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  1. B Lavender

    IGI 6570?

    Laura C, I really like the IGI 6570 in 8oz square mason jars using an eco 1. It burns clean and the throw is very good. I mixed 15% glass glow palm wax to stiffen it up some but still don't think it will ship well in the hot summer months. This is one of my favorite waxes but cost a lot more to get it to me in south Texas.
  2. B Lavender

    IGI 6570?

    I called Aztec yesterday and was told that the IGI 6570 does contain paraffin but she could not give me the percentage. I ordered 25lb to test. Brad
  3. Just on the news here tonight. http://www.kens5.com/features/trending-today/woman-says-bath-and-body-works-candle-gave-her-severe-facial-burns/461275067
  4. B Lavender


    I use a cd 10 in the pint square mason jar.
  5. B Lavender

    Need help with Clarus 3022

    Thank you Candle Guy I am using cdn and premier wicks now and I'm getting a much better candle. The hangup is very little now and I will just have to get over it I guess. will try 8% .
  6. B Lavender

    Need help with Clarus 3022

    Thanks for your help, I'm using 8 oz square mason jars and even with large wicks there is a thick film with some color left. This wax works great in metal tins I guess I'll try a different jar. Brad
  7. Hello all, i've been lurking and learning from everyone here for over a year and have my choice of soy down pretty good thanks to ya'll. My problem is with Clarus 3022 i can get a good melt pool but can not get it to melt all the wax film off of the glass it leaves a thin film that will not melt. Is this the way this wax behaves? Thanks for any info on this you could share. Brad
  8. B Lavender

    Madder and madder

    Hope you don't mind me adding my 2 cents. I add it to my lye water then filter with cheese cloth, I can get deep dark reds this way.
  9. B Lavender

    Hello All

    Thank you everyone, glad to be here.
  10. B Lavender

    Hello All

    Hello everyone, nice to find a place to learn about candles. I've made cp and liquid soap for a long time and now I want to learn to make candles. Thanks for letting me sign up and hope to learn a lot from everyone. Brad