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    Hi Everyone, We will resume taking new orders sometime tomorrow afternoon. When we sent out the notice that we were temporarily suspending new orders to get caught up, we received a tremendous amount of new orders before the suspension kicked in. We knew there would be a spike in volume, but not nearly the level we received (which we are grateful and appreciative). This heavy increase in new orders caused it to take a little longer than anticipated for us to get caught up. Please be on the lookout for a notice via Facebook and through our newsletter on exactly when we will resume new orders tomorrow (new products will also be in our newsletter). Thank you all for your continued support and we apologize for the delay in getting things back up and running. Travis
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    Been working on recipes for shaving soaps I have been wanting to do this a couple of years now.
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    I have this same issue with about every wax you can think of. I have learned over years that it is the oil and warmer in question for longevity, give or take a couple hours difference here and there. For example, one wax would throw the same oil in the same warmer about 12-13 hours whereas another wax would throw that oil in the same warmer for about 15. I educate all of my coworkers and friends who test for me that warmers have a huge effect on how long they last. I tell them the hotter the warmer, the stronger the throw but it will burn off faster and the lower wattage the warmer, the longer they last but lighter throw. I want products to be the best they can be, but sometimes it can get annoying when someone thinks a 1 ounce tart is supposed to last a week or more, especially when they pay no more than a couple of bucks per ounce. If they lasted that long, we certainly would not get return orders as often and would have to raise prices for sure. You are using more than 1 oz per pound already, so anymore than that is not cost effective for mostly the same outcome. I think you are doing everything correctly on your end for results that can vary so much depending on the person. I even tested the theory from customers at a local festival in the same oil and wax. When I followed up with them....one person said the tart filled their whole 2 story home and lingered for days whereas another person with the same oil and blend said it barely traveled far from the warmer and was not as strong as they like. We cannot please everyone and I say if you are confident you have tested enough and are satisfied with your product, keep it moving.
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    I did the same, read and read and read badger and blade forum and others. Been making and selling shaving soap for at least 10 years now. For the last year or two I have been reformulating my recipe to make a 'gel' type shaving soap. It took a while to get it right. You still work it the same as a shaving puck (soap) using a shaving brush to work up the lather its just that it comes in gel form now so I can package it in a container. I've been wanting to make my shaving soap into a shaving gel for years so I am much happier now. Besides, the packaging looks ever so much nicer. At least I think it does. More upscale and classy.
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    Time is my currency. -Jenna Kutcher, Goal Digger Podcast. time is my most valuable resource. You can’t manufacture or buy more hours in a day. If you get my time, man you are one special person to me!
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    Ha! I did the same thing... felt like a secret agent infiltrating the target market to learn what they REALLY like. More important was learning what they definitely do NOT like: No clay. No olive oil. The list goes on haha.
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    That has been my experience also. At in person events people would not even enter my shop without ensuring it was “safe”. One notable memory was of a woman with a lavender allergy... I cannot ensure I have not touched anything with lavender, let alone cleared it from every single piece of equipment, mold, packaging, etc. I would rather miss out on a sale than cause harm to someone.
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    Handmade shaving soap is the best. I have been making it for years now. I formulated it by reading Badger & Blade and on another forum that had some awesome wet shavers.
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    So smooth tops are no longer in vogue? Got it.
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    Hi. Sometimes glass containers will be labeled safe for candle use. Per Candles.org, the recommended type of glass container for candles are "Annealed Soda-Lime-Silicate Glass Containers that are Produced for Use as Candle Containers". https://candles.org/industry-standards/ Since we are on the subject, I just noticed that Candles.org has updated the data on their site. They have even better information now and it's more current and specifically explains topics that have been muddy or have needed proper clarification. Such as myths regarding paraffin wax, scented candles, the burning of candles and synthetic FOs vs. essential oils, etc. https://candles.org/ https://candles.org/faqs/ https://candles.org/research-studies/
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    Found this interesting.
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    I added some lime margarita FO to some cornstarch a while back and have been using that. I plopped a few drops onto maybe half a cup of cornstarch in a small jar, shook that up, and it's great. I suppose if you're selling you'd want a more specific recipe but for my personal use this is fine. I logged on right now to go in the craft forum and ask for suggestions for a powder box for that mixture so I'll ask here, since you brought it up. So what can you all think of for that? No glass, something cute that would look good on the bathroom vanity, maybe there's something I can DIY? You guys are always super creative so any ideas?
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    To those using zinc wicks, do you guys have candles that will pass a completely untrimmed test burn? Or are you having to (and hoping your customers will too) trim your wicks after every burn?
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    Fillmore Container is close to you. They have everything, wicks,wax, containers,fo
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    Hi @jmspgh. FYI, here's the link to the list of suppliers by state so you could possibly visit some locally and/or avoid high shipping costs. You will find several candle making suppliers on the list under Pennsylvania. Candles and Supplies is one of my favorite fragrance suppliers, I love a lot of their fragrances. https://www.candlesandsupplies.net/Fragrance-Oils
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    I can tell you exactly how to use that 6006. LX18 wicks (give or take a size depending on the FO) and 16 oz square mason jars. Works like a charm. I had a hell of a time wicking it in status jars and tumblers, but the masons and LX wicks made some pretty good candles.
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    This one started with a 464 thread here: summary to not lose the discussion: “ how about a wax test thread where I/we share results? thoughts on how to perform the test to keep it simple: 1) I will use tins (I have hundreds of failures already in tins so giving those tins new life would make me feel less bad about them. 2) freedom wax (American Soy’s 464, at least from the intel gathered over the last year that it is 464 🤣) I have a bag purchased recently that will otherwise sit unused. 3) make at least 3 Unscented, uncolored with the same wick. the first burn for one at 24 hours, one at a week, one at a month. 4) make comparison candles, Unscented in glass jars with the same diameter as a tin. Compare the overall burn against tins. a) no neck like a status jar b) a jar with a minimal neck like a salsa jar c) a jar with a neck like a square mason 5) make three in the tins with FO that usually require different wicks (learned from past experience). Compare the burns. I have loads of FO I will not use otherwise. To keep simple, burn at the 2 week mark minimum. what else would be helpful?”
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    This is a great example! Thank you for sharing!
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    Not exactly sure what caused all this..but a 24hr cure on 464 is no where near long enough for the wax to be fully hardened. The golden rule of thumb for this type soy wax is a MINIMUM of 2 weeks for a cure, then start your testing. If you want to, make two testers and burn one at the 1-week mark, the other at the 2-week mark.
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    This one doesn't contain alcohol. I haven't tried this but they have fantastic products. https://essentialsbycatalina.com/purefresh-advanced-odor-neutralizer-fabric-room-spray-base
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    I'm testing both right now. Have the baseline wick for both and pored with fo tonight. A few days will tell. used Fo Lavender Fields in C-3 and Roses and another in tulips in 464 They have reat CT right now aftersetting for a few hours.
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    Well, yes, I have seen candle wax like that and I hated it. My test candles that looked like that were what I considered defects, not sellable products. LOL 😄 It makes me nervous looking at those wild, bumpy tops. 😵 Everybody has their own likes and style or maybe they just gave up on smooth tops and rolled with it, I could certainly understand that. LOL I do like the way the wax looks on the sides through the clear glass, that's pretty. Who knows, they may get rich. I noticed they are in Knoxville, TN, not far from me.
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    Is anyone missing flaming candle? I can’t wait till they reopen, I hope they do so soon.
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    With google you never know, so hopefully what you read was as intended - Keep It Simple Sweetheart (KISS)
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    This is a simple way. I try to figure it out then get flustered...Thank you..math is not my strong suit..I didnt know what the kiss method was so I looked it up and I like it lol.. 💐
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    TIME... I find people do not put enough value on this. Of course in the beginning when you have more time you do not have as much as a value on it, but as your business grows you find you have less time, which then makes that time more valuable. Times of the year also change my time value. Slower times I do more for people. Try to cultivate some new customers. But there is just your time, do not forget family and friends time. I no longer offer discounts on my Etsy page, only on my website, cheaper shipping also. Every month sales on my own site are increasing. It is hard for me to imagine that I ever leave Etsy. Maybe I end up getting to the point I have to charge so much that people just stop buying from me there and it just is not worthwhile to maintain it.
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    Read this is may help - https://716candleco.com/candle-business-usa-shipping/
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    It is actually a little cheaper than the Regional A box for pastage. AND it can fit my Cans and Bottles a little easier with out extra packaging material at times. It basically a smaller square version of the Rate A and cheaper postage. In order of preference and cost Square Rate A Rate B Medium Flat Rate Large Flat Rate I generally only use the Flat rate for shipments to Hawaii and Alaska.
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    Me! I desperately need 2 FO's....Strawberries & Champagne and Sunflower. I know I could get them elsewhere, but I know these IYKWIM.
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    I've never added allergen alerts on my label. I label every ingredient in my product. If someone has an allergy the will be diligent at reading labels. I've had several customers not purchase soap because they are allergic to something in the soap like shea butter (latex allergen).
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    ...and when can I expect to receive my test sample???? I've been making hubbies shave cream with CP rebatch for the past several years but considering the quality of your soaps, I'm anxious to try a product from a professional soap maker....you have my address....lol.
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    I'm not sure that I'll be of much help, but I did try to do a little reading on the link below. If you can't find a perfect answer, I would list the ingredients as you normally would, but place a line somewhere on the label that says "Contains Lanolin" ... that way, if someone knows they have an issue, they will view it as a warning. For those without any issues, well, I guess, they may view it as a benefit. Lanolin Notes
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    I saw they have a few new FOs but have not tried them yet. Vanilla Voodoo is good but it's not a hit you in the face FO. More subtle for me in palm wax.
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    https://www.darice.com/ You have to sign up as a wholesale client, but they have some pretty good prices. this style was 4/$32.
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    I would think maybe vanilla and rosewood?
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    Depends on the wax.
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    Everything you need to know about making shaving soap.
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    I love their Mulberry Circus Concession Tea and Cakes Sugar Cookie Apple Cinnamon Banana Cream Pie Pumpkin Pumpkin Milkshake Pumpkin Vanilla Marshmallow Pumpkin Pecan Waffles Spiced Pumpkin Cheesecake Cinnamon Sugared Donuts Pumpkin Peanut Brittle smells amazing to me! Pumpkin Sugared Donuts Pumpkin Spiced Cider Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Pumpkin Cupcake Cinnamon Broom Coconut cream pie Cookie Kitchen Creamy Nutmeg Fizzy Pop Soda-the same as Paradise from Daystar Fruit Loops Harvest Gathering Home sweet home Mint Chocolate Chip Spiced Apples and Peaches Sugar Cookie Royale Tis The Season Warm Welcome Cinnamon Apple peaches
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    Thank you so much for sharing those with me! 🥰🥰🥰
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    If you can get your hands on a jewelry crimper it will be life changing. They are little pliers, but have a channel in the jaws to hold the neck, and a corresponding piece on the other jaw that pokes through the tab to really hold on to that wick. They end up looking like the machine made ones.
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    Soy is a hard, brittle wax. As it cools the top gardens first and cannot draw down as the middle cools. Shrinkage inside can create stress cracks on the top. If the middle cooled significantly enough later than the top, it can create cavities in the middle of the candle around the wick. Poke a skewer or something similar around th crack to excavate any cavities, then fill the holes. You may or may not find any depending on the conditions of that particular candle, burning a candle With inner cavities can cause flares. Some flares extinguish the flame after the tall flames burn out the exposed wick. It mistakenly makes the candle look like it tunneled.
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    If you don't see your supplier or know of one not listed here that is relevant to our forum please post it to this thread so it may be added to the list. Also, if you know of one that is no longer in business and needs to be deleted from this list please post the info so I may update our list and keep it active. If you do post any suppliers you think should be added to the list it would be most helpful to include the following info: company name website address and a brief description STATE SUPPLIERS LISTINGS ALABAMA Community Candle Supply http://www.communitycandlesupply.com/ - candle, M&P soap, & B&B supplies ALASKA ARIZONA Arizona Soap Supply https://arizonasoapsupply.com - soapmaking and B&B supplies, carrier of Mad Oil FOs starting April 1, 2017 Snowdrift Farm Formulary http://web.archive.org/web/20110716100633/http://www.snowdriftfarm.com/formulary.html - this website was left up in consideration of soapers & B&B crafters who continue to use & read it's many recipes & formulations, however it is no longer a working website but rather a resource Soapie Supplies http://www.soapies-supplies.com/shop/ - CP/M&P soap & B&B supplies, soap molds & cutters Therapy Garden http://therapygarden.com/ - soapmaking & B&B supplies, soap molds & M&P bases ARKANSAS Chemistry Connection http://www.saveoncitric.com/ - (dbs Save on Citric); fragrance & essential oils, CP/M&P soap & B&B supplies CALIFORNIA Accu-Blend Corp. in CA http://www.accu-blend.com/index.htm wax specialty company; for candles, casting wax, cosmetics, dental, food, adhesives, coating and other related industries. California Candle Supply http://calcandlesupply.com/ - fragrance oils, candlemaking supplies Cibaria Soap Supply https://www.cibariasoapsupply.com/shop/ - wholesale soaping oils & butters Eden Botanicals http://www.edenbotanicals.com/ - wholesale essential oils, extracts, absolutes, perfumery, body & facial care Essentials by Catalina http://www.essentialsbycatalina.com/ - fragrance & essential oils, soapmaking & B&B supplies, skincare bases General Wax (GW) http://www.generalwax.com/ - (aka GenWax) candle supplies & wholesale candles; also Candle Making Supplies.net http://www.candlemakingsupplies.net/ - sister site of General Wax Get Suckered http://www.getsuckered.com/ - flavor oils, candy making & baking supplies My Own Business https://www.scu.edu/mobi/business-courses/ - online business courses PaperMart http://www.papermart.com - wholesale packaging Pure Fragrance Oils (PFO) http://purefragranceoils.com/ - (formerly Tony's/Southern Garden Scents), fragrance oils for soap & candles San Francisco Herb Company http://www.sfherb.com// - gourmet spices, herbs, essential oils, dried flowers & potpourri SFIC http://www.sficcorp.com/ - home of SFIC M&P soap bases, bulk bases available for wholesale Stephenson Direct http://stephensondirect.com/ - wholesale Stephenson brand M&P bases, B&B supplies (Stephenson bases also sold through Bulk Apothercary and The Chemistry Store TKB Trading (TKB) http://www.tkbtrading.com - soapmaking & cosmetic colorants, soap & B&B supplies The Box Co-op http://www.boxcoop.com/ - custom boxes The Conservatorie http://theconservatorie.com/ - cosmetics manufacturer, wholesale raw cosmetic materials Yaley Enterprises http://www.yaley.com/ - candle, candy, & soap making supplies; home of Yaley's wax & wax products Your Organza Bag http://www.yourorganzabag.com/ - wholesale organza & other bags, rose petals, packaging & ribbons COLORADO Bayley's Boxes http://www.bayleysboxes.com/ - wholesale boxes Peak Fragrance Company in CO https://peakfragrances.com/Offering premium fragrance oils for candle making, personal care products, andother scented hand-crafted products. CONNECTICUT Chemessence, Inc. http://www.chemessence.com - wholesale fragrance oils From Nature With Love (FNWL) https://www.fromnaturewithlove.com/ - fragrance oils formulated for CP soap, B&B supplies, International skin care supplies DELAWARE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Small Business Administration (SBA) https://www.sba.gov/ - National Headquarters; small business information, how to on starting & managing your business, business tools, loan & grants, local assistance info US Patent Office http://www.uspto.gov/learning-and-resources/support-centers/patent-and-trademark-resource-centers-ptrc/ptrc-locations-13 - Washington DC office FLORIDA Camden-Grey http://www.camdengrey.com - essential oils, soap making & B&B supplies Essential Depot (ED) http://www.essentialdepot.com/ - Essential oils, soapmaking & B&B supplies, lye Mad Oils http://www.madoils.com/ - fragrance & essential oils, soap & B&B supplies Ponte Vedra Soap Shop http//pvsoap.com/ - soapmaking & B&B supplies Wicks Unlimited http://wicksunlimited.com/ - wholesale wicks & wick clips, wick & candle flame technology & resources GEORGIA Aromatic Fragrances International (AFI) http://afi-usa.com/ - wholesale fragrance oils for candles, soap, B&B, incense, also custom fragrances Bayousome http://www.bayousome.com/ - B&B supplies The Flaming Candle http://www.theflamingcandle.com/ - candle, M&P soap, & B&B supplies Fragrance Buddy (FB) http://www.fragrancebuddy.com/ - candle & soap fragrance oils Soap Goods http://www.soapgoods.com/ - soapmaking & B&B supplies HAWAII IDAHO CPS Container & Packaging Supply https://www.containerandpackaging.com/ - plastic bottles, jars, containers & accessories ILLINOIS DPS Morris http://www.dpswax.com/ - wholesale wax & additives for candles & cosmetics (sister site in Kansas) Freund Containers http://www.freundcontainer.com/ - glass, plastic & metal containers, pails & drums, safety equipment Gateway Food Products http://www.gatewayfoodproducts.com/ - Bulk Soy waxes as well as oils for soap making etc Kangaroo Blue http://kangarooblue.com/ - candle & soapmaking supplies Pure Essential Supply https://www.pureessentialsupply.com/ - (formerly Nature's Bouquet), fragrance & essential oils, soap & B&B supplies Scented Nest http://www.scentednest.com/ - candle making supplies for soy candles Soaper's Choice https://soaperschoice.com/ - bulk oils for soap, B&B INDIANA Indiana Candle Supply (ICS) http://candlesupplys.us/ - fragrance oils & candle supplies Lebermuth http://www.lebermuth.com/ - bulk fragrance oils, essential & flavor oils; trending blends & marketing forcasting Millcreek Soy Wax Candle Supply (MC) http://www.mcsoywax.com/ourcompany.htm - candle, M&P soap, & B&B supplies Nurture Soap Supplies https://nurturesoap.com/ - fragrance oils, CP soap supplies, molds & soaping tools, color guides Soap Equipment.com http://soapequipment.com/ - professional soap & BB making equipment & solutions IOWA American Soy Organics http://store.americansoywax.com/ - fragrance oils, soy wax & candle supplies, Beanpod FO's available Frontier Co-op http://www.frontiercoop.com - skin care products, aromatherapy, herbs, spices, teas, foods, recipes KANSAS DPS Morris http://www.dpswax.com/ - wholesale wax & additives for candles & cosmetics (sister site in Illinois) KENTUCKY Atkins & Pearce in KY http://www.atkinsandpearce.com - manufacturer of braided technical textiles based in Covington, Kentucky. We produce and process industrial cordage and twine, coated insulation sleeving, tubing, expandable sleeving, lacing tapes, tie cords, candlewick, and custom braided textile products. Elements, Bath & Body (EBB) https://www.elementsbathandbody.com/ - candle, CP/M&P soap, & B&B supplies Glenbrook Farm's Herbs http://www.glenbrookfarm.com - bulk herbs, spices, seeds, horse herbs, teas, fragrance & essential oils, soaping oils/butters, recipes Midwest Bottles http://www.midwestbottles.com/ - wholesale plastic bottles & jars LOUISIANA Cajun Candle & Soap Making Supply http://www.cajuncandles.com/ - fragrance oils, candle, M&P soap & B&B supplies MAINE MARYLAND MASSACHUSETTS Atlantic Spice Company http://www.atlanticspice.com/ - fragrance & essential oils, gourmet spices, herbs, chocolate, nuts, seeds, teas CandleChem (CC) http://www.candlechem.com/ - candle supplies Catania Spagna Corp http://www.cataniausa.com - vegetable, specialty, & non-GMO oils Gemlite Soap & Candle Supply http://www.gemlite.com/ - fragrance & essential oils, candle, CP soap, & B&B supplies Jedwards International (aka Bulk Natural Oils) http://www.bulknaturaloils.com/ - candle & soapmaking supplies, sugars, salts, chocolate & cocoa MICHIGAN Scottcrew Candle Supply https://www.scottcrewcandlesupply.com - candle & soap supplies, embed & soap molds Southern Scentsations http://www.greatcandle.com/ - natural body oils, soap bases, candle supplies, soap & B&B supplies The Box Depot http://www.theboxdepot.com - wholesale boxes & packaging Wellington https://www.wellingtonfragrance.com/Default.aspx - fragrance oils, waxes, wicks, containers and more MINNESOTA Northstar Country Candle Company http://www.northstar3c.com/shop/ - fragrance oils, soy wax candle making supplies Northwood Candle Supply https://www.northwoodcandlesupply.com/ - Custom fragrance creator, candle & soap supplies Sweetcakes (SC) http://www.sweetcakes.com/ - fragrance & essential oils, CP/M&P soap & B&B supplies MISSISSIPPI MISSOURI MONTANA Botanie Soap http://botaniesoap.com/ - soapmaking supplies, lye, herbs, wholesale soap NEBRASKA Simple Soothings http://simplesoothings.com/ - wholesale lotion, suger scrub, & hair conditioner bases NEVADA NEW HAMPSHIRE NEW JERSEY Agilex http://www.agilexfragrances.com/ - custom fragrances All White Candles http://allwhitecandles.easystorecreator.com/store.asp - white candles, candle packaging and shrink wrap Farmhouse Candle Supply http://www.candlesuppliesbyfarmhouse.com/ - fragrance oils, candlemaking supplies, stuffed bears French Color & Fragrance http://www.frenchcolor.com/ - wholesale manufacturer & designer of fragrance oils, colorants & additives Garden State Naturals http://www.gardenstatenaturals.com/store/ - CP soap & B&B oils, butters, clays & supplies National Shrink Wrap http://www.nationalshrinkwrap.com - shrink wrap & shrink wrap solutions & equipment Sunshine Candle & Soap Boxes http://www.sunshinecontainer.com - packaging for candles, craft & soap makers Wick It in NJ http://www.wickit.net - manufacturers of wick and clip assemblies, wick supplies NEW MEXICO NEW YORK Cougar Products https://coogarproducts.com/ - Candle making equipment, wax melters, mixing pumpers Creekside Soaps http://creeksidesoaps.com/supplies/ - soapmaking supplies, molds, wholesale handmade soap Handcrafters Soap Guild (HCSG) http://www.soapguild.org/ - trade association for soapmakers, B&B & other handcrafts to connect, network & promote their soapmaking & crafts & the soap & B&B industry, membership & insurance available New Directions Aromatics https://www.newdirectionsaromatics.com/ - Headquarters in Sydney; website link is for US store; fragrance & essential oils, soapmaking & B&B supplies Olive Tree Soaps http://www.olivetreesoaps.com/ - fragrance oils, CP soap supplies Premier Packaging https://www.retailpackaging.com/ - wholesale packaging Save on Scents https://www.saveonscents.com/ - fragrance & essential oils, B&B supplies SKS Bottle & Packaging https://www.sks-bottle.com/ - glassware, plastic, metal & cardboard containers Symphony Scents https://symphonyscents.com - fragrance & essential oils, CP/M&P soap & B&B supplies, skincare bases The Logo Company https://thelogocompany.net/ - custom logo designs Wax Melters http://www.waxmelters.com/ - professional candlemaking equipment, wax melters, pouring systems NORTH CAROLINA Candle Science (CS) https://www.candlescience.com/ - candle supplies Indie Business Network http://www.indiebusinessnetwork.com/ - trade organization for handmade soap, candles, and many other crafts; membership, networking & insurance available NORTH DAKOTA OHIO Bulk Apothecary http://www.bulkapothecary.com/ - fragrance oils, CP/M&P soap, & B&B supplies FP Fragrance Oils (FP) http://www.fpfragranceoils.com/ - (aka Front Porch Fragrances) fragrance oils Just Scent (JS) http://www.justscent.com/ - candle supplies, candle warmers Milky Way Molds http://www.milkywaymolds.com/ - home of Milky Way soap molds Nature's Garden (NG) http://www.naturesgardencandles.com/ - candle, CP/M&P soap, B&B supplies; candle & soap classes The Candle Source http://thecandlesource.com - candle supplies, tart warmers The Candlemakers Store http://thecandlemakersstore.com/ - candle, CP/M&P soap, B&B supplies Supplies 4 Candles http://www.supplies4candles.com - candle supplies, B&B bases Wholesale Supplies Plus (WSP) http://www.wholesalesuppliesplus.com - Fragrance oils, CP/M&P soap, B&B supplies OKLAHOMA Fragrance Lab http://fragrancelaboratory.com/ - fragrance & essential oils, CP soap, and B&B supplies OREGON Candle Soylutions http://www.candlesoylutions.com - soy wax & candle supplies CustomKraftBox.com http://www.customkraftbox.com - wholesale kraft boxes & custom made kraft boxes Essential Wholesale & Lab http://www.essentialwholesale.com/ - wholesale essential oils, B&B skincare bases Evermine https://www.evermine.com/ - custom labels Glory Bee http://glorybee.com/ - B&B & aromatherapy supplies, honey & beekeeping supplies, herbs, spices, dried foods, recipes Liberty Natural http://libertynatural.com/index.html - essential oils, herbs & botanicals Moose Creek Bath & Body http://www.moosecreekbathandbody.com/store/ - organic butters & oils including Monoi de' Tahiiti oil, soap & B&B supplies & products Mountain Rose Herbs https://www.mountainroseherbs.com/ - bulk organic herbs, spices, teas, Epicurean culinary oils, peppers & salts; aromatherapy & B&B products Oregon Trail Soapers Supply (OT) https://oregontrailsoaps.com/home.php - fragrance & essential oils, CP/M&P & B&B supplies Organic Creations http://www.organic-creations.com/ - fragrance & essential oils, CP/M&P soap & B&B supplies, homemade M&P bases, CP rebatch bases Pacific Botanicals http://www.pacificbotanicals.com/store/ - herbs, spices, seeds, & botanicals Rain Shadow Labs (RSL) http://www.rainshadowlabs.com - fragrance oils formulated for soap & B&B, organic skincare bases, B&B supplies, salts PENNSYLVANIA Candles and Supplies (C&S) http://www.candlesandsupplies.net/ - candle, soap & B&B supplies; also candle & soapmaking classes on site Candlewic http://www.candlewic.com - candle & M&P soap supplies EAP Innovations http://www.eapinnovations.com/ - (formerly Early American Candle) - candlemaking & glassware supplies Fillmore Containers (FMC) http://www.fillmorecontainer.com/ - candle supplies, FOs, glassware, canning supplies & recipes French Hill Country http://www.frenchhillcountry.com/ - candle & soap silicone molds Gerschel Brothers http://www.gershelbros.com/ - product & retail displays Golden Barrel https://www.goldenbarrel.com/ - soaping oils, syrup, sugars, recipes The International Group, Inc. in PA and Canada http://www.igiwax.com/candle-wax-blends/, Wax manufacturers Keystone Candle Supply http://www.keystonecandlesupply.com - fragrance oils, candle supplies Maple Street Candle http://www.maplestreetcandle.com/ - fragrance oils, candlemaking supplies Soap Maker's Resource (SMR) http://www.soap-making-resource.com/ - CP soap & B&B supplies, essential oils, soap molds & equipment RHODE ISLAND Displays To Go http://www.displays2go.com/ - product & retail displays Rustic Candle Company http://www.angelfire.com/ - candlemaking supplies SOUTH CAROLINA The Herbarie http://www.theherbarie.com/ - soap & B&B supplies, formulary & resource center Rustic Essentials (AH/RE) http://rusticescentuals.com/ - (a.k.a Aroma Heaven) - candle, soap & B&B supplies Select Shades http://selectshades.com/ - home of Select Shades liquid colorants for CP/M&P soapmaking, color guide The Chemistry Store http://www.chemistrystore.com/ - fragrance & essential oils, soap & B&B supplies, shrink wrap systems SOUTH DAKOTA TENNESSEE Aztec Int'l Inc. 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    Agreed. My go-to box size is a 10x7x5 which is approx the size of the Regional Rate Box A from USPS. Single items usually fit in a 4x4x4 mailer. I can usually get away with first class shipping on single items (~$3.50), but going up to the Box A size is around $7-8. Cross country can easily be $8-15. Cross country rates are better with UPS. And, totally worth paying for a shipping service with negotiated rates. Paying full retail will eat you alive!
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    Paraffin. It's recycled dinosaurs that wouldn't be used for anything else anyway.
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    I think points #3 and 4 are really important. I've been making WW candles for about 6 years. They are temperamental beasts. I include a little card with my candles that emphasizes the importance of trimming the wick before and sometimes during a burn. WW candles prefer a shorter wick which seems counter intuitive but is the case.
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    I learned with wooden wicks: 1) I have to “prime” them. I stick them in the melter as the wax melts and periodically hold them at the bottom of the pot until they stop pushing air bubbles. When I don’t do that I experience inconsistent burns like you spdescribe. 2) you need to light from the bottom of the wick to give them some fuel to get going. If you only light the wood part it will char an limit the capillary action for the next few millimeters. 3) when relighting it helps to remove the charred bit from the last burn before lighting. 4) if they look like they are petering out as it burns, whack off some of the char. i started and stopped with wooden wicks at least eleventeen times. Am loving them right now in my wax blends.
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    It is totally normal. the air heats and creates more forceful current within the vessel. This both causes more heat in later burns (which catches the early Hangup) and more powerful hot throw later in the jar.
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    Testing their new fragrance butter buns WOW smell just like baking buttermilk biscuits with butter. Amazing! EZsoy wax ct/ht amazing
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    using the full melt pool "rule" results in sooty, hot candles every time.
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    I have used 4786 for 19 years and I am still very satisfied. The only difference that i have noticed is that it is definitely easier to break. I tried the one-pour but just didn't get the HT or the vibrant colors that i get with the 4786. The 2nd pour is well worth it to me.
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