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  1. You are using the wrong size if it's getting that hot.. go down a size and see how it does.. I have found that the CottonWood wicks don't work for every type of wax.. when they are the correct size they should pretty much self trim..
  2. Dorothy, the ELITE 200 is a mix of soy and palm, it is not 100% soy.... I'm getting ready to try it https://uscandlesupply.com/product/naturewax-elite-200-slab-60lb-case/
  3. the apricot/coconut wax from Candlewic has paraffin in it.. I have tried it.. it is ok.. the throw was good and I used CD wicks
  4. yes it is the wax I was using.. so back to coconut
  5. struggle brother, Accu-blend no longer sells small quantities.. I spoke with the head guy there.. the person who dealt with selling to small businesses is no longer with them.. They only sell pallets and THEY NO LONGER MAKE APRICOT WAX... There were issues with this wax and so they decided to scrap it
  6. I'm using the CottonWood wicks and really like them! They seem to be self trimming if trimmed to 1/8-1/4 before the first burn.. they produce a great pool and excellent hot throw.
  7. Strugglebrother, you have to call the company directly to order.. You can order one box of 55-60lbs at a time
  8. the Accu-Pure 74 (apricot wax) from Accu-blend does not have paraffin.. I use this wax and love it..
  9. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Apricot 74! I heat to 210 add scent, stir about 15 sec and pour.. I always get outstanding hot throw! Never have gotten caving or sinking, but if I do, I'll just fix it with my heat gun. I use fragrance oils from everywhere and have never had a bad result.. this wax is amazing!!
  10. I get the APRICOT WAX and COCONUT WAX from Accu-blend.. yes they are blends but mostly apricot and coconut. they do have a little soy in them but no paraffin. Thee apricot is APRICOT-74 and the coconut is COCONUT-83. I add to them and they perform outstandingly.. I mix the 2 waxes together... They are great on their own, but I have found that they are much easier to wick with the addition of palm, beeswax or soy modifier.
  11. I use Accu Blends APRICOT WAX and I absolutely love it!!!! I use their coconut wax as well and they are both easy to work with. If you do some research, you'll see that Apricot Wax is becoming much more popular now.. My customers love it too!
  12. I called CandlemakingandSupplies.net about the ULTRA WAX and it contains a very small amount of paraffin in it.
  13. Sorry to hear that! I've used coconut wax for years and have always had outstanding ht!
  14. I have both Accu-blend waxes: the COCONUT and the APRICOT.. I've been using the COCONUT for 5 years and I don't have issues with pooling at all. 10% fragrance load, heated to 200, add fragrance and pour immediately.
  15. I've been testing the Accu-blend Apricot, and I love it, but going to be testing a bunch of different wicks for it. I heat to 200 add fragrance (10%) and pour. I've never had any pooling of fragrance. If you get tunneling near the wick, just hit with your heat gun and it will fix it.
  16. I just checked CandleSoylutions website looking for oils.. this is part of their post: a new but experienced vendor is preparing to take over the Enchanted Lites line of fragrances.. so CandleSoylutions will have complete stock again also, they bought all the remaining inventory from EL so they have a pretty good supply right now.. go have a look around A
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