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  1. candlescience


    We're very sorry this prevented you from taking advantage of the sale! In the future, you can choose to check out with PayPal--just use your US shipping address for the billing address and complete the order with PayPal. We do apologize again, please don't hesitate to reach out to our customer service team if there's anything else we can do to help.
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    Now is your chance to stock up on all the fragrances you’ve wanted to try! All 1 oz fragrance oils are just 99¢ starting now, til midnight EST, March 16th. Shop All Fragrance Oils
  3. Hey guys! We just launched five new fragrance oils you should check out, Tomato Leaf, Lush Linen, Japanese Cherry Blossom, Grapefruit & Mint, and Bamboo and Coconut. These five fragrance oils have a 1 oz sample bottle sale at 0.99¢, running through this week.
  4. Hey Trappeur, When our warehouse team arrives in the morning, their priority is to process all open orders to meet our same-day shipping guarantee. You can see the warehouse team in action as they process orders in this 1 oz. sale recap video: https://www.candlescience.com/2016-1-oz-fragrance-sample-sale-thank-you The work by our dedicated warehouse team and the automated systems we've put in place ensures that we meet this guarantee for all orders, no matter the size or destination. Unfortunately, this does mean there is a limited window for customers to edit an order. Once again, we apologize for the confusion and hope this sheds a little light on our shipping operations. If there is anything else we can do, please don't hesitate to reach out!
  5. candlescience


    No problem, @strugglebrother! As for your question, when the manufacturing equipment went down last fall, we did see a certain degree of variance from batch to batch. However, the finished wax was still within spec. All of the cases that we tested were within the acceptable range of deviation and yielded normal scent throw. If you have any additional questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us at support@candlescience.com.
  6. candlescience

    Candlescience sale

    Hi guys! Yes, we have two sales of our 99¢ fragrance oils, once in the spring and another later in the fall. So definitely keep an eye out for our spring sale!
  7. candlescience


    Hey @Candybee. Yes, if items in your cart need to be shipped from the second warehouse to fulfill your order, you’ll be able to see the two shipments broken out in the ‘Delivery’ step when checking out. If you do not want to proceed with the split shipment, simply return to the cart and remove the items that are designated to ship from the warehouse furthest from you. Unfortunately, if you are not logged in we have no way of knowing which warehouse location is the closest to you. But if you are logged in we can show if an item is out of stock at your primary warehouse before adding it to the cart. In that case, you will see a message under the item stating where it will ship from. If you chose not to order from the second warehouse, you can sign up to be notified when it becomes available at the warehouse closest to you. You can also see if you order is subject to split shipping by using the shipping quote tool on the cart page. Lastly, as Kraven noted the cart does not show the breakout of split shipments, but we’re hoping to add this in the near future.
  8. candlescience


    Hey @strugglebrother, thanks for your feedback. We agree the jars looked better from the first vendor. Having the paint on the inside prevented a lot of the issues you identified. However, the out of stock problem was because the company repeatedly under-delivered the inventory we needed, even though we provided them with accurate forecasts. We gave them a number of months to resolve the problem. When they were unable to do so, we pulled the business. The second vendor we used did not have the manufacturing processes in place to paint the inside of the jars. All of their other clients paint the outside. They promised that their paints were tough enough to work on the outside of the glassware. Since they are a highly respected company with large clients, we trusted them. The samples were really good, and we were excited to move forward with them. Unfortunately when we started selling the glass that came out of the production facility rather than the sample facility we noticed the same problems you did. We’re working very hard with the second vendor, and now a third, to either find a paint that performs properly on the outside or return to painting the inside. Once again we apologize and appreciate your patience. There are so many details relevant to the soy story it's tough to summarize them here. But we'll give it a try. While the FDA ruling forced Ecosoya to make radical changes to its product line, AAK did not have to. They have told us that none of the formulas have changed. We're hoping to get an official statement from them about this that we can share with our customers. But, that is not the whole story. AAK runs two main production lines at its facility in the US. One of the hydrogenators went down this summer. That was the origin of the severe outage this fall. It's a very long story, but when the line went down, they decided to make some upgrades which didn't go smoothly and extended the downtime. During this period they were running their existing line around the clock, moving material through it as soon as humanly possible. That resulted in a production schedule that was much different than usual. While the product was in spec, there were variations between batches. We all know that soy wax is a natural product. Therefore it varies according to the origin of the source oil, time of year, and a number of other factors. In the same way you can't buy two apples that look identical, no two batches of soy wax will be exactly the same. The difference here is that the production method at AAK has been stable for a long time, but changed last fall. We believe them when they tell us that the formula is the same, but understand that the nature of natural products, plus the flux that their production facility was in, made for a less stable than usual product from batch to batch. Things have stabilized now, and we're hoping that the resulting product will have less variance.
  9. candlescience


    Hello everyone, We have taken the time to read through this thread and would like to let you know that we hear your feedback, and we sympathize with your frustrations. As always, our goal is to provide the best service possible so that you can focus on the success of your business. We'd like to take a moment to share how we're working to ease your concerns. Fragrance Discounts First, a policy change. We appreciate your feedback regarding a discount when purchasing multiple bottles or when a larger size is out-of-stock. Outages are our responsibility and not the fault of our customers. Moving forward, we’ll be making changes to our policy to better accommodate you if you need an item that happens to be out-of-stock. Shipping Cost As online shoppers ourselves, we know it’s annoying to pay for shipping, period. It’s something we take very seriously and are continually working to reduce shipping costs. This was the fundamental reason why we opened a warehouse on the west coast to better serve those customers. This fall we added USPS First-Class Mail delivery as an economical shipping option and are working to provide additional choices, including flat rate shipping. Split Shipping First, we'd like to apologize for the aggravation this option has caused. We've put a tremendous amount of work into fulfilling orders from multiple locations to specifically reduce shipping cost and transit times. We do our best to keep products in-stock at both sites, but on occasion, some items may go out of stock before replenishments arrive. As an industry first, we intended to offer the split shipping option to customers who can’t wait for the item(s) to come back in stock in their primary location. As Candybee correctly noted, we have improved. When we opened our west coast warehouse in 2015, it took us a while to appropriately forecast due to the different purchasing behaviors of our west coast customers. In 2017, only 2.3% of orders were split shipments. Most were caused by the soy wax outages and the manufacturing issues with our tumbler jars. With that being said, we are working to minimize this occurrence and fine-tune our forecasting to make sure we have the stock you need where you need it. Shipping Times We're obsessed with shipping your supplies as quickly and safely as possible. We were the first to offer same day shipping and continue to ship all orders until 4 pm same day. Unfortunately, UPS recently made changes to their shipping zones which has affected travel time. For instance, the northern half of Virginia was in a one day zone from our Durham NC warehouse but is now in a two day zone. The enormous influx of holiday packages UPS now processes have also affected shipping times in some areas. We realize that we should have proactively informed you of these changes and will do so if any new developments occur. Our current transit map can be found here: https://support.candlescience.com/hc/en-us/articles/200694115-How-long-will-UPS-shipping-take- Straight Sided Tumbler Jars Our straight sided tumbler jar line was the hardest product launch we've ever done. As a company, it is important to us to have the best products available. We switched glass and painting suppliers twice trying to improve both the quality and availability of this product. We would love to offer colored glass that isn't painted, but we haven’t found a supplier that meets our standards. If that changes, we will absolutely offer it. Tumblers are some of our most popular glassware, and we've only seen a small percentage of jars get damaged during long-distance shipping. With that said, we recognize this is unacceptable and are working to fix this issue immediately. In the meantime, if you do receive jars that are damaged, please contact us at support@candlescience.com for a refund or replacement. Keeping You Informed 2017 was an eventful year in the soy wax and fragrance industry. EcoSoya Brands introduced their new Quantum soy waxes which presented new challenges for those accustomed to their previous soy waxes. Many fragrance manufacturers have also been affected by the recent citral shortage. We realized that we need to share more information with you the about these events. Moving forward, we will strive to be more transparent and open about the reasoning behind our actions and developments in the industry. We sincerely apologize for all your frustrations, and we thank you for sharing your input. It is your feedback that helps us improve our products and services. As always, we are eager to hear your thoughts and comments. Feel free to reach out to us here and to our dedicated community liaison at community@candlescience.com. Sincerely, The CandleScience Team
  10. candlescience

    Candle Science Shipping

    This is a feature we just implemented this week, if an item is out of stock in one location it will say "shipping from _" next to the item so you don't have to wait until you get to the checkout to discover this.
  11. candlescience

    Candle Science Shipping

    Hi Everyone! We really appreciate the feedback. At CandleScience, we literally run our company by working to address the problems our customers face. Regarding shipping, we hear you, and we agree. As e-commerce customers ourselves it is no fun to pay shipping costs, period. The good news is that we have been working on reducing shipping prices for some time, and will be able to make some announcements that we think you all will enjoy in the coming months. One quick note about “double charges” on shipping. This occurs when an item is out of stock from the distribution center closest to you. Rather than not allowing you to purchase the item, we make it available from another distribution center, though there are separate shipping charges for those items. Rather than working around this, we’ve decided to fix the problem at its root cause. We are implementing a very sophisticated forecasting system (the same that national retail and e-commerce companies use) to make sure we have the stock we need for our shelves in all locations. We really appreciate your business and feedback. We are really excited about the new year and hope you will be pleased with the changes to come. Sincerely, The CandleScience Team
  12. Hello Everyone, It appears that waxes that work and those that don't have the same lot number, which is of course the most difficult situation. This is also the only way a bad wax could get into our system. All of our waxes come from Sumi Asih in Indonesia. We order directly from them, but IGI also orders and sells to other distributors. There is an equal chance of a batch like this between any of the suppliers, but it appears that we may have drawn the short straw this time. Our testing procedure is about the same as IGI's, and we've both rejected batches in the past. As previously stated, and is always our policy - any product that is defective can be returned (we pay return shipping too) for a full refund. I know this may not solve the problem of expensive shipping from another supplier, but I think you'll agree that it is fair. We've received samples from a couple customers and are already testing. We'll confirm the test results of our customers, but also try to put our extensive experience into coming up with an alternative process to get this wax to act like it usually does. We appreciate everyone's understanding as we work through this. We, like you, are a small business that is greatly affected when manufacturers have issues. We feel it is our duty to support our customers, especially when these things happen. Stay tuned and take care! Dan
  13. Hello, While we have already tested the lot in question twice, we are eager to test any material within this lot number that customers are having trouble with- especially if you are getting some other product to work. Contact our service team to arrange for a return or we'll refund you if you'd like to send us a pound to test. Obviously any variation within a lot number is a problem from the manufacturer. We have never had this problem before with palm, but are always testing to make sure. Other distributors may have other lot numbers at any given time, but most distributors are using the same manufacturer, and we feel our pre-shipment sample testing programs is very rigorous, and works to reduce the number of customer problems considerably. If you do decide to try other product, make sure that they pre-test, and are willing to provide information on the lot you'll receive. Take care! Dan Candlescience
  14. Hey Everyone, I'm sorry to read about the troubles some of you are having with the new batch of glass glow wax. Let me fill you in on how we handle new batches. 1. We test a pre-shipment sample (same lot #) of all wax types (glass glow, starburst, etc) prior to the order being shipped. We look for the same things you would - does this candle look in synch with the other batches? We literally have a whole shelf-full of past batch tests, and we compare. We assume they'll need to be on a store shelf next to each other. (and selling for lots of money, so they better be right!) 2. Once we receive a new batch, we make sure that all the lot numbers on the bags match up with what we were sent (and tested). 3. If we get any number of complaints (even 2 or 3 among the hundreds of people that buy a given lot number) we retest. Because of the customer complaints we received on this batch, we retested earlier in the week. The pictures show that we were able to recreate a crystal pattern consistent with past batches. We've been doing this long enough to know that small variations in batch spec, pouring conditions, and even environmental conditions can greatly affect the appearance of candles. Please be assured though that this wax is as marked on the manufacturer's bag and our site. (the other product it was thought to be is made by a different manufacturer that we've never dealt with, so that seems unlikely!) We understand that it is frustrating when a wax performs differently, even when it is reported to be in spec and you have not changed your process. Some people can get it to work, and some can’t. It has happened to anyone who has made candles a long time. Without getting into too many details that may or not apply to all of you, we typically find that lack of crystal growth means that the candles cool too quickly. This often happens more as the weather cools in much of the country. Here is a test – put a cardboard box or Styrofoam cooler over your candles as soon as you’ve poured them. It will keep in the heat and grow the crystals. Obviously, you can follow up with our team on specifics. We've recently relaxed our return policy permanently to eliminate all restocking fees. You'd only have to pay shipping one way. We have, however, instructed our customer service team to take returns on this wax and pay all shipping costs as a show of support for our customers and products. People's feelings that companies are not in tune with customers and their concerns is very reasonable. It appears most companies are so big and removed from things that they have neither the time nor inclination to actually help out. We try to do things differently and strive to be the type of company that we would like to do business with if the roles were reversed. Open and honest, trying to have both parties walk away pleased with doing business. I hope you'll agree that our reputation and handling of the situation makes you feel comfortable working with us for your supplies, even when things get a little tricky! We appreciate all your support and feedback. Please contact us should you need any help. Sincerely, Dan Co-founder
  15. candlescience

    Discountinued 6036.....NO!!!

    Hello Everyone, We’re really sorry for the inconvenience regarding the 6036 wax. We were starting to run low, and ready to reorder. But with the recent dramatic IGI price increases, we calculated the new sell price to be nearly $100 / case, or a nearly 80% price increase from our current price. Unfortunately, the 6036 went from being the cheapest wax we purchased, to being the most expensive. Sadly, the reasoning from IGI for the increase was not worth posting here. I agree that our “discontinue process” for this wax was not as smooth as it should have been. The huge price jump was much more than expected, which caused the 6036 to be discontinued outside of our normal review / customer notification procedure. The current status is now reflected on the site. We know how difficult it is to test products; we spends tons of time on it as well. We think we’ve got a way for you to salvage much of your testing, and get a similar wax that will save you money, since those suppliers that do continue the wax will be forced to raise prices similar to what we projected. For those candle makers that like the performance of the 6036, we suggest a blend of 50% Golden Brands 464 and 50% IGI 4630. To be honest, I think it is a better blend, with more consistency. You could also bump it up to 60% soy in order to market it as a soy blend, like the 6036. Again, our apologies for any trouble this caused. I hope this post makes clear how it happened, and that we care about our customer’s time and effort. Many thanks to you for your business. Kind Regards, Dan Candle Science