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    From the beginning of my candle making journey I believed that if I could understand the chemistry of scented candles it would all be easy. Well today I ran smack into the wall known as organic chemistry. In my college chemistry classes we always referred to organic chemistry as voodoo chemistry. What I do know is that your wax and the carrier oils for your aromatics are all molecular chains of hydrogen and carbon atoms, while your aromatic molecules are rings of hydrogen and carbon atoms. As for the bonding of these molecules in a candle I have no idea, but if I could understand the bonding I might be able to improve my process. Unfortunately I suspect the unknown additives in the wax has a lot to do with the bonding. Combine that with the hundred million other things that could be going on when you mix several hydrocarbons together and clearly I will never understand it. So I’m moving this one to my bucket of things I don’t know that I’m never going to know. Apparently understanding candle chemistry ranks right up there with understanding women.
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    Happy Halloween! This is all TREAT, no trick. Pure Fragrance Oils has selected CraftServer to partner with for fragrance testing new oils! I will test their selections in soap and candles, and can share the results with YOU! PFO is happy to share coupon codes with us so you can try them in your own products. Use coupon code Craftserver for these 12 FO to save 15% through December 31. here’s a sneak peek at the first round.
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    Had lunch with my sister this week. We were discussing our addictions. She sells jewelry on ebay and does quite well at it. But she has a problem buying more jewelry to sort through when she already has tons. You know my addiction. I compiled a list and I have 282 different bottles of FO, mostly 16 oz and a few 8 oz. Doesn't include my 4 boxes of 1 oz samples or the duplicate FO fragrances I have. I also highlighted all the FO's I haven't even used yet, some bought several years ago. So my sister and I are going to be accountable to each other. The first one who caves and buys jewelry or fragrance oils has to buy the other one dinner. It's been 3 days and I'm still standing strong.
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    Once I stopped comparing myself to other people, things became a lot more clear. It doesn’t matter what anybody else says is important. As long as my candle meets my customers expectations and they are fully satisfied why should I worry about what a random Facebook or forum member might think it’s perfect? They don’t pay my bills. Over the summer a Customer asked me who my competition was. He expected to hear any or all of the other merchants at the fair. My response was simple. “Myself. I compete against myself. I’m the only one that matters”. He was taken aback for a minute and then he nodded in complete understanding.
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    Ah the rare venus flytrap candle. An extremely difficult to achieve effect using an advanced methodology known only to elders of the youtubetka tribe.
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    Don't do it. Put the wax down and back away. Run while you can still afford running shoes.
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    I went to visit AFI the other day since they're about an hour from where I live. It was interesting so I thought I'd share. I've never been to an actual fragrance manufacturer so that was pretty cool. They have a lab with perfumers and chemists that formulate fragrances and can also duplicate other ones with a gas chromatograph. They have a sampling room with about 20,000 (!) different fragrances and they're all organized by category (ie--bergamot, vanilla, grapefruit, etc). Then within that category they have all sorts of fragrances with that primary scent. I asked about Rosemary Mint and she brought out two trays of just that scent--but they were all different. If you wanted to sample vanilla there are trays and trays and trays of those to choose from. I brought a fragrance blend that I make out of three fragrance oils. One of the FOs, Spiced Amber Ale was from Brambleberry, except they have stopped carrying it. They are going to make me a dupe of the final scent using the three FO samples I brought (0.5 oz of each) along with the ratios I used and a sample of the final product in a candle. You have to order 10# of the final product as a minimum but before you do that you can test and tweak the scent until it's correct. The duplication itself doesn't cost anything. They make one of the FOs that I was buying from another supplier so I know at least that one is good quality. They have dupes of lots of other fragrances too. It was really interesting and eye opening. If you use oils in bulk or want to split an order with someone, it's a great way to save money. For example, one oil I was paying $16 per pound (when buying 7 #) and their price was $13.60 for 10#. That might seem like a small difference but it adds up. Overall, a really interesting field trip and if you ever get a chance to visit a fragrance house, do it!
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    Hi and welcome! What wax is the most eco friendly is kind of a philosophical question. None are if you think about it. there’s a cost to growing, harvesting, extracting, stabilizing, packaging and distributing the wax. a lot depends on where you are, and how that wax gets to you. All are about equally good and bad as far as carbon footprint and such. In the end, paraffin is probably one of the least troubling as it is using a super cleaned, inert fraction of petroleum oil from waste that is already being produced, versus throwing it away as garbage. It is made of plants and dinosaurs so it is as “natural” as soy. Palm wax gets a terrible rap thanks to the soy lobby. It is a wonderful natural wax and is less damaging to the planet than soy. Even “natural soy” is pretty unnatural when you consider how much chemical fertilizer and Roundup is sprayed to grow it then there’s the hexane required to extract the oil from the beans. That oil is then hydrogenated to make it into a familiar feeling, convenient wax. additives and chemicals to stabilize are required so it will hold the amount of fragrance most candle makers want to use and look pretty. you could use beeswax, but then bees are harmed. With colony collapse and the new Murder Hornet killing hives we are running out of options... Oh, yeah, if you are adding fragrance (including essential oils), it is not natural either, so I guess I’m saying don’t over think it. Just make a safe, clean burning candle and you’re going to achieve your goal.
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    Hey guys, I've been researching, pouring and testing candles like a crazy person in order to make my product the highest quality I can, but also make it as safe as possible (ain't nobody trying to get sued, amirite). In my research I've found plenty of resources, some more helpful than others, however I wasn't able to find a testing template that worked super great for me, so I made my own and wanted to share it in case anybody needs it/wants to use it. If you have any suggestions of what I might have missed or what else I could add, let me know. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SYvfDLarFZwzaGQM-j8D1U5IxCsnJUKU/view?usp=sharing
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    This visit was much better than last time. I sniffed and sniffed until my sniffer gave out, then my daughter and I went into Wellington for lunch and had delicious pizza and breadsticks. We had eaten so much Amish Food/Cracker Barrel since Friday we wanted something different. Went back to NG to finalize my decisions and resmell some. So hard to limit myself but I kept reminding me that I didn't NEED any except the ones I needed to restock which were Apple Orchard, Carrot Cake, and Aloe & White Lilac. The new ones I narrowed it down to were Apple Cinnamon Streusel, Hansel & Gretel's House, Madagascar Spice and Frankincense & Myrrh (because 2 customers have requested Frankincense & Myrrh.) I checked several others on my list for future purchases maybe and checked some for my daughter to choose for me for Christmas. Some on her list were Denim, Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies, Lavender Luxury, Vanilla Silk, and Pumpkin Crunch Cake. I gave her several other suggestions so I could be surprised a little with what I wind up getting. I also picked up 2 cases of wax so saved a bunch on shipping. I had a list to smell but smelled a bunch not on the list since they were right there for the smelling. It was a fun time and it took me awhile to get all sniffed out and able to leave that place.
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    Easy, peasy. Print mirrored text on a clear label, place that on the outside of the jar, and cover it with a solid label so you can only see it from the inside. Works like a charm.
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    Stick with one wax, one container size, and one wick series for at least three months while you are learning the process.
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    Your path becomes even more treacherous when you Drink the FO. Might want to rethink that one.
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    Hi Everyone, We will resume taking new orders sometime tomorrow afternoon. When we sent out the notice that we were temporarily suspending new orders to get caught up, we received a tremendous amount of new orders before the suspension kicked in. We knew there would be a spike in volume, but not nearly the level we received (which we are grateful and appreciative). This heavy increase in new orders caused it to take a little longer than anticipated for us to get caught up. Please be on the lookout for a notice via Facebook and through our newsletter on exactly when we will resume new orders tomorrow (new products will also be in our newsletter). Thank you all for your continued support and we apologize for the delay in getting things back up and running. Travis
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    I've spent around 40 years designing and building race cars, telescopes, guitars, shop buildings, software, websites, precision target ammo, and everything in between.... and nothing has kicked my ass more than trying to get a clean-burning, scent throwing, stupid candle with only 4 simple components. lol Someone please spoon-feed me a recipe for a nice, clean, smelly candle using a 9 oz straight-sided jar with Problend 600, IGI 4630, or GW 444 wax...or any blend of them (I'm even open to a completely new approach, if those are just fundementally flawed waxes). I don't even care what FO or what wick series...I have samples of almost all of them. And BTW - I have a whole new respect for those of you that have achieved this. (not quite as frustrated as it sounds... just a long day )
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    You’re singing my tune, sis. I have begun treating myself like an employee. How do I justify purchases? How would I explain a “need” to a “boss” for approval? Would I fire “me” for such choices? Lol.
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    Just saw this one today on Etsy
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    Depends. Are we a sexy witch or trying to smite our enemies?
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    Is the new additive "paraffin" ? 😉
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    I’ve been reading a LOT of posts lately about C3 being extremely hard to burn. This wax seems like it suffers the same inconsistency from lot to lot as many others. Or maybe it is being continuously “Improved” to meet customer demands for adhesion and extremely high fragrance loads. Who knows? anyway, in the good old days we would add a little paraffin to fix the problems and be back in business in two shakes. More recently the “paraffin bad” opinions became loud prompting people to turn to newer alternatives, like coconut oil. Coconut oil is not a magic buLlet by any stretch. It causes as many problems as it hopes to solve. my trick: keep some “naked” soy on hand. I use midwest soy lately. It has no additives and is pretty reliably consistent. In theory 415 should work but I don’t trust it after the 2016/2017 mess they created. Mix in 10-20% of the naked soy to the overly hard C3 (or whatever soy wax blend you’re using). This has helped my waxes tremendously. Maybe I’ve been lucky in that my waxes just seemed to have too much of the proprietary additives in the mix so the problem was easy to solve. All I know is when I read my waxes, and they appear too hard to wick, plain naked soy usually gets me back in the game. I expect my soy tins to burn with cd12, cd14 and an occasional cd16 with super hard to burn FO. If C3 needs a cd20 just to burn on its own it is time to tame that beast with naked soy. good luck.
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    One day last week, I handed my DH and my neighbor two different candles, same fragrance, same color, same container, different wax. One was parasoy with great adhesion and one was paraffin with lots of wet spots. I told them to inspect those candles really well and tell me what they find different. They looked them over and over, then took the lids off and sniffed. They both indicated the paraffin candle smelled stronger, but neither of them were able to point out any appearance issues even when I prodded them to look again. Just a little food for thought.
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    Is it real this time? It’s really sad because this used to be my favorite supplier.
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    So, I've been dabbling in making candles the past few years. Thought I had a handle on it. Poured a few candles at a time for myself here & there. Made it all thru summer without making a single purchase for supplies. I mean, I've got a shelf full of fo & wicks, probably 50 lbs of various wax. What could I possibly need? Then my sister asked for a candle to gift to her son's girlfriend. My sister is about the only one I've given candles to. She asked for any fall scent. Wouldn't you know, i just poured the last of my Amish Harvest for myself! I could have tried a couple other scents i have but that one I feel the most confident about to give away. Well, once I started, i just couldn't stop. It didn't help that i ran across the .99 sale with CS (@#$%#! Facebook)! I now have restocked my Amish + 4 other scents from 3 suppliers, 20 new scents to test, and ingredients to try my hand at solid lotion bars. Came home from work yesterday & had boxes stacked 3 ft high, plus another today. Really hoping I win the local Queen's Heart Raffle this weekend, over $250,000 now. (I've got my eye on some new jars)😜
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    Just finished 80 votives for my niece's beach themed baby shower next weekend! Her fiancé is a surfer....hence the beachy theme on the label. Good to be done!
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    Yay I can't wait to cut it. Finally. My first ever CP soap! Scented in CS sea mist. Oops..so excited I posted it in the wrong place
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    Hello everyone. I ran across a YouTube video made by a “retired candle scientist”. The information he gives is VERY informative and helpful if you want to make your candles better, and as safe as possible. For me, I'm always looking at ways to better my product. Hope this interests you, and I hope this wasn’t already posted. Happy candling..😊
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    Was heartbroken and sick to my stomach recently to lose one of my top 3 FO recently when the source decided to discontinue. Silver lining!: I'm working with a great local lab to duplicate it! I'm confident it will be as wonderful as my other dupes, and most importantly it will keep my peeps happily supplied with Faerie Wings! FW an apple/berry/cyclamen blend that sells out in every single wax and beauty product I put it into. The lab is an hour away, so freight charges will be a fraction of what I've had to fork over in the past. Very hopeful that the per lb prices will be affordable for all. Once it is back and fully tested I'll share it here first.
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    Pretty sure that was the video that I saw when he was comparing cure time. A medium wood wick in a tiny jar will burn like an inferno no matter how long you cure. Once my faire season is over I’m giving serious thought to writing a book and doing some candle videos. Not sure I want to open myself up to all that criticism though ha ha
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    You know it's bad when you reorder samples that you've previously ordered and don't realize it until you start looking through the "samples" box. I could start a whole new candle line with the samples I've ordered and never used. It's also bad when the UPS/Fed Ex/USPS delivery person asks what new scents you ordered.
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    My soft pretzel wax melts are done 😁... Scented them in the Pretzel fragrance oil and I have to say so far OMG the Pretzel fragrance on cold is AMAZING can't wait to burn them to see how it is on hot throw but so far I highly recommend the pretzel fragrance oil!!!
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    There are just so many variables - every situation is different in regards to what each of us uses - the wax or wax/blend, wicking, jar size and shape, environmental issue, etc etc etc - that is why what works for me might not work for you That being said, I was told by someone many years ago that if any FO was not strong enough for me at 6% then just forget it and move on to one of the other FOs that are out there - and there are a million others that are out there! - plus there is the economics of it - that $15 bottle used at 6% is a $30 bottle at 12% - I think you find some knock-your-socks-off higher end FOs might actually be cheaper because you use less
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    I have never found that using more than 6% yielded a more fragrant candle. All it ever gave me was a wicking problem. BUT I use 6006. Haven't used 464 in a really long time. I might could see going up to 7 or 8% but 12% is just nuts. People who are using that much FO need to learn more about making candles, IMO. Don't get me started on FB people. That place is full of what not to do.
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    While being a perfectly respectful answer towards @colibri, it was an absolutely savage response to the general "natural" wax industry. I love it.
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    TT’s Provence done in the Hurricane swirl!
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    Lol. I hear you. While it has not been about the money, It has been on my list for years. It Came down to time and energy (and a side helping of “can I take the heat?”). I have more of both time and energy now. since leaving the Faire And pulling back from local volunteering and promoting other artists, I have several very big goals. If I put this out to the universe in writing it will happen. Ready? 1) revamp Craftserver. Organize it with a much easier to navigate “start here”. I’m getting tired just thinking about the monumental task this one is all by itself. lone step at a time. Add wick and wax tests. Open the Fragrance Co-Op club so we can share better fragrances. 2) vlog daily. Whether to my little farm channel, my biz channel or to the craftserver channel, do one daily. I talk to myself as I embark on these things, why not record it for the voyeurs 😂? 3) Ok, two is enough for now.
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    I buy unscented babwipes from Costco and add 70 percent alcohol to them. They make great cleaning wipes. Don’t use 91 per cent, it dries too fast. You just add a big splash in a package.
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    First post in a hand-crafted candle forum is "I prefer fake candles"? I think the autobots have stepped up their game.
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    There's an idea....with a few new FO's thrown in for my trouble. 😉
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    Welcome to the very old, very familiar sounding club 🤣 former Aerospace IT person here. It makes more sense how a bumblebee flies than how some of these candles work. Must be magic. I’d pick 444 and cd wicks. Now 444 has varied terribly between lots for me, mostly due to excess moisture in the wax. I’ll assume your 444 is ok. All 444 wax makes cavities as it cools. Make sure to poke holes when it cools and repour to fill them up or all will be for nothing. if you’re a process oriented person, make a plain old 444, nothing else candle to learn the wax as-is. This will make the next step much easier. It also helps identify if your wax lot is problematic. You’ll read advice here on this forum against testing one single baseline wax variable, and it’s your choice to try to skip this step. after years of failed candles because of a simple to diagnose wax variation, I’d just do it. CD 7 or 8 should be a decent starting point for that container. If your wax lot is on the harder to burn end of the spectrum, cd 9 or 10. Do not judge the wick by the first burns. Things go to hell quickly by the middle and fail miserably in the last third if overwicked at the start looking for the full immediate melt pool. Most problems people have with bad throw and soot are from overwicking, When you’ve dialed in your wicks, For FO, an easy thrower would likely be a floral or cologne. 6-8%. Resist the temptation to go higher, Depending on the FO you choose, I’d start with CD 7, 8 or 9. give it time to cure no matter what you’re doing. The second biggest mistake people make is impatience, testing too soon. good luck!
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    I’m in my garage looking for holiday bags and stumble on this case of oils that I forgot were there! Hundreds of dollars worth that I thought I was out of or low on. Can you believe it?! I had this in the garage when I ordered a few bottles I was “out” of. 🙄
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    the cutest the little fire hazards you ever did see
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    best thing to do is: just admit to it! So, my dear friends and addicts, I am going to admit here that I'm a FOHO. Over the past week I received shipments of FOs from AH-RE, Fillmore, Candle Science, The Candle Source, Lone Star, Cajun Candle. Just wanting to add a few more to my 200+ collection. But, hey, I've got candles, wax tarts, soaps, lotions, etc. to make! My actions are justified, right? 😁 Just a quick question: do you sometimes find yourself looking at your stash of FOs and feeling "lost", not knowing which one you should reach for (because you've got so darn many)? That's me these days! 🤔
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    Well, ... I guess it won't tunnel...
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    I dont really have a decor unless you count ADD and chaos combined with a 1912 house, circus and Scottish Travellers as a style. That said I like the undyed candles they would match my decor better if I had one.
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    It’s well known that some scents, like orange, pine, etc, can throw a fuel smell when burning. Common advice is to add a little vanilla to curb it. For the last last few days I have been doing a final burn test on a peppermint FO that smelled perfect in the original candle. This one, though, smells fuely. Likewise, a few orange scents, sweet pea and fir smelled fuelly to a close candle making friend while they smelled fine in my own. The difference was wicks. Original tin had csn12. This new one has cd12. Light bulb moment. CSN burn ever so slightly cooler than cd in this particular wax blend. Or those who found success adding vanilla, When adding vanilla it changes the burn of most every candle wax. In essence the flame burns lightly cooler as the wick is forced to work harder to burn the fuel. The heavy scent like vanilla will cause a wick to usually burn a bit cooler, thereby relieving the fuel smell. This same phenomenon of a “fixed” fuel smell happens with patchouli (known by all to be really hard to burn). Any of my delicate fragrances and essential oils with a tiny amount of patchouli will change by up to 4 wick sizes. my test, should you want to play along, is to wick that peppermint fuel scent a little cooler. The first and simplest test for me today is to wick from a cd12 back to a csn12 through a wickectomy in this already made and cured tin. The next test (once my summer Faire is over) will be to mix a small percentage of either vanilla or patchouli to this peppermint to see if the cd wick magically improves.
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    Just tried it the other night and it worked great! I even used it on my biggest batch yet!
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    The selves worked out great. Still need to make a few tweaks to the overall setup. But for the most part I was pretty happy!
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    Well, I did it. And although I still have a lot left to do, this is a start. My ETSY shop is finally here and beginning to have a cohesive look that Ive been working towards. I think I am ready to share with you folks and ask your opinions as to my progress, but I am also VERY shy and it is taking me a lot of courage built up to be able to share this with you. But, I feel I need to ask opinions that are not a family member or biased because they know me in person. SO ROAST ME ALL YOU WANT LOL!! The good, the bad and the ugly, please say how you feel. It will only help me. Ive asked how the best route to do this was and we still havnt figured it out, so instead of directly linking my shop in this thread as to not seem as though I am self-promoting, if you wish to look or leave feedback please look at my profile info for a link to the ETSY shop. Just copy/paste the link into a new browser window. Now, like I said before, I still have loads of stuff to work on. Also, try to keep in mind these few things when roasting me lol: • I have ZERO experience in product design • I am very camera shy and literally have no photos of myself to use in the "ABOUT ME" section, but I am working on it. • I am still in the infancy stages so my social media is set-up, but I need to build content for that • I am also working on some more photos to "capture" the mood of a burning candle, so I can add a few to the photo section of each item • I have more products lined up to be added, especially a larger two wick, 32oz can, a wickless tart type item, air sprays and clamshells. I just need more capitol and reassurance in the brand. Thats it for now folks, if you do have a look I thank you for taking the time. Ive learned a lot here in the years Ive spent and I am grateful for every bit of knowledge that has helped me along the way. You folks are great here. Cheers.
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    Yes, but with great success comes great responsibility. If he is feeding new chandlers his opinions as facts, then that can lead to some serious issues. He and his daughter seem like nice people, but I have to agree with some here about "false hopes" and "questionable advice"
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