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    These were soooo fun ! I only made these two batches so far but I will be doing more within the next couple days...thank you sooo much for this tutorial, I cannot thank you enough mine are are not the prettiest but not bad for the first two batches The red & yellow are : JS Cherry Slushie ( red ) with a blend of Flaming Candle Pineapple & WSP Cake Batter Ice Cream ( yellow over pour ) The second batch is : WSP Birthday Cake ( purple ) JS Blue Cotton Candy ( blue ) with JS Cotton Candy Frosting over pour
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    Hey Trappeur! You are so sweet!! You have got to make these!!! Get ready to be busy once your customers get a look and smell of these! It's getting towards the end of Summer and it's about time to think about the Fall and Christmas blends! Yea! I have never used the 464, eek , so I cannot help on blending with that wax. I hope someone else responds and helps you out. As far as what I package them in, I use the kraft tin tie window bags (pic of mine) I buy the 1/2 lb and 1 lb bags and I sell the 1/2 lb bags for $9 and the 1 lb bags for $17. The chunk tarts are hard and might smear a little, but not much, not enough to keep me from using these bags. These chunk tarts look fabulous in these bags with a colorful label above the window and I put my warning label on the back.
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    ?????? I did it - I did it ???????? Not in love with the colors I wish I left the overpour white BUT they worked and they do have to be warm and you do have to move fast! Lol I also used too deep of a pan- I had so many chunks so I don't like the size of how they turned out- next time I will use 2 shallower pans I used oils I don't touch anymore so I had zero clue how it would smell yellow chunks funky monkey- JS pink chunks - butt naked- JS orange chunks- cranberry orange- JS overpour- supposed to be coral but too dark -mango papaya CS I don't care for fruits so that's why I used some of these oils up and my husband loves it- I do have to say it's a pretty good smell!