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    It has been a VERY long time since I have had a site myself so I hope I get this explanation correct - When you have a website you can view in your website tools as noted above - that there was increased traffic to the site and if people came to your site from a link on another site you can follow that back to the link they came thru
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    I agree geodon99 many of us are in the business of selling candles...so really we are just discussing this particular business plan...Perhaps she knows something we don't know....and perhaps we could help her....who knows..but none of this is meant to bash or be mean spirited to this Etsy seller.
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    It is my hope that she WOULD find this site as she would learn so much helpful information. I wish her all the best, as I do for everyone on this board. There is no intention on my part to be mean spirited in any way. It would be great if she were here to tell us if there is a method to her system. I would be more than open to learning from her if that were the case. But nothing whatsoever is intentionally mean-spirited by me.
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    Candles and Supplies EASY BEADS COCONUT is the 83 from Accublend .. The coconut container wax contains soy, coconut and beeswax.
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    Thank you both! If I don't hear anything from her (it is the holiday season, after all), I'll try emailing her. No doubt she's got a lot going on right now.
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    I agree, but sooner or later you'll just have to jump in, make mistakes and learn from them. You can learn lots from the people on this forum but you will also see many different opinions and option upon option. It became overwhelming to me, so I just started doing it. Then I came back and reviewed what people had said and those posts were a little clearer each time. Imagine if you went to medical school and you graduated at the top of your class. Then you get your first job as a doctor somewhere. You might get to follow the experienced doctor who hired you, for a few days or so. The day finally comes when you have to see your first patient by yourself. To make matters worse, the older doctor has taken off work for the day. That would be scary. If I were in that position, I would go home from work that day as a complete nervous wreck. Stop right there! It just dawned on me. Every new job I ever had was just like that. Look at it that way, Jen. If you wait until "you're good and ready", that day will never come. On the job training is where people learn the most. Just don't throw away your textbooks.
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    This is why I'm not selling until I'm good and ready. I guess we're all learning.
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    That's right. It's the same type discussion I've experienced sitting at conference tables. It's just a little trickier in this type venue.
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    I flew past this part the first time I read it. Reading it again (12/26/18) I see that you have answered the question my initial post was meant to convey. I was concerned that perhaps I was buying my raw materials in either the wrong places or not buying at the right price. Now I am relieved.
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    If I seemed mean-spirited, I assure you that was not my intention. I apologize if my posts came off that way. When I started this topic, I was merely trying to find out and learn if I was the one that didn't know what was going on and if I was making stupid mistakes in the way I was buying or pricing. My only intent was market research. I should have been more specific in my initial post. As we all know, a person's "tone" often doesn't come through well in text messages or emails. That's probably why they invented emoticons like this one . If we were all sitting in the same room together, that probably wouldn't be a problem. I don't mean that as an excuse for myself. I often find myself reading between the lines of what others post, text and email. To be perfectly honest, I really don't understand what you mean when you say that, "This person is probably going to notice increased traffic coming from here". I don't THINK I'm stupid. I'm just not knowledgeable about what you are referring to. Please explain what that means and we can consider this another learning opportunity.
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    I am sure you can on the phone editor. But usually I have 10-15 (or more) pics I am cropping at one time. On the computer is easier (for me) and I can see if the pictures are OK on a larger screen. Usually there are a few that are blurry or off a little which is easier to see on my computer screen.
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    This person is probably going to notice increased traffic coming from here and while it may be a good learning experience for her to find this site, some of what is said here comes off mean-spirited. Maybe the direct links and identifying images should be removed?
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    If she even knows what a model is. I mentioned in an earlier reply to someone that I think she is using that tried and true Model: "We lose money on every transaction, but we make up for it in volume".
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    I can't imagine anyone can last with a business model like that.
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    W WELL then! I mean DECADES speaks for itself! Personally I would have probably said, "Oh, sorry... By the way... Did your mother SURVIVE the house fire or did she die some other way?" I can be REALLY NASTY when I see someone doing something INTENTIONALLY, (it's intentional after they've been warned) to jeopardize the safety of other people.
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    Everything is showing free shipping now on her page. Too bad you didn't make your purchase a couple weeks later.
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    I don't care what she does either. It's none of my business, just like you said. But I learn just as much from watching the failures as I do observing the successes.
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    Wonderful pictures Gail! Thank you for sharing! That is so wonderful that your family and your business are growing. The way you make and sell sounds a lot like the way I do it too, just enough to make some money to re-invest in supplies, but not too much to be stressful. I hope you share some thoughts on new scents you pour this year! Have a very merry holiday with your little angels!!
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    On the upside that might be one of those candles that is “too pretty to burn”.
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    Well there was such a feature. When I first bought the large size I also bought the plastic adjusters that can go on the ends to make them fit snug. They look like small clear flexible plastic ring fitments. They worked fantastic. Haven't seen those around so not sure if they are sold anymore. If I see them I will post a link. But I always thought it would be cool for someone to come up with a wick holder similar to these that you could adjust and could be easily locked/unlocked so that one size fits all. KWIM?
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    I wish someone would come out with a version that you could adjust to fit different sized containers---that would be awesome~~
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    I had these made for myself. I am ordering more now.
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    SKS - SKS Bottle & Packaging SB - Saffire Blue Soapmaking Supplies (Ontario, Canada) Salt Works San Francisco Herb Co. SOS - Save On Scents SP - Scent Perfique (UK) Scented Nest Scentsations 4 U Sheabutter Cottage (United Kingdom) The Simply Body Soap Net Soap Equipment.com SG - Soap Goods The Soap Kitchen (United Kingdom) Soap Making Resource Soap Supplies Soap Wizards Soapalooza Soaper's Choice Soapies - Soapies Supplies Soapmakers Store (United Kingdom) Southern Scentsations Southwest Candle Supply Starwest Botanicals Stephenson Personal Care Suds N' Stuff Inc. (British Columbia) Swan's Candles SC - Sweet Cakes SEOC - Sydney Essential Oil Co. (Australia based) Symphony Scents (used to be Scent Shack) TKB - TKB Trading Texas Candle Supply Texas Natural Supply The Candle Source Tyler Starrville VA Candle Supply Voyageur Soap and Candle (British Columbia) Wellington The Whit Meyer Company WCT - Wick Centering Tool (Page under construction) White Lotus Aromatics WF - Wholesale Fragrances WSP - Wholesale Supplies Plus Zenith Supplies SCENT REVIEW RESOURCES Fragrance Finder (Domain has not been renewed) Scent Forum Scent Review Forum This is an extension of what Sara started years ago with several additions, some subtractions and always room to add more. See something missing, let us know.
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    Sharing one anecdote, I have broken out from head to toe in hives from soap That had a questionable fragrance. That was not a fun experience. Now every time I come near that fragrance I break out in hives and begin to have a hard time breathing. Anaphylaxis is not something I look forward to.
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