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  1. anngeltyme


    Hello All Just wanted to give you all a heads up that GELTYME.COM is under new ownership as of January 2015.
  2. anngeltyme

    where to get the best wax embeds?

    hello all, I actually have some of the best wax embeds if you would like to try me out
  3. anngeltyme

    Wax Embeds

    Hi, use the following for all my wax embeds I sell PW1013 High-Melt Straight Paraffin-IGI 1260, this is from peak GREAT PRODUCT AND EMBEDS COME OUT SHINNY. Also it will not react with gel
  4. anngeltyme

    Dragon Embed Mold

    yes etsy is a good start
  5. anngeltyme

    Greetings from a new forum member

    hello all
  6. anngeltyme

    Adding wax embeds

    Embeds are right up my alley, I find the more you add the better the smell
  7. anngeltyme

    Adding Gel wax to soy wax

    Yes I have done this but not for whipping, I will have to try whipping
  8. anngeltyme

    Gel as a topping

    it should be fine. I do it all the time
  9. anngeltyme

    Gel as a topping

    Hi vicky Is it possible to add me as a vendor in the forums for people who make gel candles, I am a supplier of gel wax embeds and more? My embeds can also be used on top of many pretty candles. let me know www.geltyme.com
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    tomatosm copy.jpg

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