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    If you paint on the melts edible glitter after they are done, then it will enhance the look of the melts with very little mess and will melt with the wax so no mess on the dish.
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    I know this was meant for Daisymay but I'll let you know what some of my favorites are too! LOL! I like- Toasted Marshmallow Southern Pecan Pie Grandma's Cupboard Amish Quilt Autumn Spice Pumpkin Pie Spice Banana Walnut Cake Barbershop 1920's Birthday Cake-KY Caramel Pretzel Bar Country Gift shop Key Lime Pumpkin Bread Red Lipstick Rustic Lodge Santa's Whiskers Sweet Potato Spice Tis the Season Vanilla Butter Fudge Vanilla Lace Welcome Home
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    Anyone have a favorite BNB? Thanks bunches!!
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    I'm in the process of developing a luxury line of candles to go along with my traditional candle line. I know I am going with matte black and rose gold containers, and I would like to create matte black labels with gold lettering. I make my own labels for my other candles, but this is something I will need to get custom made. I've searched online, but I can't seem to find exactly what I'm looking for. Can anyone recommend a site that can make labels like the one shown in the picture. (I won't be doing anything embossed.) Jeremy
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    I have tried them with many different wicks--yet to find one that is the front runner, but the HT with most is pretty good! Premier is still in the running! Also trying HTP, CD, and ECO, among others.
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    I want so much to say that's a palm blend of some sort (maybe feather palm). Why? Some of my early palm-co92 blends looked exactly like that when poured into cold glass. I mean: exactly. Jump lines, lightly frosted sides, vibrant color. Did I post those blends somewhere public... where's my tin foil hat. Although, with the way the light is glowing through, that's probably a paraffin? It's also a little more creamy in appearance but has the same satin shine on the surface... Now, I want to know what is that wax! I don't mind the jump lines in those. Gives it a sort of birch bark woodsy look from a distance. The wildly off center wick, well, that's another story.
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    I have used those as well, very adorable.
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    Why thank you for this advice
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    I really like JS Banana Nut Bread. Have been using this one for years.
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    Regular sprinkles from the baking sections is what I use and they just sink to the bottom of the warmer once the wax is fully melted with no harm. I have also used craft glitter in the past but will no longer. Myself and many others feel the glitter ruins our warmers as it almost embeds itself into the hot bowl/plate (sitting on top). I have scrubbed it multiple times with no luck of getting that burnt look out. Some recommend the magic eraser so may try that. Glitter also tends to get very messy for some customers so I am going to just do away with it directly on wax.
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    you might want to try this with the gold mica
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    Toasted Marshmallow Grandma’s Cupboard Welcome Home Caramel Pretzel Bar Banana Walnut Cake Ugh.. I know there is a bunch more! I’ll check my notes when I go out to my shop!
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