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  1. Appreciate all of the concerns about the type of wax, we have some assurances in place with our vendor. And if worse comes to worse we will move to a coconut wax. That said I own a company that does fundraising directly with schools so we move our candles, 200-1000 at a time, in great quantity. Also a reason to use a wax that is not soy and able to be purchased in every drug store, big box store, etc. So back to the wax, anyone worked with this or coconut wax? I know they both have high melt points, probably the same issues.
  2. Apricot wax is actually being used by a lot of high end candle makers in the market. As for marketing it, it actually is quite easy considering it burns 80% cleaner then soy. We have a marketing program that allows us to deal directly with customers in a pretty unique way. I've seen some posts about 3 years old talking about Apricot wax but nothing lately. It is an amazing wax, just can't figure out how to pour it without it tunneling near the wick. I've poured at 200 degrees, 180, 160, 140, 130.... All created the same problem.
  3. Accu-blend is the maker, in West Covina, Ca
  4. Hi, I wanted to see if anyone has used Apricot wax for their candles and what kind of result they have had? Pros: Great adhesion, excellent hot/cold throw. Cons: 200 degree melt point, caving or sink holes when drying. I love this wax, I believe it has selling benefits like the coconut wax does. Would love to hear from some of you. Thanks in advance.
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