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    I'm starting to experiment with perfuming and it's mostly been with fragrance oils and carrier oils. I'm interested in using aroma chemicals individually, but I'm no chemist, and I'd like to learn more about others' experiences with things like fixatives, bases, mixtures, and all sorts of other things that go into perfume making.
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    I hadn't made any soap since July if I recall correctly. So, the past two weekends I decided it was time to light a fire and get things back in order and supply replenished. Pretty happy I'm starting to make a dent. This is just some of them. I got a lot of glycerine rivers in some of them as I totally forgot to change my lye concentration when I printed the recipe. But I don't mind them too much.
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    I would be interested in learning how to make a simple cleansing oil or cleansing balm for personal use.
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    I do. Do you want a link to the place where I started or do you want what I do now?
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    Pip, post this in the Candle Making forum where more people with experience with wooden wicks will see it, you'll get better response there. Wooden wicks are one of the few wicks I haven't tried.
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    Dawn straight on spot, let soak then wash. Resolve spray works well with lighter spots - a miracle worker.
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    Nevermind, scented salt didnt work strong at all and I also dont like how my dish looks now. I'm not worried about it taking over wax sales.
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    Thanks for the warm welcome! I guess we are neighbors then!
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    I've put FO's direct on my tart warmer plate and while yes they smelled good and strong they evaporated quite quickly. So I started throwing in some wax with the FO and mixed them as they warmed and liquified and this combo lasted much longer and still kept its strong scent appeal. Also, I didn't like what the burned off oil did to my warming plate. Like Darbla I don't want to risk damage to my tart warmer by using straight oil. I do use my tart warmer often for testing out new fragrance combos that I come up with. I found it to be a great aid in this department. I can readily get a strong scent that fills my house and tell immediately if I like the new combo or not or simply need to adjust it. I just throw in a little wax with it.
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    There are oils sold just for that - putting on a warmer. They're FO's blended with a carrier oil. You pour a little into the holding vessel, which is usually over a light bulb of some sort (they have plug-in versions).
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    Yeah, I've been looking for these for a while now. From what I've learned, Woodwick is actually owned by Virginia Candle Company. But in any case, these seem to be hard to find. In the other blog I commented on (you are on that one and replied to my comment also), it looks as though a year ago someone was able to find these wicks at northstarcandlesuppy.com , however, that website doesn't seem to be functional anymore.
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    I've been considering this more and more seriously lately. The fun part of all of this has always been mixing, matching, and creating something that can't be found anywhere else. I'm frustrated with wax. I'm frustrated that FO suppliers disappear overnight. This sounds like something else fun I can be frustrated about.
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    Of course! You’re going to love them! They have really good Lush brand dupes too. I recently added some of those on. (Rose Jam, Iced Wine, Lord Of Misrule) Also their Chai Tea, Maraschino Cherry, Skittles, as well as Captain Crunch Berries.. it really is just like the cereal! Lol I still have lots I want to try from them but so far nothing but awesome scents! If you check their Facebook page too they do monthly deals such as 10% off $50 or free shipping on $100. I think the free shipping deal is on right now!
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    Great to know. Never tried Indigo but I'm open to any and all new supplier and will put this on my list to get. Thanks. Trappeur...
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    Yay of course, I love to help and if I can offer a good recommendation I don't mind at all! I do a fun blend of grape jelly with peanut butter & fresh bread! So I was excited to see this! I just love Indigo's oils! I'm glad you sampled it. Thanks for that, I appreciate it! Good luck to you too!
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    @Sarah S Thank you! Oddly enough, I was only planning on making the human one, but then my wife's coworkers kept asking when I was going to do the traditional Valentine's candles, so I had to pop those out real quick for them! I'll admit that they're a little lackluster, and I'm not really happy with them artistically, but they're selling better than the human heart.
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    @Candybee I know the feeling. I've gotten 18 batches (6 lbs each) out over the last 3 weekends. My mission is to have as much done as possible so I can do my other products closer to my shows. Sugar scrub, lip balms, perfumes etc......I just can't get soap made during the week. I'm exhausted after work and going to the gym or spending time with my daughter and grandkids.
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    This are my Valentine's Originals for this year. I sculpted the stuff out of clay, made molds, and threw some beeswax candles! Nice and easy! They range from 1/4 ounce to 1.5 ounces, and burn from an hour (the tiny rose) to 4 hours (the human heart).
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    Speaking of skunks, one winter 2 squirrels were chasing a skunk right outside my back door when the skunk finally let loose and sprayed. The squirrels started dancing around like their bodies were on fire....... Fortunately I had all my doors and windows secured shut so I thought I was safe.... until smell hit me about 5 minutes later. Didn't matter that my house was closed up it still came into the house. I got a severe headache and my eyes burned horribly for about a couple of hours. I won't even go into detail about the smell but it was strong, and bad, nasty, nasty bad!! I was pretty certain those squirrels learned a big lesson not to mess with a skunk again. So Trappeur be glad that skunk is gone. Squirrels, cats, deer, any other creature could set one off and I know this from my squirrel vs skunk experience!!
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    Mr. Skunk has been gone for a while...Maybe the bed wasn't warm enough for him. Geesh, I do have heating pads in the beds so I cant imagine what his problem was. But then maybe he doesn't like to share a bed as all my cats pile up on top of each other like 8 to 10 cats in a bed. Trappeur
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    Do not throw wax at skunks, their HT is very strong and unpleasant.
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    Yes, those bugler's playing taps at night can be really annoying!
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    So you've seen two of these, but now there's a third! Just like before, these beeswax candles are made from my original sculpts. 100% original! I know they're a little plain, but it was a test to see how well it would work. More detail is coming eventually, after other projects are finished first. Also, I got a new cell phone with a super awesome camera, so I did a little photo shoot of these guys!
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