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  1. Hi guys.. Haven't been around lately as my grandmother passed away and it has been a real trying time for our family. But on the bright side I have the need to ship a few candles and wanted to know what you guys have experienced as the best must cost effective way is to package and ship. It is just a jar candle and some melts but I don't want it to break but I want to keep the cost low as well.. Would really appreciate any help.
  2. Is it just me, or does candle science seem to make a KILLING on shipping??????? WOW
  3. I am thinking of ordering some tins and trying it.... Do you guys see a decent market for 8oz tins???? I know everyone's business is different but I do want to try it.. Anything different that I need to know before ordering the tins and trying this? Pitfalls? Beware??
  4. This looks AWESOME!!! I am saying that and I have no idea what a fire starter is????? How do you make the 2 colors on the melts from the ice trays??? I haven't tried to do multiple colors yet but yours look awesome!!!!!
  5. I was just about to order from BC and read the wood wicks there are not treated. From what I have read if they are not treated it causes them not to lite easily and that they will keep going out... Has anyone experienced any problems with them lighting or continuing to burn(going out)??
  6. What is a 1oz tester??? Does that mean you use 1oz of the FO and make a 12 oz candle to check the throw??????
  7. WOW.... Thanks for the great suggestion.. I will do that as soon as I get home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. If it was a snake it would have bit me!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS
  9. So how do you make them in an X form?????
  10. Making some paraffin tomorrow ... so should I them the same cure time of 7-10 days????
  11. Well now... You guys do know what you are doing!!!!!! I just went back and lit the candle from Saturday and it is really filling the room with scent.... So I have learned a valuable lesson, soy takes some cure time.. I have a few others that I am going to wait at least until Saturday to lite, that will be 7 day. The cold throw is awesome now on those we made. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO thanks so much for the cure time on the soy... going forward I am looking at 10 days I think. What about a paraffin candle cure time?????? THANKS TO EVERYONE FOR HELPING ME.....
  12. Steve, Can I mix IGI 4630 Harmony Blend Wax and Golden Brands 464 Soy Wax??????
  13. I was just doing some research and I found this site that proposes adding FO to soy at 155 degrees and not 185... As a newbie I would think it would be better at a lower temp as to not burn off but most every place else reads to add FO at 185. Any opinions ? http://www.scentednest.com/content.php?content_id=1007
  14. I used 2 ECO 14 wicks.. We thought two would be better.. The jar is 3/14 in diameter . I am using a 12oz tumbler with an actual pour amount of about 9.5 oz or so... I purchased some paraffin as well from CS.. They seem really nice and have answered all my questions.
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