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  1. springcart

    What kind of displays do you use?

    My display depends on where I'm setting up. I usually a small 4 foot table and either a few crates or a small trunk, as I don't have a lot of scents in my core collection. Sometimes I use whatever tables or props the location that I am setting up has for me to use. Here are a few pictures...
  2. springcart

    What kind of displays do you use?

    Your display is AMAZING!
  3. springcart

    Creating Labels

    I use Photoshop & Illustrator to design. I also have clients that I design labels for. We usually print with our professional print vendor. I also recommend Lightning Labels for label printing. Their work is AMAZING.
  4. springcart

    Graphic Designer

    Not sure if you've found someone to help you but our company offers graphic design and visual branding for small businesses. You can fins us online at http://www.springcartdesignlab.com . We're also on FB at http://www.facebook.com/springcart
  5. springcart


    You can take a look at my wholesale info here online http://issuu.com/gavinluxe/docs/gavin-luxe-wholesale-q2
  6. springcart

    My new candle workshop

    Love your setup! Wish I had tons of room.
  7. springcart

    Brooklyn Wicks Candle Gallery

    They look amazing! The cupcakes look yummy.
  8. springcart

    Question about labels

    Most printing companies will provide you with a template of printing guides to make sure that your labels are formatted to the correct size. You would create the label and save it as a jpg or pdf and send off to be printed. The company won't need the actual font that you are using.
  9. springcart

    Sample display setup-WDYT?

    Nice and clean! I'd maybe add some small signage to the table. Maybe, something like your social media links in a 5 X 7 frame.
  10. Name, phone (Google voice) , email address, social media ( that you actively use) and website. I always suggest to my clients to purchase their domain. You can also forward the domain anywhere. You want to brand your company.
  11. springcart

    Critique my label please

    As a graphic designer I agree with what EricofAZ said, I would shrink Candle Company. I'd also probably make the tagline a bit smaller. Hope that helps.
  12. springcart

    Is there a Fo Anonymous group?

    I am a newbie and I'm definitely addicted.