix I've been wanted to try Coconut Wax 83, What was your experience with it? Did it have good HT and how did it look once you let it cure and after you lit it and it cool?
  7. Yea i would follow KandleKrazy's advice. Don't risk it, do not click any links, Go to Paypal and contact them through their phone number or there website.
  8. I used to heat my Golden Brands 464 soy wax to 180 F and pour at 135 F. I noticed after the candle has cured and I lit it, that the soy wax would stick to the side of the glass container and almost look crystallized. My opinion was that this could have been due to the soy wax being overheated. Now I heat my soy wax to 160 F, still pour at 135 F and it seems to help a bit for it to not stick or crystallize to the glass as much.
  9. UPDATE Last night I lit the 8 oz EO candle i made and it did not give off any scent at all (at least i didn't smell any). I think i will stick to FO for now until i can figure something out with the EO recipe. For those wondering what recipe i used here it is. Melted my soy wax at 160 F and added in 20 drops of amber EO and 5 drops of sage EO. Let it cool down to 135 F and poured my candle.
  10. Wow looks great! Great recipe and picture tutorial!
  11. Thanks for this info OldGlory, this helps out A LOT!! I think i will give fragrance oils a shot and mix difference scents to make my own unique blend.
  12. Thanks for sharing this Jcandleattic!
  13. Hello everyone, I am new to soy wax candle making. I am here because I was wondering in your experience Is It ok to use essential oils in soy wax candles. I have been researching and for the most part is the general answer is yes but I am left wondering if it is even worth spending money on expensive essential oils rather then fragrance oils. I've read that fragrance oil have better scent throws then essential oils but sometimes i am not a fan of fragrance oils because some of them tend to have a synthetic smell to them. So far i have experimented with an 8 oz candle with a total of 20 drops of a mix of amber and sage essential oils, I am currently waiting for that to cure so i can light and test it. With that being said I have the following questions. Is It ok to use essential oils in soy wax candles? What is the general rule of thumb for the amount of essential oil to 1 lb of soy wax? What is a good temperature to add essential/fragrance oils to the soy wax? What is a good temperature to pour the soy wax into a glass jar? Is It ok to mix essential oils and fragrance oils for soy wax candles? Any help is really appreciated!
  14. Hello, I just registered today for these forums. So far its seems like a very good site for information on candle making, I've seen a lot of good info on here and I am looking forward to giving and receiving info on these forums. How old are you? 29 Where do you live? Los Angeles How long have you been making candles/soap/whatever? Started making soy candles May 2016. How did you get started making candles/soap/whatever? I've always been a consumer of candles and one day i just decided to give it a shot.
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