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  1. Hi guys.. Haven't been around lately as my grandmother passed away and it has been a real trying time for our family. But on the bright side I have the need to ship a few candles and wanted to know what you guys have experienced as the best must cost effective way is to package and ship. It is just a jar candle and some melts but I don't want it to break but I want to keep the cost low as well.. Would really appreciate any help.
  2. Is it just me, or does candle science seem to make a KILLING on shipping??????? WOW
  3. I am thinking of ordering some tins and trying it.... Do you guys see a decent market for 8oz tins???? I know everyone's business is different but I do want to try it.. Anything different that I need to know before ordering the tins and trying this? Pitfalls? Beware??
  4. This looks AWESOME!!! I am saying that and I have no idea what a fire starter is????? How do you make the 2 colors on the melts from the ice trays??? I haven't tried to do multiple colors yet but yours look awesome!!!!!
  5. Are you saying all jar candles need to sit on something??? Am I understanding correctly?
  6. Trappeur, Do you still use Zazzle for your labels???? How do they work? Do they print and ship to you or do they charge for you do design and then download the template?
  7. If you make paraffin, what would soy bring that would be a benefit? Is it only that paraffin has a benefit to soy??
  8. WOW... No FED's for me!! But yes what I was referring to is the gel that you squirt on your hands and it dries. We use a lot of that. So where would one start to make that and is there a video and process list for how to do it??? Thanks!!
  9. I am trying to understand the purpose of mixing a paraffin and soy?? Which one is helping the other with scent throw (ct or ht)? What does each bring to the table and how does it help the other? I am considering testing a blend today but wanted to understand the purpose before I do try... I would really appreciate your knowledge and input on this....
  10. I am a candle guy but is it possible to make antibacterial soap?? A friend of mine just ordered a ton from bath and body .... Really can it be made because she just spent a ton
  11. To this point I have only used one fo supplier and I am looking for suggestions on other suppliers to use. I want to really focus on the fall/ autumn scents.... Any suggestions?????
  12. I am just going to say this, these are some of the most helpful people I have ever seen... It is truly amazing how everyone just wants to genuinely help... I am a newbie myself and I have experienced all these guys helping me as well. As a newbie I know you really appreciate all the knowledge and help as do I... Really guys, this board is sooooo helpful.. And oh,,,, they will tell you the truth so be prepared!!
  13. So.. Made some 4630 12oz status jar candles about 3 weeks ago.. Turned one upside down and guess what, the candle slid down to the top of the jar.. What in the world is that? What is that called(if anything) and how do you prevent it?? Thanks guys
  14. Well.... They are the correct size from what I have seen but I tried to double wick with them.... I take it that was not a good idea.... I guess this is why I learned from you guys to test, test test.... but seriously, do you think that would be it????
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