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  1. Has anyone seen a dupe for the Rose Water and ivy bath and body works scent? This smells amazing!
  2. ohh They have a code?
  3. Thank you all. I shipped it USPS First Class. When I track it, It says " Delivered, Left with individual". It says delivered Oct. 4th.
  4. Hi Everyone. I need ya'lls advice on this. I fulfilled an order online, and I just received this message from my customer. She says she didn't receive her order, but that it shows delivered. She's wanting a refund from me. I'm not sure how to handle this one. Do I give her a refund, even though it said that it was delivered, or tell her to contact her post office? I'm not sure how to handle it. Here's the message from my customer. " I wanted to let u kno I still haven't received my order yet , I figured I would give it a few more days to get here .. but unfortunately it hasn't but when I track my order it says it was delivered to a individual but I asked my husband,my sister in law and her husband and everyone says no they haven't received it or seen it I also asked my next door neighbor and they said no they didn't get any of my packages so I was wondering if u could help me either get my order or my money back pls and thank u so I can re order my stuff cuz it was a gift for my grandmother for part of her 90 the bday gift thank u again" Anyone have advice for me? I want my customer to be satisfied, but on the otherhand, I processed and sent her order, so I'm at a loss. Thanks!
  5. Hi. I'm trying to find a good sized oval label that I can use for the front of my 2 ounce oval portion cups. I can't seem to find the correct size. Can anyone help me? thank you!
  6. Does anyone know if you can get the lip balm base that sweet cakes sells anywhere else? I like the formula but I'd like to be able to buy it in bigger than 1 pound containers. $10 a pound for like 8 pounds is 80 bucks. Thanks!
  7. Hi. I have been using the lip balm base from Bulk Apothecary, I like it but I wish it was a bit harder. I make 2 Oz batches and was wondering if I could add a butter in my batch to harden it a bit. If so, what would be a good butter to use and how much would I put in 2 oz? Thanks so much!
  8. OK Thanks! I saw they had a few on sale that I'd like to try, like the pineapple upside down cake, winter mint and sweet and tart sugar sticks. I think I'll hive them a try. They have them $9.99 a lb.
  9. Has anyone ever used fragrance oils from candles and supplies.com? I've never tried them but I saw they have some of their fos on sale for $9.99 a lb. So I was wandering if they have good strong oils. Thanks!
  10. Thank y'all! I get tired of unwrapping the block and cutting it each time, I figure putting it in bags already cut would be faster.
  11. This may be a silly question. I have some j50 and the packaging it came in is tore up. I was wandering if it'd be OK to cut the j50 up in chunks and store in a big ziploc bag? Will it hurt the wax? Thanks.
  12. Hi. I'm sending out 2 parasoy blends that I've came up with in scents for some testers to give me feedback on. I'll have both blends for them to test in the same scent for each blend. With several scents. I was wandering is there a list of questions already made up that I can send them, or if anyone has any ideas for my questionnaire to give them. Thank you!
  13. Good morning! Are any of y'all in any of the Facebook groups for candle making? There's a few I've visited and always wander if any of the craft server folks are in there.
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