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    I'm realizing that when i use to buy candles I would just pick them up and smell them, that i would never look around the jar to see those problems. So i do have to learn to let it go and just do my best.. This website is extremely helpful and encouraging ❤
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    You will get to a point where they no longer annoy you. Sometimes the candles are perfect for months and then viola a wet spot appears as the wax changes temperature and shrinks more. When I first realized it will happen sometimes no matter what you do/try, I embraced them. The frosting I never got over, so I only colored my palm candles & melts.
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    Your experiment was a good idea . It shows people probably do care about the scent more than anything .. hopefully there are a lot of people like that lol. Wet spots are a thorn in my side to , especially when you make a couple of candles and 1 is perfect and 1 is not, its like uhgggg why? Lol
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    Hmm... I know Amber Noir from CS is really nice! As is the Cashmere from Lonestar. That’s definitely one that surprised me! Oohhh... How about Sandalwood blends. Have you ever tried Satin Sheets from NG? Sooo... Good! Just Scent just got in Gingham BBW dupe which is an amazing fragrance. That one is on my to order list. 😇
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    I also wanted to add..... wet spots annoy me, but I am trying hard to get over it. That's what prompted me to do that little experiment.
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    Once I stopped comparing myself to other people, things became a lot more clear. It doesn’t matter what anybody else says is important. As long as my candle meets my customers expectations and they are fully satisfied why should I worry about what a random Facebook or forum member might think it’s perfect? They don’t pay my bills. Over the summer a Customer asked me who my competition was. He expected to hear any or all of the other merchants at the fair. My response was simple. “Myself. I compete against myself. I’m the only one that matters”. He was taken aback for a minute and then he nodded in complete understanding.
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    Yes! I use it! It’s my favorite wax. I think it’s a lot like GB 464 and I have found that it’s easy to use and has great scent throw. I’ve tried a ton of waxes and this one just seems the one without any weirdness or issues!
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