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    Took a few pictures last Saturday of my Christmas market. I will be going back this Saturday too. I love these markets cause they make a lot of money for me for the holiday season.
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    That's an interesting idea. So the front is logo/image with contact/website/social media info and the back is the packing list for each order. Plus it would help them remember which scents they ordered from you in the past. Plus plus, 4x6 printing is in theory easy to do in Word. I like it.
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    And there is @MilosCandles with a unique and clever way to do things!! Thanks; great ideas!
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    I do have business cards but my use of them has greatly decreased. I now use 4x6 post cards WAY more, and with coupons and quantity it was about the basically the same price as business cards. I just got them from vista print. Like in the picture below I wanted to market my website more for ordering. This was the primary reason for getting them. I have them hanging off my display at shows. BUT what it quickly turned into was even more exciting. My daughter said... Dad can you print on the back of the post cards? I did not think I could, but I said lets try.. Well guess what, I was able to print in the back of them with my laser printer. I use to print an "Upcoming Show" list on little sheets of paper I would put in with the candles someone bought at shows. But now I print that on the back of the post card and give those out. I use to print a little Thank You for my online sales. Well that is now printed on the back of the post card I use to print gift messages out and put them in the box but now they are printed on the back of the post card. Total accident that it worked out, but I love them now.
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    Nice! Crap I forgot my twitter, FB, and Instagram!
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    I ordered some containers from dream vessels. They're quite nice, weighty and substantial and remind me a lot of a voluspa candle. Easy to wick 3" inner diameter. I'm burning this one at my desk right now.
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    Hello all! I decided to make some of my Christmas gifts this year and landed on making scented candles. I went to YouTube university and learned the basics. My first time was less than stellar- I had a great ct but absolutely no ht and I couldn’t find the right wick. Even with a disappointing result, I fell in love with candle making. I’m 100% dedicated to putting in the work and find a formula that works for me. Looking forward to this new adventure with this passionate and caring community!
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    What a great Idea to put a small carpet in front of your display Candybee...it makes you easy to find and visually your space appears larger. The whole display is wonderful! Do you do a lot of Christmas markets?
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    What is interesting about that, @MilosCandles, is they will keep a post card with info on it for a very long time. I would be inclined to print my online order packing list on the back to ensure it gets filed away and kept on hand for at least the current tax year.
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    I think because like me they thought this was the same thread already there
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    I think if you have a phone number you actually want customers calling then add it on there. I don't have that right now so it's not there. If I build up my business enough that I feel I should then I can change it later. This is why I only got a small number of cards for now.
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    Cotton candy? I made pink Magnolia candles. Also Pink Sands, tried to color those barely pink. Once I made pink Sugar & Spice (and everything nice) candles for my granddaughter's baby shower.
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    Ooh, so pretty, @Candybee! And ditto everything @Laura C said!
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    I don't have business cards yet, but the ones posted are nice. And I like the idea of a square business card.
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    I am testing for wicks right now (no fo or additives) and am not loving how it looks between burns. So far HTP looks promising, Premier might (if I wick up). CD burned way too hot, and the flame on the Eco is like a torch. This wax burns very slowly! I am 17 hours in with test burns and not much wax has been used up. Wondering how that will transfer to HT? Will make some testers w/ fo today, cure for 7-14 days, and then see how those fare.
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    I bought small square ones for the same reason. Here's mine:
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    They were a good 1/4 inch with a full melt pool. The 37 has some hang up but may catch up, we'll see.
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    Here's what I've come up with thus far: Front: Back:
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    I don't really think it would affect the throw, I could be wrong though! I've always figured it has more to do with adhesion, frosting, wet spots, surface texture, etc.
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    Do you believe that the temp at which you pour your wax affects hot throw? I know it affects look of tops, wet spots/adhesion, sinkholes, etc. I also know that the temp you add fo affects throw, but what about pour temp? Finding the right pour temp is making me crazy! Got it downpat for 464, but trying new waxes---C3 and C1---yikes! No two people recommend the same pour temps!
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    It is worth a shot. That wax does have a good hit of soy in it. Could also try cooling much more slowly on a warm surface. When I cool on my big melter candles seem to settle more evenly and shrink less.
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    It doesn't stink, actually. It hardly has any odor at all.
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    single wick, it's only a 3" diameter glass. I don't sell but I''ll give some as gifts. Nothing wrong with Voluspa prices They sell a lot of candles at their prices!
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    I wonder if this would work for smaller containers without leaving a line in the wax. Say, fill jars half way, cool, then finish filling. GoldieMN
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    In case no one has noticed, I love to bookmark links. Another one of my (harmless) addictions. LOL
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    I don't find using a cooling rack helps much. One thing I've started doing more recently is (especially in larger containers) pouring a small amount of wax to fill about an inch at the bottom. Once I notice it starting to cool and turn white, then I fill the container. That first "pour" sets the foundation for the rest of the wax to cool evenly. Ideally, you want the bottom to start cooling before the top. In my 14+ ounce containers, I don't run into issues using that technique. All in all, adds about a minute to the pouring process--not a bad tradeoff for even cooling!
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    Poured a few testers of C-1 today--poured much cooler than usual, at 105, and the wax was slushie. Tops look terrible--thinking I'll need to pour hotter next time. The photo with smoother top was after a few seconds with the heat gun, so at least it's fixable. Excited to burn and determine wick brand/size. Will keep you posted.
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