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    I rarely get any sort of acceptable throw in any soy in my containers with cd wicks. Started long ago with 464 and cd wicks and wondered for years why - without overwicking - the candles did not throw. πŸ™ƒ tried as recently as a year ago with the messed up 464, 415 and 444 and found it had gotten even worse. in C3 cd under perform, as C3 is a bit harder to burn than 464. The cd produce a flame that melts the wax without the ability to draw enough wax up through the wick to keep the melt pool in check. That makes for deep melt pools and leaning wicks. In more technical terms, the rate of consumption (ROC) is out of balance. Eco have been performing very well in my C3 lots this year. Unscented in 3” diameter tins an eco12-14 will usually do the job. I find with scent C3 needs to be wicked down 1-4 sizes depending on the fragrance. Meaning for a few fragrances eco6 does a great job. The majority do well with eco8 or eco 10. A few outliers need eco12 or very very rarely eco14. The higher ones like my sweet Amber, cider, or frankincense and myrrh always need a major wick up to burn. Campfire scents could easily get to eco16 as they chemically change the wick and make it nearly impossible to burn. The only way to know is to test each FO from start to finish in your containers. Like all soy, C3 lots vary somewhat in moisture content, which can change the burn. Aging the fresh cases helps level the requirements. You can actually feel if the flakes are too fresh as they feel damp and oily. If you dislike the look of C3 after a burn, universal soy additive can help, but you will need to adjust wicking accordingly. I found USA to diminish HT as it needs an even hotter wick than a reasonable rate of consumption could keep up with in my containers. hth.
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    Wax into pot, turn it on*, put the lid on (optional), and give it a stir once in a while. *Be very careful with the temperature dial. Those pots can easily reach temperatures high enough to scorch the wax or worse, and even though the temperature needed for the wax isn't labeled on the dial (it isn't on mine), you can still reach it. I haven't used mine in a while but I think it was somewhere between the A and R in "warm".
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    I think you're wax just hasn't been hot enough for the oil to blend with it. You're using a great wax combo. I would add FO at 185-190, especially for heavy oils and vanilla's. That's just my opinion. Hope that helps!
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    I have just finished gathering what I need to make my first candles. I decided to go with a presto pot. From what I read it seemed easier. Now, I'm going to ask a stupid question, do I just put my soy flakes in the pot and melt them? I don't add anything? I know I can add color and fragrance to the wax later, but I just mean when I start the melting process in the beginning. Flakes in pot, pot gets hot, melts wax? That simple?
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    Greetings all! My name is Ashley and I live in Minnesota. I am married and have 7 wonderful kids (all with 4 legs). My love is named Rupert and he was born as a special needs pup, had a feeding tube placed at 6 months old, and will be 5 in Dec. He is the love of my life - just ask my husband πŸ˜‚. I work from home so making candles is perfect for me! My candle making journey began about 10 years ago with a starter paraffin kit from Peak. Everything I made from that kit was pure HEAVEN! However, life happened and candle making was lost....until about a month ago. I got back into things and bought a variety of soy wax, different wicks, FOs, and dye chips. I have made about 50 8 oz tins thus far (none that I am happy with). I AM DETERMINED to get the candle I want! I will go into detail on that later in another thread. I am excited to be here and have read a lot before joining today. Please Please Please take it easy on me because I am sure I am making a ton of mistakes. Happy to be here! πŸ•―οΈβ€οΈ
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    I'm so excited that I couldn't keep from sharing my joy over the birthday present my husband gave me last week. He presented me with the design for a 14' X 20' addition on our home that he's having built and it will be for my candle making studio!! I'm beside myself!!! We went to the local restaurant supply and ordered several stainless prep tables and a few baker's racks with trays for storing candles while they're curing. I'm retiring in January from my sales job and going full time with my candle business and I need more space than our kitchen can provide. I'll most likely never come close to replacing my current income but we have worked hard to pay off our mortgage and be debt free so that I can pursue something that I love. If anyone is interested I will post photos of the progress of the construction---they break ground this week.
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    Okay, so I finally got around to posting my wax figures after painting their eyeballs, etc. I found this paint that is actually made in Germany that is made of wax, and it does have the shiny finish I was going for. I found it on Amazon. The Smiley and Alien really came alive, huh? Nope, I'm sure no artist, but I just haaad to give them the whimsy they deserved
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    Yes another .99 sale ,seems it is not going to end here lately. I will get the Pumpkin spice for sure . I also have Spooky Punch in my cart ,lol along with wayyyy to many others . I definitely want to try their BD cake ,so many comment on how great this scent is . I will make my final 20 selections this evening ,sale goes until Sept 18th . I just cannot resist this sale ,being they are in Tx I should have already tried LS oils .πŸ˜‰
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    I always loved LS Hawaiian breeze, not even sure if they still make it. Hollyberry, carmel apple, sleighbells was good too. I believe they did discontinue that one ☹️
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    I'm a beginner too, just a little over a year. Looks like you've figured out a lot of things much sooner than I did. I thought, until maybe 3 or 4 weeks ago, that the dye could be added anytime during the melt. My thinking was "Hey, it's only dye. As long as it gets melted and well mixed with the wax, then the sooner I add it the better." Then the folks on the forum here informed me that I was doing it the wrong way. They probably told me much earlier and I just wasn't paying attention. Now @Jcandleattic has raised another question in my mind. Another learning opportunity! When I've read "presto pot" on this forum (Presto is actually a brand name) I assumed it was being used here as a generic term that also included things like my 55 gallon melter. The melter takes forever to get to whatever temperature I'm trying to reach. The only way I've been able to get to my desired temp is by putting the lid on. If I take the lid off, the temperature drops like a rock and then it's like starting all over again. Maybe someone can clear up my misunderstanding on this too. @Jcandleattic you're needed back at the office.
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    What another sale?...ugh. I haven't purchased directly from lonestar before, but I got some pumpkin pie spice from another chandler and I really like it.
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    Yep! It is silicone! 😊 My mom gave it to me. It's so stinking cute I love it lol.
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    Oh yeah! It was definitely the temperature and how fast it was cooling. I *wanted* to add the fragrance higher, but it was such a small amount of wax that it cooled so quickly before I could even add the fragrance. I'm doing it in my double boiler now so I can keep the temperature up while I add the fragrance. I also added a bit more fragrance lol just to see what happened. I made some blueberry cheesecake ones yesterday, and my husband decided to test them after like 3hrs and they filled my whole house. 😍
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    Well if I had to pick one today I would pick Community Candle because their FOs tend to be stronger and they are such nice people; however my hit rate is better with Nature's Garden, but I'm certain my favorite is one I haven't tried yet so I must try the all.
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    Thanks, they are too much fun to unmold and make them "come alive", heehee. My Kingman customers will love the whimsy of them! They also buy a lot of incense and oils from me. Haven't been melting any wax since we got back to Lake Havasu, temps were topping out at 113 degrees, and finally "cooling" a little to about 105 degrees. Can't wait for cooler nights so I can melt wax! I've got skull, pumpkin and cactus molds I'm dyin' to play with!
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    Oh wow, and that's the thanks you get for trying to help the guy. That's really a shame.
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    Are you testing trimming lengths for candles that will be sold? I ask because, IMO, most non-savvy users aren't going to trim to 1/8 and most trimmers that I've seen trim closer to 1/4 (maybe a hair longer). The addition of FO may soften the wax further, so it might be worth anticipating that.
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    Your Smiley Face and Alien Head look really good and fun.
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    I placed a small sample order of eight 1-ounce bottles, which I figured would fit in a small flat rate, and their system accepted it as such, so I'll see what happens! In placing the order, I read some of the reviews for a handful of scents, so I can share a little of that here for what it's worth! Since I use soy wax, I noted comments in regard to throw in soy. Apple-Cinnamon, Pine, and Cinnamon Stick all had a good reviews for use with soy wax. I normally blend my scents and these three would be good candidates for additions to some blends I'm working on. The other ones I ordered were Indian Sandalwood, Sandalwood Ginger Apple, Nag Champa (for my sandalwood-lover friend, I'll see how these work out), Mistletoe, and Red Hot Cinnamon. This should help me start to round out some of what I've got going, and if they work, then I know it's safe to order them in the future. Thanks @Darbla for posting about this offer!
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    Ah, ok, clearly my reading comprehension failed me there! Sorry for the confusion! The old wheel did look great though. 😁
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    I've been doing this for too many years to even remember at my age, but this is really hard to say. If you mean just the business portion, that's different. But if you're talking supplies included, really hard because some of us will have started minimal and some dove in and bought a ton right away. I'm responding based on cost to start the business alone, no supplies.
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    I'll bet Amazon has a ten foot long griddle! They have everything.
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    Another little update in case anyone is interested. I made a batch of melts in my metal pouring pot over a double-boiler to keep everything nice and hot, since it was a small batch again. I also moved my wax burner into my bedroom. My living room is connected to my kitchen and it's a really big open room. Put a wax melt on there from about 36hrs ago and shut the bedroom door (it's the second largest room in my house). Opened the door a little later and could smell the wax melt from the far opposite corner of the room.
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    I haven’t ordered from Lone Star in ages. But I love a good sale! Any recommendations out there?
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    Okay! I can see the sales banner now! It looks like they use Small Flat Rate as well as the regional boxes ... this craft board is a bad influence on me.
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    Yeah it's 100% paraffin, even my distributor said I should only need a 24hr cure. Here I'll post a picture so you can see what I found. These are completely hardened and solid, but you can see liquid. That is all fragrance that did not get mixed into any of the rest of my wax.
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    I havent Had any issues since i have Switched beads to the PlasticPellets4Fun! They are great! Has anyone else baked any?
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    Hi M,Send me your address PM . You will have a sample of Bella waiting in your mailbox soon . Yes it is very similar to lush Sex Bomb with just the right amount of difference kwim. If you like S bomb , you will adore Bella . I can get this in the mail heading your way today . Have a fun time at Disney , I hear this theme park has a wonderful aroma lol .I have seen melts called Disney in the past ,cannot imagine what Disney would actually smell like kwim lol sounds interesting to me . My grand daughter went to Disney while at camp during the summer ,she had a wonderful experience . She also visited a theme park called Rose Gardens ,think that's the name. Fun time! Be safe! ,Blessings Kat I have a sample of Bella sitting here with your name on it πŸ˜‰
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    The Lavender Sage is very herbal. I wasn't a fan at first but customers loved it and it has grown on me. Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake is nice, I can't remember right off if it's super creamy smelling or not. (I'm at work and can't go check). Fall Festival is one that I've smelled a bunch of times from different vendors under any generic fall themed name. It's cinnamony and spicy, yada, yada. It's nice and I love those types of fragrances, but nothing groundbreaking.
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    Yes Pumpkin Cupcake is good. I just got the Pumpkin Sugared Donut from FB and it smells wonderful OOB.
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    You are truly welcome! I've got a skull mold I'm going to pour later tonight, lol! I got a pumpkin and skull for the upcoming Halloween season, I have to devise my own "pumpkin orange" and had to wait for the white dye chips to arrive for the skull, as I wanted a pure white skull. Maybe I'll make a few, and give one of them red eyeballs?
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    It really does come out super glossy! Here’s another of the raccoon I just pulled last night! More of that wonderful 141, a few drops of ivory dye, and a nice Redwood & Cedar FO. I think I’ll light him tomorrow night!
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    Yep! 😁 Just keep an eye on it, especially if it's a small amount, they can overheat if you're not careful. Enjoy!
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