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    Thanks so much for the tips Trapper! I haven't had much time to think about decor for the booth lately just making sure that I have a good amount of each scent available right now. I have sold at least one candle each month which I think is pretty good. I have added the most recent photo I have of my booth, I sold all 3 of the red jars ( black raspberry and vanilla scent) in the first month or so, they sold right around mothersday.But the sandalwood vanilla hobnail candles have not sold I think I'm going to paint the jars a different color and rename it - maybe driftwood? Something more beachy. I also started to dye my candles and sold 3 of the pink ones which were raspberry sangria ( only made 5- this was after mother's day too). I still need to work on my signage ? but so far I guess its a good sign that my candles pretty much have been able to sell themselves. Still working on it, maybe the fall will yeld more time for decor and signs. - Brigit
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    Actually what you said makes perfect sense and you are right. People think that tunneling candle is using to small of wick when that is not usually the case. A wick that is to large will burn up the wax faster and some times so fast it can not create a wax pool that is usually when you obvious tunneling. To small a wick will usually drown out in the wax pool it creates.
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    This is a list of scent that member have found that throw in soy. This does not mean all of these will throw or that there are not many more that will. If you would like to add to this list please PM me with the supplier and the list of FO that have worked for you. I will try to get this in a better format soon but it is a start. Big thank you to all that listed the FO that work for you Aroma Haven Amish Quilt Avalanche Christmas Bliss Country Christmas Flannel Sheets Interlude Mandarin Twist(Chermark formulation) Pink Sugar Pumpkin Pie Spice Sex on the Beach Strawberry Winter Wonderland Alabaster Amish Harvest Bird of Paradise Birthday Cake Blueberry Pie Grapefruit Mulled Cider Pomegranate Blackberry Rain Tangerine Dreams Bluegrass Baby Powder Coconut Mango Lavender in Bloom Oatmeal Raisin Cookies Peanut Butter Cup BNL (will now be sold at BCN - hopefully these will) Apple Jack & Peel Blueberry Verbena Cranberry Fig Eucalyptus & Spearmint Lavender Basil Persimmon Spice Spiced Vanilla Warm Vanilla Sugar BCN Angel (Mugler type) Blueberry Muffin Baby Powder Butt Naked Cherry Cobbler China Rain Christmas Tree Cinnamon Bun Cinnamon Stick Cool Water Country berry hotcakes Coconut cream pie Creme Brulee Cucumber Melon Daffodil Fields Special Enchanted Vanilla Frost Bite Gardenia Gift Basket (their TM) Ginger Snap Grandma's Kitchen Home Sweet Home type Honey Coco Mango Hot cocoa Hot Fudge Brownie Hyacinth Jack Frost(BNL) Key Lime Pie Leather Lemon Pucker Lime Leaf and Lily Love Spell type Oak Moss oatmeal milk & honey Ocean Mist Olive Blossom Northwoods Christmas nutty taffy apple Magnolia pecan pie Peppermint Picnic in the Park pink sugar pina colada Pineapple Cilantro Pineapple blossom Pomegranate Pumpkin pie special( closeout) Raspberries-n-cream Rosemary Mint Smoke & Odor Eliminator Spiced Cranberry Strawberry Cheesecake Strawberry Jam Storm Watch type Sugar Cookie Sweet Pea(BNL) Tidal Wave (their TM) Twigs & Berries Vanilla Velvet verbena berry Victorian Rose Voodoo Love water blossom ivy Wildberry Zinger Tea BCS Caramel Apple coconut lime Country Clothesline cranberry crumble creme brulee Gulf Tides holiday wassail homespun sugar Irish Cream lemon pound cake Mulberry Mulled Cider pumpkin cheesecake red velvet cake sissie's sugar cookies Southern Magnolia Strawberry Shortcake Warm Vanilla Sugar Type whipped cream