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    Keystone bought out Peaks FO's. You can still get it here. https://keystonecandlesupplies.com/products/pink-sugar-peak
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    The very first candle supplies I bought were from Northstar Candle company. (No idea how I ended up choosing them first...they long ago fell by the wayside as one of my suppliers. ) The instructions I received from them for making soy candles said to wait 12 hours before burning the candle. I went by that for a few years, until I started reading about cure time here and there. Here are the instructions that are still on Millcreek's website: We like to let our soy candles cure for a few days for maximum scent throw, but it's hard to wait that long! Don't be afraid to burn your candles the next day. I do let my candles cure for at least a week now though, and sometimes longer.
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    You're exactly right. I made some Japanese Cherry Blossom soap that I just loved and so did others. Put the same oil in wax, and could hardly give the candles away. I did finally sell a few. I didn't care for the fragrance in a candle either. I'm not sure about Nantucket Garden in wax. I will probably try it. I'm not a floral fan, but I like the scent a lot.
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    I have found that all candle waxes benefit from a nice cure. The waxes harden over time at different rates. Burn of a candle after 2 days (even various paraffins I have used) are different than if the candle ages a bit. It is hard as heck to wait!!!! Coconut wax has other waxes in the blend. Plain coconut oil is just too soft alone to use as a sole candle wax. We have found two, possibly three coconut waxes and without reading all contain at least a little soy. One possibly all have minute amounts of paraffin. eta: covering helps keep debris and dust out. And helps to not let the volatile fragrance notes escape from the top most layer of wax. I usually just turn them upside down if I don’t have a lid. The CT of a covered candle is always stronger than uncovered.
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    Thanks Gail! I would think the orange clove would be the stronger of the 2. I'm going to try them out because they are calling me, lol.
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    @Candybee @Jcandleattic have you ever visited the Point of Interest blog? Here's a query just for conditioners: http://swiftcraftymonkey.blogspot.com/search?q=Conditioner susan goes into the types and reasons behind ingredients, and provides formulations for different hair types. Once you understand the ingredients whipping up hair care products is simple.
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    I can't imagine selling without insurance. Not worth the risk. Crazy stuff in my eyes.
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    I don't understand how people are not afraid of losing everything in this litigious society. People will sue over EVERYTHING. Even when I took my 2.5 year break, I kept my insurance because I had been selling for about 9 years prior to that, and I was afraid I still had product out there, and even though *I* knew it was a safe product is used correctly, I also know how people are and I didn't want to get caught with my pants down so to speak..
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    Actually, cetearyl is blended at a higher rate in the 25, not cetyl. Cetearyl can be different ratios of cetyl and stearyl fatty alcohols. btms and btms 50 without other conditioning agents ( like cetyl among others) fry my hair. It took a while to stop the breakage from leaving handfuls of hair in the shower floor.
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    Crazy isn't it? to get into bigger and better venues you really need to show proof of insurance, and name the additional insured. It is simply a cost of doing business.
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    Trappeur posted a thread about this a day or so go. You might search for it. It's a very recent post. Updated: Here is a copy of this link: http://www.craftserver.com/topic/111519-blending-464-and-4630/?do=findComment&comment=1050214
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    Wow! I guess since NG has over 800 fragrances, it's easy to see why none of our lists overlap though. I didn't realize that most of my FO's from NG were spring/summer scents until someone else asked for recommendations and I had hardly any fall scents to recommend. I've bought 46 FO's from them. A few I didn't care for or were just meh, but I've been well satisfied over all. One of my best sellers is Eucalyptus & Spearmint, and some customers can't get enough of Tinsel. Neither are really my type of scent. I mostly make soy candles and melts with GW444, but I used the Nantucket Garden in lotion bars and I and those I gave them to thought they smelled lovely. Our 'smellers' are so different. I made some Christmas candles from Candlewic's White Mulberry Ceder, and my grandson and I really like it. Better than the Christmas tree fragrances I've had to me. But reviews are mixed. Last night my niece said she got a whiff of baby vomit when she smelled it!
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    Candy, I have really frizzy hair too, and I use a silicone serum on it every day, which really helps. Now, mine is also super thick, so I use dimethicone and coconut oil mixed with a little cyclomethicone, but if my hair was fine I'd try something like: 75% cyclomethicone 23% dimethicone 2% fractionated coconut oil I put mine in a fine spray bottle, lightly mist my palms and run them through my dry hair. Now, if you really want to go down the rabbit hole, I could share my style-prep anti-frizz serum recipe using a load of conditioning ingredients from Making Cosmetics. πŸ˜‰ I love playing with hair products! Lol
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    Ok thanks..I think I will pass on Mary Jane And welcome Cheryl Ann...
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    I'm ordering Christmas Tree now from Fillmore! Ooh, and so trying Gingerbread Latte, thank you for that!
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    I have a similar problem in my den. I solved it by using two smaller candles in different locations.
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    Yay! I just placed my order on your site for 6lbs Tonic, 3lbs Provence & a pound of Black Vetyver Cafe (never tried this one, but it sounds nice). Thanks again for hosting this co-op, Shannon! I know this is a lot of work, but I'm grateful you're willing to do it!
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    Not sure if I can participate now. UGH Being on such a strict budget until both vehicles are paid off is infuriating.
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    Welcome boho chick! Glad to see you found us all here, it's a great community and lots of fun
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    πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£ this made me spit out my coffee Mary Jane ......nastiest FO ever- I used peaks years ago and couldn't get the smell out of my house and it was horrible had a lot of explaining to do to my kids as they were younger then your better off lighting up a real one and skipping the candle 🀣🀣
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    Speaking of Bohemian.....I ordered a pound of Bohemian Christmas from Community Candle and made up a bunch of candles. Scent is very nice. Description is mulling spices and fresh fir. The name is what got me...very different so I tried it. I wasn't looking for any pine scent as I have all I need, but you know how it goes....It just said pick me, pick me....so I did. Has a good throw in 464 also. Trappeur
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    I've placed my order. Thank you for doing this.
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    If you ever want to try it and order, just don't order it from RE.....it's the nastiest, foulest smelling scent I have ever smelled. Doesn't even smell like pot, besides. Trappeur
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    Speaking of the over 60 club...we all come from the Hippie age group?? and I have noticed a FO oil available at some suppliers in the US..Mary Jane, Pot, whatever you want to call it...not able to find it in Canada.. Has anybody used this FO for sale, and if so, what's the reaction, and does it really smell like Pot??? Maybe not the right thread...but just curious.
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    Oh I like that! I'm going to start calling myself the Boho chick!!!
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    I know all my soaps are looking the same but I know what I need to change now. Ed Hardy cut
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    Hi Cheryl Ann....yep, you're from the south all right. I have an Aunt Betty Jean, and cousins Eva Kay and Verna Jean, just to name a few. I'm a Hoosier born and raised, but my folks came from Kentucky where every other person goes by 2 names. I started making candles at the young age of 58 as a hobby, never dreaming what my 'hobby' would evolve into, mostly thanks to Facebook. I can be a senior member of your club as I am 66 now....but I've never been a hippie, at heart or otherwise. I'm so glad I found this forum way back in 2009 when I first ventured into the art of candle/soap making.
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    Welcome to the forum and the 60+ group of hippies (boho chicks we're called now, lol). You'll have fun here.
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    Welcome Cheryl Ann! I am in the almost 60 crowd (58), lol...
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    Does the US gov't start paying you when you reach 65? I am now on the Cdn Government payout lol... In Canada they keep raising the child benefit....but not the Pension... I'm trying to talk my wife into having some more kids to take the monetary advantage!! lol.. Oh god no!!
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    Welcome to Craft Server! We should start a club for those of us who are in our 60's! I just turned 65 but still think I am in my 30s. My body says otherwise! LOL Your story about soap and candles reminded me I started out making candles and now I am focusing on soap as the main core of my biz. I still make candles but only during the fall/holiday season so I have some now.
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    Welcome Cheryl Ann....love that you are a "hippie at heart"!
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    Nice to meet you Cheryl Ann and welcome. There are a few others here on the forum who are not that far from you. I'm not that far from you over in Cherry Log, Georgia. Ashville is a gorgeous old town. What town are you in? Trappeur
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