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  1. I will try this also. thanks for telling me how many ounces to use.
  2. thank you. I was thinking I was going to have to find this. You've saved me a lot of frustration. the scent load is a lot higher than what was on candlescience.com site. wow! So I got some testing to do. First, I'll try to increase the scent at a lower temperature.
  3. thank you so much. I am going to try this tonight. I'll start with 50/50.
  4. I was going to do that, but the max fragrance load is 6%. thank you for responding.
  5. Melt point is 128 degrees and it says that the max fragrance load is 6% or 1 oz/lb. I was thinking about using some container wax. I have GB 464 (max fragrance load is 12% or 2 oz/lb with melt point 115-119) and Ecosoya CB Advance (max fragrance load is 9% or 1.5 oz/lb. with melt point 111.). So if I mix one of those container waxes with the pillar wax, how do I figure the fragrance load? Thank you for responding.
  6. I have just started making candles this year and was very frustrated so I put that aside to make tarts, thinking they would be easier. However, I am not getting a good scent throw. I use Ecosoya PB Pillar Soy Wax. I used .25 oz scent to 4 oz wax. I added the dye and scent at about 180-185 degrees. Can anyone give me any suggestions on making these scents stronger? I've been using Nature's Garden scents such as "Twilight in the Woods," "Bedtime Bath," "Rosemary Mint." and "Spring Rain."
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