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    we all get asked all the time how long new chandlers should wait before hanging out their shingle as a new business. Often heated debates ensue which may end with hurt feelings or bruised egos. Sometimes it appears established candle businesses are just protecting their turf to deter competition. Often the advice is meant to help a new business learn the ropes before making potentially devastating mistakes. As proud chandlers, we strive to uphold high standards so our potential customer base continues to trust our hand made wares. There’s nothing like bad word of mouth to spook customers back to traditional retail. We have all made mistakes along the way. Watching someone follow the same potholed path is painful. Everyone means well. If you are thinking of starting a candle business, ask yourself a few questions to see how far you realistically need to go before you’re really ready. how do your candles compare to the competition? We all like to think we make candles that are “better” than uber popular XYZ brand, but how do we truly measure up? How do our candles stand out in a sea of other people’s wares who hope to sell the same thing? It’s no secret that many of us have tweaked and tweaked and tweaked some more since we started. When I look back to the early candles I often shake my head. If I knew then what I know now, oh boy. Can you quickly and safely reforumlate with supply changes? Not long ago the soy world was turned upside down. Many soy makers dropped out of the market simply because it seemed impossible to make a nice, safe candle with soy waxes that no longer worked. Many of us wax hopped, and hopped again until we found something that was ok. All of that time and testing cost real money, not just to make testers, but in lost sales. When you make a living from candles, that disruption could have been bankrupting. Can you easily identify and troubleshoot when something is wrong, and fix it? How many times have you discovered your wax suddenly develops cavities or sink holes as it cools? Or develops cracks as it cures? Or the wax case is super dry? Or just plain burns different from the last batch of wax? What if your new wicks don’t burn the same as those from another supplier? The more experience you have, the easier it will be to identify potentially expensive problems and fix them without breaking a sweat. How does your product age? Vegetable waxes are not stable forever. Most veg waxes are just hydrogenated vegetable oil like what you find in your pantry. It has a shelf life like shortening. How will a candle you make today look, smell and burn in a year? Paraffin is inert, but not necessarily perfect, especially with some additives. Does temperature and humidity change the candle. Some soy waxes “grow” with time. Some dry out. How does the wicking need change as the candle cures? How good are you at business? Does it even interest you? If you dislike math, well, I hate to break it to you, but you’ll need to like it a bit more. In order to become profitable you’ll need to calculate your total costs, taxes, licenses, insurance, booth rental fees, etc. and price accordingly so you don’t end up with moths in your wallet. Have a goal and then you can plan to get there. Do you have the guts to price your product for success? The one mistake we all make is to underprice. If we don’t factor in enough profit our cash flow will suffer. Cash flow is vital to business stability. Figure out what you need to make in a year to cover your costs, then work backward to calculate how many candles you will need to sell to cover that nut. For sake of easy math, if my insurance, business fees for my state, web site, labels, simple equipment, etc. in my first year was $3,000 I will need to sell how many candles to break even? Let’s say my candles sell for $10, with a cost of goods sold of $3 per candle. I need to sell 3,000 / $7 or 429 candles before I break even, assuming everything goes right. To make $1000 profit to pay myself, I need to sell another 143. At that profit, what am I making per hour? Would you like to learn more about calculating your cost of goods sold in a future article? Or about streamlining operations to make your valuable time earn more?
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    When I first started I made some shelves. They were good but did not hold enough product. Then I when with the wire grid. These were awesome held a ton a product and worked great BUT they are super heavy and took forever to setup. (Pic Below) Next weekend I have an outdoor show that is Sat and Sun BUT you need to tear down each night and setup the next day. I would never survive tearing down and setting up 2 days in a row with my current wire grid setup. It got me thinking how could I make my setup better.. Quicker to setup, lighter, and overall easier. This has been going through my head for months. Well I came up with a new design and built them the last few days. I made 3 of them that will fit on 6 ft Tables. One of those 3 can be made to fit on an 8ft table. So I have the ability to do a few different size setups. No tools required. This weekend they will be sanded and stained and a coat of poly. I am so excited to try. Ordered some new Vinyl signs to accommodate the new setup. I am still going to use some wire grids to face outward but far less than before.
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    They look great! I am assuming you made the risers with removable slats for easy set up and storage plus transport. I have wood risers with removable slats and love them. The only pain is putting in the very first slat, lining it up and fitting it in the stands. Once you get the first one in they are a snap to set up and easy to disassemble. They can hold a lot of product, look good doing it, plus they bring all your product to eye level and that helps to sell them better. When you get them finished and set up at their at your next show I hope you take some pics so we can see your new setup. I know I would love to see it. Here are a couple of pics of my wood table risers set up. 4
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    It is wood wick after all 😂 A 3 gallon Pail of scrap wax finally came in handy. Green, wet wood made a nice party bonfire.
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    I just had to share. I am not a large scale candle maker. I make small batches at a time, and sell to family, friends and through Facebook. Also have 2 wholesale accounts. I thought one had ended, but the guy finally called me yesterday wanting more candles. I told him I would have to get back with him a couple of weeks after Christmas, because yesterday, after my cousin came over to buy 10 candles, and I gave one for a gift, I had 14 candles left in my cabinet! I have never been that low! Some of those I have left are seasonal like Candy Corn and floral, although I have sold 2 or 3 floral candles this week. I should have stayed busy making more candles, but I had no idea so many customers would contact me out of the blue wanting candles in the past couple of weeks. Facebook has been a good venue for me to get new customers. Our town has a Brownsburg Chatter page and ever so often I advertise my candles and get new contacts. Several times, the customer has turned out to live in my own neighborhood and best of all, these ladies are becoming repeat customers! One more thing, to toot my own horn, I have been getting so many compliments on my candles. One customer even posted a picture of a candle she bought from me on our neighborhood Facebook page and raved about how good they are. Another customer compared them to a commercial candle, and said mine was so much better, hands down. The other one burned too high, even after trimming the wick and got soot on her ceiling. I know you all will understand how gratifying it is to make a product that people love, and how good it makes me feel when they post on Facebook, telling others they should buy my candles. I am anxious to get back to making candles, right after Christmas. Two ladies already have put orders in, plus the wholesale account. I had to quit making them for awhile, because of getting ready for Christmas and medical appointments, and having a new granddaughter born a week ago today! It is a very Happy Christmas time for our family and I hope each of you have a wonderful Christmas as well.
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    From the beginning of my candle making journey I believed that if I could understand the chemistry of scented candles it would all be easy. Well today I ran smack into the wall known as organic chemistry. In my college chemistry classes we always referred to organic chemistry as voodoo chemistry. What I do know is that your wax and the carrier oils for your aromatics are all molecular chains of hydrogen and carbon atoms, while your aromatic molecules are rings of hydrogen and carbon atoms. As for the bonding of these molecules in a candle I have no idea, but if I could understand the bonding I might be able to improve my process. Unfortunately I suspect the unknown additives in the wax has a lot to do with the bonding. Combine that with the hundred million other things that could be going on when you mix several hydrocarbons together and clearly I will never understand it. So I’m moving this one to my bucket of things I don’t know that I’m never going to know. Apparently understanding candle chemistry ranks right up there with understanding women.
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    Apparently I'm in a sprinkles mood today. They both smell so good...
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    I just made the switch to paperboard tubes lip balm instead of plastic!!!!!!
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    Funny you posted this. I have been watching my etsy site, my sales are way up from last year. The biggest thing I changed was my pictures. Last spring I bought a "photo Studio" on amazon and some wood like back drops. Then then to Michael's and bought some props. I spent like $200 total. Plus I had an empty bedroom. LOL I was making a new website (online store) for myself and decided I need to get some good pictures and needed specific ones for certain parts of my website. So with a little help from my girlfriend we started playing around. I needed something that as I added product I could easily reproduce to keep things consistent. Last 30 Day Stats compared to same time last year. I was paying for Ad's on Etsy but I am not any more. I was paying last year, not this year. Total Views Up 65% Visits Up 50% Orders Up 130% Revenue Up 134% The way I interpret those stats is that Yes more people as seeing my items, BUT WAY more are actually buying them. My descriptions really did not change, my titles did not change. Tags did get tweeked a little. I did raise my prices from last year. I always had good reviews. I have to attribute this to the new pictures. My old pics weren't bad, but far from good. Do a search on Etsy and I bet if you find good pictures they also have good amount of sales. FYI - This is my 4th Christmas Season on Etsy
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    I went to visit AFI the other day since they're about an hour from where I live. It was interesting so I thought I'd share. I've never been to an actual fragrance manufacturer so that was pretty cool. They have a lab with perfumers and chemists that formulate fragrances and can also duplicate other ones with a gas chromatograph. They have a sampling room with about 20,000 (!) different fragrances and they're all organized by category (ie--bergamot, vanilla, grapefruit, etc). Then within that category they have all sorts of fragrances with that primary scent. I asked about Rosemary Mint and she brought out two trays of just that scent--but they were all different. If you wanted to sample vanilla there are trays and trays and trays of those to choose from. I brought a fragrance blend that I make out of three fragrance oils. One of the FOs, Spiced Amber Ale was from Brambleberry, except they have stopped carrying it. They are going to make me a dupe of the final scent using the three FO samples I brought (0.5 oz of each) along with the ratios I used and a sample of the final product in a candle. You have to order 10# of the final product as a minimum but before you do that you can test and tweak the scent until it's correct. The duplication itself doesn't cost anything. They make one of the FOs that I was buying from another supplier so I know at least that one is good quality. They have dupes of lots of other fragrances too. It was really interesting and eye opening. If you use oils in bulk or want to split an order with someone, it's a great way to save money. For example, one oil I was paying $16 per pound (when buying 7 #) and their price was $13.60 for 10#. That might seem like a small difference but it adds up. Overall, a really interesting field trip and if you ever get a chance to visit a fragrance house, do it!
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    So after a 15 year hiatus, I wanted nothing more than to start up again. Well, my best advice is, don't quit your day job. After seeing 8 clients today (the snow yesterday forced everyone into wanting a session today). Trouble is, I ran into an old friend last week (The American Soy Guy) who owns a florist business who said, "I'm having a Valentine's Day gig - bring your stuff". Okay, so I'm in pretty good shape with 25 well-tested fragrances so I"ll bite. And also, he has his eye on a new building where there would be room for my retail rise from the ashes. Sweet. Do I have Valentine stuff ready to roll? Not really, but I can gimp. My name to fame which I have yet to post pics is that I use old fruit crate labels and unlicensed vintage stuff for my labels instead of my logo. That's what set me apart from the rest eons ago. I never liked "Yankee" screaming in my kitchen so I made or free-licensed awesome fruit or laxative labels ("Fig" the natural laxative!) So I use Word to lay out my designs, usually 12 per page. Go to the printer. They're awesome. "Yeah, I remember you." Cool. Print these up in color. I got the 2 year-old grandson with me which is more information than I can reasonably print here. Pour like crazy all last weekend. 120 jars of varying sizes because that's what the florist friend is looking for. Unfortunately, not all 25 scents are tested in all sizes, so the gimp continues. Enter stage left my new-found desire for eco-friendly lids. The kraft paper lids look awesome but only with kraft labels. Trouble is, I printed some on my own printer and the Professional Printer's kraft paper doesn't match. The kraft paper lids now look like Sunshine. The grandson is left to watch Netflix cartoons and eat grapes out of the refrigerator Saturday morning. All's well. More clients with serious demands on Monday. I'm pouring in between sessions out in the "candle shed" - a 20x20 that requires a gas mask. It leaves red marks on my face and my clients ask if I've been crying. Yes, sort of, but it's because I care. Fast forward to tonight at 10:30. Last client at 7:00. Topping off the last three fragrances. Cleaning another 100 jars like crazy and applying safety stickers. At 10:30 I realize I can't find the Victorian Valentine's day vintage post card labels I THOUGHT the printer had printed last week. Can't find the thumb drive I gave to the printer. Searching frantically through the car and all coat pockets. Now also looking for cigarettes. The ones I quit 10 months ago. I have no Valentine's labels for my very demanding, very gay, extremely creative friend who I promised a great mini candle-show. I also have secured two other small wholesale accounts I sold to years ago who I thought I could peddle new designs to tomorrow over coffee in the morning. This is not going to happen even though I rescheduled 4 difficult clients. Printed out the Valentine's day labels in black and white, cut them out, and taped them to the tops of the jars which I"ve packed up so when I get the color labels printed, I will know which fragrance gets which label. Also included are beautiful displays of fake red roses, silver dishes, some fancy potpourri . . . you get the picture. My plan is to hit the printer's as early as possible, beg and plead to get the color Valentine labels printed, cut out and applied to the candles, and set up my display at my florist friend's place, drive back to my house, see three clients, drive back to the florist's, see how the Valentine's day gig is going (a local winery who has advertised in both newspaper and radio will be there), and reschedule the other two wholesale account meetings. A hot mess I could not have orchestrated better myself. Hoping you all have a better day pending.
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    Maybe it's an intervention topic? "My friend is using FOs, and it's starting to take over his life..." Not sure we'd be much help with that. 😂
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    1. Do sales to my sister count? 2. Oh yeah! Lots. At least the part I remember. 3. I'd sell wholesale, partsale, anysale. 4. Well... I have a checking account. At least I did before I got in the candle "bidness". 5. Sometimes yes. Sometimes no. Depends on the day. 6. Does always PLANNING on doing them count? 7. YES! I do have an Etsy Shop. Nobody buys anything though. @MilosCandles is getting all the business. As far as Amazon, I mostly just send them money. 8. Should I count myself? 9. I don't even have a storeback. 10. Yes. I'm looking at a trash can full of them right now. 11. Mostly I just think about creating them. 12. I wish I hadn't taken my advice. No--- I don't do anything myself. The guy that works for me does all my testing (see answer 8). "Can a person really know all about this subject and expect to start up in a month or 2?" Hey, I did it. Right?
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    I thought about this topic for a while and I realized that the best throwing wax is that wax I got to make melts, you know, the wax you have to hit with a hammer to break off a piece. If I was going to throw some wax that would be the one. I've already thrown it on the garage floor a couple of times, and I keep a chunk of it on my bed side table in case I need to throw it at a bugler.Yes sir, if you want a wax for throwing, that is the one.
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    I got tired of the metal wick holders sliding everywhere so I had these made. More on order already. I was spending was too much time make sure the wicks were centered. This should save me tons of time and space since I can now put them right next to each other.
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    Here’s a short video of how I replace a wick assembly in a tin during burn testing. The advantage of this method over swapping untabbed wick is the stability the tab provides all the way to the end of the burn. Untabbed wicks tend to lean pretty early in a test candle, which forces flame far out of center. A leaning wick makes for an inaccurate wick test.
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    Crap happens in 3's. Your done now.. Everything will be back to normal.
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    I am not reading this post, I already have too many FOs. Just think of me as the see no evil monkey🙈
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    I thought it would be interesting in knowing how long it took you to get started in business selling candles or soap/bath items. I've posted a few questions here pertaining to this subject. 1. How long did it take you after realizing you wanted to make a business out of it to actually sell wholesale or retail? Was it a good choice for you? 2. You spend lots of dollars? 3. Do you sell wholesale? 4. How do you get your business meaning how do you secure accounts? 5. Is this a full time job or do it for the fun.? Do you have a job besides this? 6. Do you do craft shows? 7. Do you sell on Etsy or Amazon? 8. Do you have employees? 9. Do you have a storefront? 10. Do you print your own labels? 11. Where do you create your products ....in the kitchen or have a certain area area in your home or separate workshop? 12. What advice can you give to someone who wants to make a business out of this? Do you do all your own testings and what is the projected time you could tell someone they could be ready to sell? Can a person really know all about this subject and expect to start up in a month or 2? What are the pros and cons? Trappeur
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    I can't believe I'm doing this so early, but I haven't made anything in almost 6 months now, since well before our move. I listed all my equipment & supplies and will consider my notes to go with it all. I will, of course keep a case of wax and a Presto pot for myself but will not be selling when my stock is gone (only melts and warmers left). YIKES! it's scary in a way but I'm making way more $ selling vintage jewelry and I'm loving doing that even more than my zen candle time. I guess it's my next phase? Also keeping up on B & B and doing R&D for a company making CBD distillates so that may end up a full time job!
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    I rewrite descriptions on my web (with same scent notes, but some with humor, some with wit added and make the scent descriptions fun to read. I also rename 95% of the scents I use and trademark a lot of my names through USTPO. I cannot tell you how many customers are drawn to the names .... it's a conversation piece and then they want to smell and sniff test. It's an amazing marketing tool if you have imagination and creativity 😍 Cheers! CC
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    Took a few pictures last Saturday of my Christmas market. I will be going back this Saturday too. I love these markets cause they make a lot of money for me for the holiday season.
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    You're selling candles, but you don't know what you're doing? The first thing I would do is stop selling candles until I knew I had a tested product that I was fully confident about. These are candles, unlike most other crafts, they need to be taken seriously. It's an art and a science that deserves the time and patience to make a safe, enjoyable product.
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    Don't do it. Put the wax down and back away. Run while you can still afford running shoes.
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    First - Butterfly Kisses - scented with blend of green apple essence, bontanical orchard & nectar, pink lilac & willow, and a touch of peppermint. Second - Honey, I'm Home - scented with a blend of wild mountain honey, Vermont honey apple, and a touch of french vanilla to mellow it out. Third - no name yet - scented with a blend pink lemonade, sea island grapefruit and pink sugar. the base is a pink with a red swirl, but I saved out too much red for the topping so the top is almost all red - the red is the true red set from Mad Micas. Every time I use it I'm impressed...
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    I think we need to look at this from the other side of the coin. I doubt most retailers “cut” the fragrance, versus buy a less concentrated blend from the lab. Labs can mix FO to meet cost (and other) needs of the buyer. Minor technicality, but the way the industry seems to work. Imagine from the reseller’s side for a second, they would need to accurately mix in their carrier oil in either each bottle poured or mix one giant keg into another larger keg, blend perfectly and dispense. That takes time, money and has imminent risk. Aromahaven had a video up at one point showing how their workers dispense from the big metal kegs into pouring pitchers, then from pitchers into the 4 or so size bottles they sell. I can’t imagine they have the workers “cut” the FO since every worker would likely do it slightly different. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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    You could have a removable hang tag around the container. This could have your fragrance name and your messages to the customer as well. Then you could include a box or not depending on how much you want to spend on packaging. The hang tag is an affordable alternative that could add just the right look to your product.
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    Well delivered today another surprise Easter collection to a little country store account I have a couple miles from my hose and they loved them. As I was standing there a customer had 3 candles in her arms that she was buying. When she got to the front desk/checkout she saw the Easter collection that was just placed on the counter and bought 2 of them too..I feel so good to say that this customer said she comes to Georgia a few times a year and rents a cabin and always buys my candles as she said they burn so beautiful and she brings them back to her home in California. So she bought 5 candles and was thrilled. Here are pictures of this Easter collection. Had I thought quick enough I should have bought all the colored lids from Fillmore but I forgot to order them and had to do something else. The black lids which I use all the time and of which I have plenty of stock, well the black i didn't care for on these spring candles so I wound up using the 2 piece canning jar lids that come with the candles. They are the gold. So the jars are done with the gold lids and I put a gold stretch bow around the neck of the jars. Not bad looking....not my real choice but they are done and delivered. I did 4 scents: 1 in my blend of Pineapple Cilantro and marshmallow, another scent in Orange Cranberry Crumble, another scent in Monkey Farts and another one in Banana Nut Bread. Thanks for looking......................Trappeur THIS IS WHAT I SHOULD HAVE DONE THE CANDLES IN WITH THE COLORED LIDS BUT I FORGOT TO ORDER.. I BROUGHT THEM IN A BASKET FOR PRESENTATION BUT WOUND UP LEAVING THE BASKET THERE.
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    I thought I would share pictures of my Easter labels for my apple orchard account. Every year I make up a small limited collection of Easter candles for the displays that they make up in the orchard store. I use the pint canning jar for this account with yellow and green lids from Fillmore. So this small collection I did I did in assorted labels as shown. They really work real nice together. Thanks for looking! Trappeur This yellow label I'm just doing in Apple Cider Donut. For this pink label I did a blend of Lilac from Flaming and Vanilla Voodoo from Candle Cocoon. For this green label I did in Lemon Cheesecake and Coconut Caramel from Flaming. Boy if you haven't tried this Coconut Caramel, you need to! It's awesome! For this green label I did in Pineapple Marshmallow Peeps. Its a blend of Pineapple Cilantro from Flaming and one of my Marshmallows For this label I did 1 scent in Fresh Rain from Fillmore and then another scent called Daffodil which is a blend I do using Daffodil from Flaming and Fresh Cut Grass from Flaming. Is a great combo blend!
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    I started to ignore them online a good while ago and now in person if someone asks me rude questions like where do you get so and so I say something like "I have various sources for all my ingredients." if they persist I say "I grind the bones and under moonlight I pray to the Goddesses for good customers."
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    Hi Moonstar, Well, it sure is an on going battle and I have good days and bad, but I'm still alive and am determined I'm going to beat this. I'm so happy to have my happy pills. Trappeur PS: Thanks for asking.
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    If I were them I'd rebrand as "Peak Chaos" and just use the drama as a marketing angle. "We may or may not be here tomorrow- Order now! Use promo code #impermanence" at checkout for free freight"
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    It's kind of sad to say, but candle making isn't holding my interest as much as it once was. As soon as I started sculpting my own candles, well, I just kept sculpting! Here's a small sample of what I've been up to. Also, for the record, the pipes are just the canvases for some of these pieces. They are not meant to be smoked from, and I warn people before they buy that if I ever see one has been smoked from I'll smack them! Also also, the last one is still a work in progress, but it's really close! Enjoy!
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    Should I tell the long version, or the short version. Hmmmm. The long version. My daughter found a listing on Facebook Marketplace for 12 oz Libbey Status jars with flat lids. $10 a dozen or best offer. So I messaged the seller and told him I wanted to buy 15 dozen cases. I asked him if he would take $125 since he said best offer and he agreed on that price. So we met yesterday and he said he just went ahead and gave me 18 dozen jars since the lids come 6 dozen to a case and he didn't want to break up a case and count out 3 dozen lids. I gave him an extra $5.00 for the 3 extra cases, even though he said I didn't have to. So I brought the jars home and my daughter pulled one out of the box, and it was so small! The jars weren't 12 ounces; they were 8 ounces. I was so disappointed. I was looking for some 12 oz jars to replace some 12 oz jars I couldn't get anymore. I called the man and told him I had responded to an ad that listed 12 oz Libbey Jars. He said he couldn't believe he had done that. Very apologetic. I thought he just brought me the wrong jars, but he didn't even have any 12 oz jars. I was trying to figure out what to do, I really didn't want any more 8 ounce jars since I used 8 ounce jelly jars for my country line of candles. But I told the guy I would keep them if he would refund me $30. So we met again and he gave me a refund. I got 18 dozen jars for $100.00! That is 46 cents a jar! Just to see how good of a deal I got, I went to Candlewic and put in 18 dozen Libbey jars. Total with shipping and tax would have been $592.00! I decided I will use these more elegant jars for "elegant" scents like Lemon Verbena and Aloe & White Lilac and French Lavender & Honey. Not scents like Apple Pie and Cinnamon. I just had to share with you all who would understand and appreciate the awesome deal I got even if they weren't 12 ounces.
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    Since I'm debuting melts in a tin, this will be a new product for my apple orchard account and I came across a tabletop easel in an 8x10 size that Zazzle makes along with my labels and I thought this would look nice sitting on top of the shelf unit where the melts would be. I thought it would be a good marketing strategy and wanted to get opinions on what I designed. Trappeur
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    Thought I would share a few pictures of some Valentines Day Candles I made for my apple orchard account. Just made a couple for a display they usually set up in the front of the store for holidays. So I did misc. jars and even did some Strawberry Champagne ones in a 2 wine glasses I had.. Since the jars were left overs I'm going to offer at a special low price to get rid of them. Thanks for looking. Trappeur......
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    I have a friend in downtown Blue Ridge who has had this restaurant for years there and he has been bringing me wonderful care packages of food for me to help me out and he came the other day for a visit and as we were visiting he was looking at all the candles I had been making and asked if I would make up a line of candles for him. Of course yes so I just ordered my labels that he hasn't even seen yet and am working on his order now. It was such a hard decision to come up with what scents that I think he would love but I did. He loves all baking scents. Here is a picture of his label. Also this man is a man after my own heart. Everyday you will find him about 7:30 in the morning and 5:00 at night out in the parking lot feeding all the homeless cats that live in the woods on the side of Food Lion. You should see this. When he pulls into the parking lot, all the 20 odd cats creep out of the woods and they will all be lined up on the side of the parking lot waiting for this man to come with food. And you can actually see that these many cats know exactly when he is arriving as they know his car. So he goes into Food Lion every morning and night and spends 30.00 each time and buys only "Fancy Feast" as that is what they are used to. So he spends $420.00 a week just for Fancy Feast. If you take a walk over to the area in the woods you will also see all these little cat houses that someone from the Humane Society made for him and this guy donates the houses for the homeless cats. Also every time a new cat appears Warren either spends money out of his own pocket to get all the cats fixed or there is a woman who helps out at the Humane Society who will come out, trap any feral cat and she takes them to a vet to be fixed all free of charge. As a matter of fact the 2 kittens that I rescued this summer Warren came out to my house 2 weeks ago and picked up my 2 kittens and had them spayed for me. Even though they are not feral any more, he did for me, just because he knew I needed the help. They are now back safe and sound. I named them Orphan (the adopted one who had a broken tail in many places and only 1/2 a tail. I named them "Orphan and Annie"....lol Trappeur Trappeur..... Here is my label...I hope he likes.....well he will Warren said all the money he makes off of each candle will go to food and healthcare.
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    When reading reviews, I am always skeptical. I look for a general consensus about performance, quality, value, etc. I never put much stock in any single review. Most people who post reviews do not have the understanding or experience to know how to make a really excellent candle. Except one time a read a review on CS from some @bfroberts person, and I was like "Shoooo, that girl knows her sh*t!". 😆
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    Wow, boy did I get an awesome throw within 10 minutes in 464 using Fillmores French Vanilla! Very Impressive and almost immediately did I find how super this vanilla did especially with all these dang problems in throw on 464. I made a 2 wick - 2 cd 5's in the new containers I bought from Candles & Supplies with the brass lids....love love love it and can't believe it. The French Vanilla was very nice....was not a super rich deep vanilla but well enough to add to my line. Now I'm going to maybe add some VV to test if I can make a little more richer....if not, this will be my new go to vanilla. Just thought I would tell all! I'm a very happy camper! Here are a few pictures of my new jar which is stunning! I already have a restaurant in town who is going to carry these jars and ordered them. Trappeur
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    Pip, why do you feel you need to go up to 10%oil? Just because the manufacturer says the wax can hold up to 10% oil, does not mean it is the right thing to do. If you can't figure out your wick sizing now doesn't mean you won't if you keep at it and continue testing. This takes time and patience. Sooting and smoking is from over wicked candles and even to much oil clogs the wicks. If you continue keep it at 6% which most of us use. I wouldn't go over 7 maybe 7.5 percent oil to a pound of wax. Your asking for trouble going over that amount and certainly I believe 10% is off the charts myself. If you can't progress from there I would ditch that oil and move on......How long did these candles cure???That's important. You need to give your candle a fighting chance to perform and rushing is certainly not going to help. Frustration is part of the game here too. You say you like the htp's. I still use them at times. And they do curl, but the further down you burn them, the wax will catch up and clean the side walls. Do you test burn all the way to the very end? I'm thinking not and you give up way too soon, otherwise you would see how the wax does catch up. We've all been there, done that. Too much frustration? Walk away and come back tomorrow and start over. 6006 is a very popular wax that so many use. Search 6006 here and you will find tons of info. Another bit of advice is don't jump around and give up on that wax and start looking for another wax when you haven't given this wax a fighting chance. Over the course of the many years on this forum, I see so many do it all the time. I get frustrated watching so many do this and I don't even use that wax. Learn how your wax performs and get to know the wax inside and out. have KWIM? Good luck! Trappeur
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    Tonight is the 1st night in at least the 6-8 weeks that I have ALL orders made (as of this minute) . It has been an exhausting season and it is hard to believe Christmas is less than a week away. Having this small business is great but I miss so much of the season. I work my 9-5 job during the day and then come home go in the basement every night, and usually spend most of the weekends here also. I know any orders I get tomorrow (Wed) can still make it in the mail (by thursday) and in time for xmas. So I know I will have a few more last minute orders. I try to accommodate all last minute shoppers. The 1st year I did this I needed to shut down my etsy store just a few days into December. I was not even close to prepared for the number of orders I was going to get. Which is about a days work this year. This was my 4th xmas season, and I thought last year was crazy. My sales increased WAY more that I could imagine and I generally kept my head above water for the most part. I do enjoy the rush I get seeing the number of sales coming in though. LOL BUT I am looking forward to getting back to somewhat of a normal life. And it being OK to take a few nights away from the basement and going to bed before midnight.
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    I ordered some containers from dream vessels. They're quite nice, weighty and substantial and remind me a lot of a voluspa candle. Easy to wick 3" inner diameter. I'm burning this one at my desk right now.
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    There are so many candles out there that are "made with love"- at this point someone could really set themselves apart by using the tagline "poured with indifference" 😏
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    There are just so many variables - every situation is different in regards to what each of us uses - the wax or wax/blend, wicking, jar size and shape, environmental issue, etc etc etc - that is why what works for me might not work for you That being said, I was told by someone many years ago that if any FO was not strong enough for me at 6% then just forget it and move on to one of the other FOs that are out there - and there are a million others that are out there! - plus there is the economics of it - that $15 bottle used at 6% is a $30 bottle at 12% - I think you find some knock-your-socks-off higher end FOs might actually be cheaper because you use less
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    I just wanted to let any patchouli lovers out there know the patchouli FO from Community Candles is right on the money for a dark, thick patchouli EO. This is OOB, in the wax, and burning. It's the best I've found by far. You have to wick it up but it doesn't drown flames.
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    Let it cure for an extra month and that should solve the problem
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    One thing I used to do when I did shows is I bought a pretty little guest book /comment book that I had sitting on the table for people to sign in and leave their comments on. Actually in my guest book I made columns like this: Name/Address/Email Address/comments Every time someone would stop by at my booth, I would tell them to sign my guest register and I would send pictures and any pertinent info to them as I had their email address. You would be surprized at how just about everyone would gladly sign in and leave all their beautiful comments. I got a lot of business and could followup to them with just their email. This is just a suggestion. Trappeur
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    I was on a crafting site a few weeks ago (I cannot for the life of me remember what it was) and I was searching for information about sink holes and how to avoid them. I've been making candles for about 4 years so I'm getting the hang of this and I'm always reading threads here- I've learned a lot over the years about pouring temps, etc. Now this may be something ya'll already know, but the tip I read that has changed my life is that if you are using a jar that changes shape at the top, stop your pour before you get to that narrowing. I have added 8 oz square masons to my lineup just for seasonal scents (I only use 9 and 16 oz amber straight sided jars--keeps my life as simple as possible!) and I was read to pull my hair out due to sink holes on every candle, every pour. It was driving me insane. After I read the tip I mentioned, I stopped pouring right where the flared square part of the jar narrows to the neck. Voila. No more sink holes. I can tell when I've poured just a bit too far because I will get a sink hole; easy to fix with the heat gun as soon as I see it. It sure beats fixing every dang one of them.
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