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    This visit was much better than last time. I sniffed and sniffed until my sniffer gave out, then my daughter and I went into Wellington for lunch and had delicious pizza and breadsticks. We had eaten so much Amish Food/Cracker Barrel since Friday we wanted something different. Went back to NG to finalize my decisions and resmell some. So hard to limit myself but I kept reminding me that I didn't NEED any except the ones I needed to restock which were Apple Orchard, Carrot Cake, and Aloe & White Lilac. The new ones I narrowed it down to were Apple Cinnamon Streusel, Hansel & Gretel's House, Madagascar Spice and Frankincense & Myrrh (because 2 customers have requested Frankincense & Myrrh.) I checked several others on my list for future purchases maybe and checked some for my daughter to choose for me for Christmas. Some on her list were Denim, Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies, Lavender Luxury, Vanilla Silk, and Pumpkin Crunch Cake. I gave her several other suggestions so I could be surprised a little with what I wind up getting. I also picked up 2 cases of wax so saved a bunch on shipping. I had a list to smell but smelled a bunch not on the list since they were right there for the smelling. It was a fun time and it took me awhile to get all sniffed out and able to leave that place.
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    The RE one smells nice OOB. Have not stuck it into anything yet though. Sugar corn pudding I think it is, smelled good enough to eat. got excited by the title thinking it was a post for a good recipe. Darn.
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    Short reply for those who ask why you’re not selling XYZ yet... would you open a {pick one from the list} after only doing it for 4 months? - restaurant - bakery - auto Repair shop - hair salon - vet practice - coffee shop - make up studio - child care/preschool don’t be beholden to anyone else’s time line.
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    Cracklin' Birch is one of my best sellers, which surprised me.
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    Make sure you observe the limits and test products. Some people happily dump cinnamon, clove, citrus oils etc and then wonder why customers break out in rashes. Urban myth in my opinion that Natural is always better.
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    The quickest way to hate a hobby is to “have” to make something versus “want” to make something 🤣 the fun hobby becomes a j.o.b.
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    I told her yesterday that she needs to just slow it down some. Not even considering the candle making process there has to be a business plan. Not only does haste make waste it also causes mistakes and some of those mistakes can get right costly. I shared the experiences you guys have had and she seems to have settled down somewhat. I basically told her that while I've made candles that we burn around the house what I've actually accomplished so far is getting a fairly decent grip of how the making and testing process should go but the mainly I've learned how much I don't know.
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    Haste makes waste. Nothing worse than learning how to fix mistakes or raw material problems while under pressure. we’re heading into cold weather when manufacturing (and shipping) of candles becomes extra tricky. I like to have experienced all 4 seasons with products before diving in. Manufacturing in cold can be as problematic as manufacturing in hot, humid weather. Shrinking candles in frozen airplanes can cause candles to rattle in containers, wicks to come unstuck, etc. I received a set of coconut candles from a trendy seller that arrived without the wicks. The wax shrunk enough to allow the wicks to pull back through the entire candle in transit. The wax tipped out of the jars leaving wicks as if they were never in the candle to begin with. Bizarre! The year when soy began to change drastically I learned that some “dependable” soy blends cracked right through the whole candle while it cured on the shelf. Looked great when it went on the shelf. Picked it for an order and it was in 2 pieces with a vertical crack across the wick. the wax at that time contained water injected during the hydrogenation process and was no good. Thankfully we had enough experience with other waxes to get back on track fairly quickly. it’s nice to know how your products age. If you made and tested your candles in summer, how will they burn in winter and vice versa. I tested my summer tins in northern Illinois winter. Was super proud. Sent one to a trusted candle friend in spring as I was rolling them out and they were over wicked by a lot fo warmer weather. Conversely, wicking a fresh candle and not testing it several months later can find your candles underwicked by a lot. when you think you’re ready to sell professionally, factor in the business costs and product liability insurance. Those add up quick. Not every hobby needs to be a hustle. You can just enjoy making and burning candles for the craft.
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    I'll have to go sniff them side by side. If I remember correctly the apple fritter is a little sweeter than apple pie. I think apple brown Betty for sure is sweeter.
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    My daughter and I are going on a little trip and I decided to make a 4 hour drive from where we'll be to Nature's Garden, because I LOVE that place. Some of you may recall, I went there a couple of years ago, but they closed at 5:00 and we got there at 4:15. So I didn't have time to do it justice. So much to smell, so little time. This time we are getting a hotel close to there the night before and I will have the day to go smell to my heart's content. But last night, I pulled out all my Nature's Garden FO's to see what I needed to restock, and realized that I REALLY don't need to go to Nature's Garden. I mean, besides all these, I have a ton of other FO's from Aztec and Candlewic and FB and Rustic Escentuals and Candlescience and Mill Creek and the Candlemaker's Store and the list goes on. I'm trying to think of the pluses: 1.My daughter is buying me some FO's for Christmas (I'm going to give her a list to choose from once I smell to my heart's content). 2. All that mileage will help on business expenses. 3. It will make me happy. That's all I got. Minuses: 1. It's a 4 hour drive from where we'll be. 2. I have more fragrance oil now than I could use up in years probably. So tell me to be reasonable.
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    I use a bamboo skewer as a place holder if not wicking, problem is after first wick test your wax has to be soft enough to run that skewer back down to try another size. Heat gun is all I need to clean up after inserting wick.
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    please warn us next before posting fragrance porn. 😝🤤
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    Sorry it didn't work out for us to meet. Actually I forgot to check on this forum to see if you were coming. Should have gotten your phone number. I smelled all the pumpkins you mentioned ( except Pumpkin Walnut Biscotti) but the one I liked best OOB were Pumpkin Crunch Cake and Pumpkin Cheesecake. I didn't get either because I have so many pumpkins, but I put them on my Christmas list for my daughter to pick from. I did like the Apple Dumpling but also liked Apple Cinnamon Streusel which I bought. Hot Baked Apple Pie is on my Christmas list. I already have the Candy Cane. I did limit myself but it was hard. I only got one spring/summer scent and it was a restock. I have so many FO's for the warmer months and don't sell nearly as many of those. I put Denim on my Christmas list. I like the name and the fragrance OOB Oh, and I really hope I get Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies for Christmas. Once again, I like the name and the scent.
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    Maybe this will help! https://candlescience.com/learning/how-to-use-the-ifra-certificate
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    What are you reconsidering? Going with prop coverage? i am leaning toward no prop coverage since I can’t really prove what it would be worth, like for if they take amortization into account. I, done with markets and Faire, so pretty minimal equipment and such now.
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    I recently got back into soapmaking mode. I don't like making soap in Missouri's hot and humid summers, because heat and humidity are not very friendly to my curing soap! I tend to make most of my soap during the drier fall / winter months. We recently got cooler weather, so here we go! Just cut batches of Grandma's Old Fashioned (unscented), F&M, Close Shave Soap, and Winter Landscape, a woodsy blend I make every fall. F&M d's to brown, so I put a light gold mica swirl in that one, because hey - you can't have frankincense and myrrh without the gold, right? Winter Landscape is light blue with white swirls. Close Shave is scented with essential oils, and I don't color that one. It comes out a nice soft yellow on its own. Now to wash my mold liners and start up again. I think I'll make Almond Biscotti and Jasmine, because I always have customers at my December show who request those. Maybe some Peppercorn, which smells awesome even though it does A. And definitely a mint blend, because OBVIOUSLY, mint soap just makes you feel cleaner. LOL Whatcha making at your place?
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    yeah this info sure helps! pic looks like 2.25 -2.5 in diameter. I would try a cd 6 next.
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    Yeah I want something easy but I’m so far into this 😔 it’s the principle now. And of course everyone I know is still on the soy wagon and afraid of paraffin😩 I panicked and ordered 2 50lb boxes of C3 hoping at least they will be the same and I’m running out of time to make my first show ever! Oh that is a good idea to sell it on eBay 🤔
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    good luck... This is like going to school to learn a trade. For the spouses out there, would they be confident opening a bakery if they'd only learned to sort of make a box cupcake?
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    I usually use my little heat gun after a wickectomy to get a smooth surface, if I had several candles I’d break out the big heat gun. But generally speaking a perfect surface is not required on free candles.
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    Can't quite remember when we got there, but we went to lunch a little early because my nose needed a break!
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    I'm glad you decided to go! Sounds like you had a great time.
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    That is a great idea. I never thought about using silicone molds! Think of the possibilities!
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    @Sarah S, I'm using Eco's & palm 3 ATM. I started with RRD NST 34, which is the smallest RRD I have, and it was a fail. I don't have any small CSN's, so I had to go with what I had. The Eco was a pleasant surprise. CW recommends Eco's (and RRD) but their recommended sizes for Eco are way off IMO. But what the heck do I know? I've only tested 3 votives....LOL. I'm not very impressed with the RRD's, NST or otherwise. I mean, they do work, but I think CSN's work much better. I've never had a love for votives until recently. It's super satisfying to have one little votive scent up my whole space. At this point I think I'm gonna need more than 6 votive molds...LOL.
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    What wick are you using? I have wicked the Palm 2 votives with Premiers, HTPs, and CSNs, and although the Premiers do ok with (for a votive) a big wick, I think that CSNs have the nicest burn and the best throw. I have really tried to get other wicks to work with my palm wax candles, because I am terrified that CS will discontinue the CSNs. But in every palm candle I've made, from container to votive to pillar, they have out performed the others. That being said, I have yet to try the NST treated RRDs, which I hear do well with that special coating for acid resistance. I'm having a hard time justifying spending money on more wicks when I have one that already works. 🤣 Like TT said, the shell on the palm votive is what sets them apart from other votives, so you're walking a fine line of not-too-much, not-too-little. Usually I lose the shell about halfway through the life of the votive. I'm trying to get my daughter to love votives. She burns candles in her room with her door shut, and with a 8-12oz container it can get overwhelming. I really think a votive would give her a nice fragrance witout destroying her olfactory receptors. 😂
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    I could have sworn that video of the guy testing said it was 140 degrees.
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    There was a candle video posted somewhere here which addresses heat. I believe the temp should stay under 170. It may even be lower then that. You can use an Infrared thermometer to check. Right now I’m burning an 8 oz square jar over 5 hr. And it’s just warm, full melt pool 1/4 inch deep, lower half of jar when things really get heated. I could hold it non stop with no issues. My early Candle days, they were so hot I could not hold them much less move them to another location. Over wicking contributes to heat. Someone else will chime in I’m sure.🌸
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    For every oil, in every skin product product you’ll need to refer to the IFRA limits.
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    I am on west coast, so I am not familiar with any of suppliers in Florida region except for wicks. We have many chandlers in this forum, who are in Florida, so they might be able to share good suppliers in your area. Or you can check out the "Suppliers by State" in this website like kandlekrazy had suggested. For Fragrance Oils, you might want to consider looking at AFI [Aromatic Fragrances International] in Cartersville, GA https://afi-usa.com/fragrances/ Bulk Apothecary in Streetsboro, OH https://www.bulkapothecary.com/ I haven't deal with them yet, but I find that they have a good pricing on bulk orders.
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    Butterscotch pudding from CW is really strong. I've used it for butterbeer. I haven't tried the others listed though.
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    It truly is. It took me a while to land on a wick, but I've got it licked now. I do love the performance of the 125 better, but the aesthetics of the 130 are hard to beat.
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    Look for a flame that appear proportional to the container. If it looks too big, it probably is. I really wish you tube and Facebook groups would just stop with the whole full melt pool in x hours in first burn nonsense. I you’ve ever burned one of their candles, just wait til the half way point. Yeehaw they get hot and sooty, a little hang up is not the same as tunneling. Hang up on the first third of the candle, especially in taller jars, helps create a perfect environment for Safe and true scent throw throughout the candle’s life.
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    I have a kids' perfume in a cherry vanilla scent and I'm absolutely loving it. Is there a supplier with a good one? Or a good cherry slushie type? If I get a good slushie / candy type scent I could try adding some vanilla to it.
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    Sorry I haven't tried either of those! I have been eyeing those though.. So many apple scents I can't get enough Lol! But I can say that if you want a good apple strudel scent, check out Apple & Pumpkin Strudel from RE
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    Oh, sweet, thanks for posting. I'm almost due to renew my membership!
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    Do you by chance know the difference between Apple Fritter & Apple Strudel? I have an apple pie fragrance, as well as an Apple Cinnamon and also a Baked Apple scent but thought the Strudel or the Fritter might be different? @Belinda have you tried these? 😇
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    I couldn’t agree with you more @Sarah S NG Nappy Valley Harvest Type is so great! It has a strong scent throw in parasoy too! 😇🙌🏼
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    OH!!! And @MilosCandles I also have to say I just love your website! Very easy to navigate and nice looking! 🥰
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    Well. Shoot. I just bought LS leather 🙄🙄🙄. Waiting for y’all to “talk this out” before I pour it up. Hope you’re better quick @Belinda
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    Good for you to sticking to just a few FO's. I'm just not that disciplined.
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    Oh man you should go! Only 2 hours. I'm about 2 1/2 hours away from The Candlemaker's store, but I don't like their oils as well and the 'store' is in the warehouse. They have lots of samples to sniff but if I like a scent I have to write it down and order online when I get home. They have wicks and other supplies you can buy on site plus their $9.99 specials. I've bought some of those, then regretted it usually. I went there a few weeks ago, but didn't know the store was closed on Mondays so I couldn't sniff anything. The guy did give me 4 free one ounce samples in sympathy though. Nature's Garden is a bright, clean store in Amish country. I can sniff to my heart's content then buy the 16 oz bottles I decide on.
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    Thanks @TallTayl and @kandlekrazy the old CS Cranberry Marmalade was not a cran-apple. (That’s the new one that took it’s place - that I don’t care for). It’s now phthalate free - which i honestly care NOTHING about. I’m sure taking it phthalate free was why they had to switch to a cran-apple. CS is “committed” to having all oils phthalate free by end of year...they also screwed up Red Currant (another one I loved). But it doesn’t have the same sales drive the cran marm has and other companies sell red currant that I’m willing to test. Just have never found another cran marm. I’d probably be willing to buy 25 pounds if it was close enough. The FO was that popular. Used it at 6% and threw GREAT in my soy.
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    I was looking at her fragrances I didn't see the apple fritter I'll have to look again that sounds like one I'd love. I ordered the frankenberry, boo Berry and cinnamon buns!!!
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    I use a lot of her oils too and love the above mentioned. I also like her apple fritter, apple brown betty, be thankful, black and blue, blueberry meringue torte, brown sugar pecan, caramel nut cluster, chocolate cream pie, cranberry orange spice, Nana's kitchen and several more. You can't go wrong with ICS.
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    @Hotpinkao I haven’t burned the new cranberry marmalade but it is definitely different. I am getting apple - which I didn’t before (and I can’t find flavor notes online of the old FO). My current problem is I don’t have time before fall’s huge market for this to research/test a bunch of new cranberry’s looking for a cranberry marmalade dupe. (Which the old CS FO, in MHO, was one of the best FO around). I am pouring this new one and passing to a repeat customer who buys this all the time and getting her thoughts. I have 2 pounds of the old oil and will pour those for my friends/family/church — then try new stuff 😢 (and let me state, for once and for all, I DON’T GIVE A HOOT ABOUT PHTHALATES!! STOP CHANGING FO OILS!)
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    Thanks for the tip. I will give them a try. I do my charcoal soap using RF&S so I drop the pink batter into the black and do a quick circular swirl with my hanger swirl tool. You think it would stay fluid long enough to do a quick swirl? I use a high lard content for this particular soap and also soap at room temp for maximum time for doing swirls. Here is a pic of my charcoal soap:
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    Melts wax used: 4625, 4786, KY 133 (Problend 450), CBL 129 fragrance load (%): 10% average cure time: 1 week Wax additives: none Cold throw: excellent Hot Throw: excellent Purchased: 2018 The most true to BBW dupe to my nose and great throw.
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    Candles wax used: soy, 464 fragrance load (%) 6.5% average cure time: 10 days Wax additives? UV container, 16 ounce mason, 8 ounce tin, assorted very large 3 wick candle container wicking notes: cd wicks Cold throw: excellent, very strong Hot Throw: very strong As soon as i lit a candle within 10 minutes the candle was throwing scent around like unbelievable. I could smell from the basement.
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    The type of wax matters a LOT.
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    I LOVED Accu-Blend's Apricot Wax! I called them to get more ( when I could order 1 case at a time from them ) this wax back in early 2018 I think,... they discontinued it because the apricot wax going rancid too quickly and causing a great deal of money lost to those huge companies that had candles made from it.. bummer, ... the coconut 83 has changed so much, it used to be so much like the apricot wax.. I really don't like this "new"version.. the Hot throw is basically non existent, adding beeswax to it makes it too viscous to wick correctly, and it doesn't wick like the old version at all.. NOT HAPPY
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