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    I think once I use up all the stock on this I'll cry. It's not a favorite of mine, but it is for our customers. I don't know that anyone has one, and at some point, I should probably look. When I think of an old house I think of some of the old massive supports or tattered and faded wallpapers, so I have a method I use that I guess is called a crumble press, which allows for a mosaic, old/rustic look. It's unforgiving though and requires a lot of pressure to get the air out and sometimes holes and slight cracks happen.
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    Finally got this made, but can never stick with a solid design that I like. Was going for branches in green and got too much sun on the top perhaps. Ignore the background though. These still need to go through a background erase.
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    This show is more like the first one you described. Its basically buyers looking to purchase your product by the case. This particular show doesnt require as many as 5 years wholesale experience though. I think the price for a 10x10 booth was around $1200 for the weekend. Im not quite ready to step into wholesale yet, I was more interested in just poking around and seeing whats there
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    My need for the gooseberry is much....nerdier. Lol. There is a book and video game series called The Witcher. One of my favorites of all time. The main love interest, a sorceress, is said to always smell of Lilac & Gooseberries. <3 So I really wanted to make some sugar scrubs, lotions, soaps, etc. all based around her and scented with that. I am beyond excited.
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    lol, lol....I've been making "lots" of them! They are just the cutest jars. They are one of the nicest jars to ever wick too. Unfortunately, no lids for them.....Here is a picture. Trappeur
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