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    I have countless bottles of sample FOs that I don't really like but will keep them on hand for when the urge strikes to do some blending...whether for pillars, containers, lotions, scrubs, rebatched soaps, etc , etc. If I am experimenting or making something for personal use (candles, lotions, soaps, etc) I tend to use FOs that I have on hand,,,,if by chance I have an FO that has been sitting back on the shelf because I didn't really like it, I may blend a little of it with my chosen scent ...heck, I paid good money for these scents and I will use them up whenever possible. The most often thing I do with unwanted scents is to make Fart Sprays for use in the bathroom, no MATTER what the scent is, it is better than the smell that comes out of the'bathroom behind my men!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Buy fragrance oils from a reputable supplier. Anything you make is going to be ineffective at best. Potentially even dangerous.
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    Kinda related story... Several years ago Bittercreek did a blog entry re: making pillar candles embedded with mini pine cones. They promo'd it by doing a FB contest offering the winner the opportunity to choose a scent and receive a candle. I won the contest. I chose A Northwoods Christmas, which I already loved. Anyhoo, emailing ensued and eventually they mailed me the pillar. It was huge, and really very pretty. The candle was made without a wick so it could not be burned, since that would be a big fire hazard, and they specifically told me that. I still have the candle and use it in my holiday decor. I notice on FB groups and whatnot that every time someone is called out for using flammables in candles they always say, "It's not meant to be burned." Yet they always have a wick. Why not just leave out the wick?
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