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    My thoughts too. This year is pretty much a write off. A few of my cancelled shows I elected to leave them the fee to go towards 2021. The rest of my fees have been returned. Oops! Just rechecked my calendar and 2 craft shows have yet to cancel. That or I didn't get the memo. Need to check them out to be sure but I can't imagine either continuing.
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    No: the link to all the abbreviations and what they stand for. Two posts above someone asked about the abbreviations first (here's a copy): "I don't know what all of the initials mean. Can y'all help me out and spell out your responses just for this short survey. Thanks."" ...And then someone else said, "Years ago when I started making candles, I had to rely on that abbreviation list a lot. Plus I learned what FO, OOB, HT and CT meant. " I could have sworn the link was with that comment yet now I see the confusion I caused. SO I just opened a 2nd window (I'm on my Mac...not phone) and tried to find the dead link....and in looking for it I stumbled upon this topic. The other link was referred to a few times in different questions and it "404'd" every time. Let's see if this link works. It's not exactly a link to a file with all the abbreviations but there's quite a bunch here. Please, please tell me this workes!! I'm new here: please right this off as they say in the south: "Bless her heart....she's a blonde but that's not politically correct!" LOL
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    The next month or 2 should be interesting. Between sturgis motorcycle gathering coming up and school starting we should know a lot quickly. school districts in my area have all unanimously voted to start the first quarter virtual only. Movie theaters are all closed. All outdoor festivals and fairs canceled. I cannot imagine too many craft shows would attract the crowds needed to be profitable. Write off 2020 and look forward to 2021.
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    Exactly. That's the idea I was going for on the sub reddit. I wanted to know if there was anything to adding these compounds at higher or lower temps. As for their video I disagree completely.
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    Somehow I don't see the Sturgis crowd shying away from their beloved annual gathering. It can be a pretty rough crowd. Actually this year I can picture fights breaking out due to all the politics, BLM, masks, social distancing, etc. Good place for the conspiracy groups and hate groups to infiltrate and and stir up trouble.
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