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    Wow! this is the first sale I can remember Nature's Garden having. Except lately, they're been having sales on just certain 1 oz FO's.
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    Autumn Leaves is a huge seller for me but once December hits no one will pick it up because of the name. To me it smells like pine tree sap, the sticky stuff you get on your fingers when handling your tree. I rename it Rustic Pine for this time of the year. Karen in MA
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    you should be compensated and credited for this idea
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    Wow! That sounds like a real bargain on excellent quality printer. I would go for that one without question for that price. I also use Canon black & white imageCLASS D420 for other printing, and it hasn't gave me any problem for long time. *In order to reduce label paper jam problem in laser jet printers, try to fill the paper tray to 50% to 80% of its capacity. With regular paper, you can fill the tray in any level.
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    I was talking about the name suggestions that SarahS had given to change woolen blanket. I thought they were good ideas. I'm not good with that sort of thing.
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    Per ASTM standards container temperature should not exceed 170F. That seems little bit too high for my comfort range. So, let's talk about coffee in order to have an idea of "how hot is too hot?". Coffee is usually served in temperature between 150F and 175F, and many people would prefer near 175F coffee. When they do Coffee tasting, they would prefer at 130F, and this is where I find my comfort range 130F maybe up to 140F for the candle. The lower the better! Yes. There are many people who might burn their candle way beyond 6 hours at a time. If anyone can come up with warm burning container candle for this kind of long burning time, then it would be special. However, we all should be good as long as we can keep its temperature below 170F for more than 6 hours burn even up to 12 hours burn. As long as we keep that temperature below 170F after so many hours, no one should blame us.
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    ....which were meticulously labeled and organized by size in a large divided container. A container that contained not just tabbed wicks, but all the clippings I planned to retab, as is my usual custom. Hundreds, no, thousands of wicks. There is no way to determine which wick is which. If this is the last post you see from me, there is a good possibility that I've been incarcerated.
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    Easy, peasy. Print mirrored text on a clear label, place that on the outside of the jar, and cover it with a solid label so you can only see it from the inside. Works like a charm.
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    I want to unsee it AND buy the Wonder Woman one all at the same time
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    This post right here is why I love being here. Wish i would have found this forum years ago. But, I've just started doing things off Etsy and ordering from my suppliers in the past year.
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    @moonshine is retesting Easybeads. It wasn’t far off from the original one from 2017-2018 batch we tested.
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