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    huddersfield,west yorkshire
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    im a candlemaker from huddersfield,west yorkshire,united kingdom. I make beautiful strongly scented candles from my own home hand poured with 100 % soya wax for a more cleaner burning candle. I like football ,rugby,boxing love spending time with family and friends.


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    candles and crafts

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  1. sounds good to me but u forgot sticking your wick when to add the fragrance oil what the right temperature to pour will be this information is very short doesnt tell us the hazards either but thank you
  2. what candles are you making at the moment?
  3. which essential oils are the best to use? what combinations work well? what purposes can these essential oils have thank you kyle @ creativecraftsuk
  4. I love making various wax melts and cupcake canldes small medium and large the smell from a wax melt is much more stronger than a normal burning candle dont you think? Is there any other ideas you have about wax melts you would lie kto share with me I was wondering is it wise to make cupcake/oreo candles as i have heard they are a food imitation and come under the food trading standards? please let me know more information thank you kyle @creativecrafts
  5. looks a great idea will have to try this
  6. making tripled scented candles

    memorial candles and much more

    check back for mroe updated items

  7. Check out my latest homemade candles here Made with 100% soya bean wax the most healthiest way to burn candles I want to show you my cupcakes and candle si have recently started making i hope you like them thank you
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