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    I just had to share. I am not a large scale candle maker. I make small batches at a time, and sell to family, friends and through Facebook. Also have 2 wholesale accounts. I thought one had ended, but the guy finally called me yesterday wanting more candles. I told him I would have to get back with him a couple of weeks after Christmas, because yesterday, after my cousin came over to buy 10 candles, and I gave one for a gift, I had 14 candles left in my cabinet! I have never been that low! Some of those I have left are seasonal like Candy Corn and floral, although I have sold 2 or 3 floral candles this week. I should have stayed busy making more candles, but I had no idea so many customers would contact me out of the blue wanting candles in the past couple of weeks. Facebook has been a good venue for me to get new customers. Our town has a Brownsburg Chatter page and ever so often I advertise my candles and get new contacts. Several times, the customer has turned out to live in my own neighborhood and best of all, these ladies are becoming repeat customers! One more thing, to toot my own horn, I have been getting so many compliments on my candles. One customer even posted a picture of a candle she bought from me on our neighborhood Facebook page and raved about how good they are. Another customer compared them to a commercial candle, and said mine was so much better, hands down. The other one burned too high, even after trimming the wick and got soot on her ceiling. I know you all will understand how gratifying it is to make a product that people love, and how good it makes me feel when they post on Facebook, telling others they should buy my candles. I am anxious to get back to making candles, right after Christmas. Two ladies already have put orders in, plus the wholesale account. I had to quit making them for awhile, because of getting ready for Christmas and medical appointments, and having a new granddaughter born a week ago today! It is a very Happy Christmas time for our family and I hope each of you have a wonderful Christmas as well.
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    Since everyone else is wrapping presents and baking cookies, I'll chime in here Forrest. I think the same approach we've all adopted for our jars applies to tins too - don't expect a FMP on the first burn and yet you need a nice flame height with a good consumption rate. Maybe your NASA buddies could help figure this out: When I tested tins, I was always horrified to see how much the hot sides of the tin sped up burn rate. Clearly, metal conducts heat faster than glass and I almost always wicked down even though the container opening on my 16 oz. tins was larger than my 16 oz. jars.
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    Cngrats on having a good season! That is always a good reason to toot your horn! Your granddaughter is a keeper! She is beautiful and I'm glad you shared her pic. What a little doll baby!!! Merry Christmas back at you and your family!
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    Congrats Gail! on the sales but mostly on the Grand baby!! I think I'd be too busy snuggling to make candles.
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    Aside from the obvious ones like Pink Sugar & Cotton Candy, the following scents make me think pink when pouring ... Children's Room- NG smells like Love's Baby Soft Kissing & Telling NG VS Bombshell type Summer Scoop TFC strawberry ice cream Brown Sugar & Fig NG anything Peony, Sweet Pea & Plumeria ,I've also done pink/ mauve Lilac before as well. It's a nice break from purple I have a "Tinkerbell" lilac bush in my garden that gets beautiful mauve blooms every spring .
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    Ice Cream Parlor from Aztec. I always color that one pink. The Baby Soft dupe from RE, Child's Room. Rose Jam, although some versions discolor brown. The Endless Love dupe from Aztec. Which by the way smells amazing blended with Pink Sugar! Blonde Moment, which I dislike intensely, but it definitely smells pink to me. Pink is not my favoritest of colors, so I'll need to ponder it some more, lol.
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    Does the bottle indicate where the fill line is? you would fill to the fill line (if it doesn't indicate on the bottle, maybe the place of purchase can help) The fill line just be a bit below the neck so you can add a pump if need be. 8 fl oz of lotion will not necessarily (and most likely not) weigh 8 oz. Fl oz is volume where as oz is weight.
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    There are so many candles out there that are "made with love"- at this point someone could really set themselves apart by using the tagline "poured with indifference" 😏
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    Better yet I freeze my molds before pouring. The cold from the mold creates the most outstanding 'rustic' look. I never did anything else with the wax besides that.
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