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    I ordered some of the containers made with the PLA plastic so I'll see what the deal is, certainly curious about them.
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    I just wanted to let any patchouli lovers out there know the patchouli FO from Community Candles is right on the money for a dark, thick patchouli EO. This is OOB, in the wax, and burning. It's the best I've found by far. You have to wick it up but it doesn't drown flames.
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    Hi! Someone with more experience than me will chime in. Your picture is a big help as well as your questions.🌸
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    Have you tried the one from CC? I’ve tried most of them out there too. The one from CC is the only one that smells like the real thing.
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    At 1% I can't tell, at 2% it does do a better job eliminating other odors so just the candle smell remains. It isn't nearly as good as the odor eliminator fragrance oil from CS, that stuff is magical!! Sadly it's just the one fragrance though. I feel like this additive works best with a FO that is already strong, and it helps to boost the scent. I'm going to try it with smelly jellies next.
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    I put in a order for the sweet bakery dough ... Thank you for telling me about Indiana candle supply I really like alot of her scents I'm gonna try the bakery dough and next the cinnamon buns!!! Thanks again
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    You might have to blend to get what you want. Maybe take ylang and Tuberose to round it out.
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    You mean I shouldn't have married a 6006 filled tureen? Now you tell me.
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