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    I'm going to throw another pumpkin out there--I love AH's Butternut Pumpkin. It's a sweet pumpkin with plenty of spice and a little something extra. For Halloween I love NG's Tricks or Treats. It is quite sweet. If you remember Candle Science's Spiced Wassail, it is smells very similar. Strong throw too!
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    Leah-- I think someone else also gave the Butternut Pumpkin a good review and reco. Jack be nimble? I think. Anyway, its sounds good. I may have to try that one too but only if its body safe. My FOs have to do double duty; candles and soap. Isn't AH the one that has about a dozen pumpkin scents??!
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    Try pouring at 185 to 190 degrees and monitor the temp from your pour pot. You should get a bit of pull away at the wick, which can be fixed with a heat gun. Those look like a combination of jump lines and loss of adhesion. Weird that they occur identically. HTH Steve
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    Below is a label that I created for my nephew using PicMonkey. I believe it was Puma52 who originally posted a thread about this photo editing software. My nephew is a USMC dog handler and specifically requested a candle with specific colors, specific wick, using this specific picture of him and his dog - and in my family - a Marine gets what a Marine wants Any suggestions on how to enhance it? It was originally done on a clear label, which would look great on a white candle, but no so good on a colored candle :/ FYI - the flame appears larger than it actually was......
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    Beautiful label, beautiful tribute! Thank you nephew for your service.
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    I suggested using the rack to allow air to circulate around and under the jars. You want to try to keep the whole jar and its contents at the same temp as the wax cools. One of the reasons I don't use heavy bottom jars is because the top and bottom tend to cool the wax at different temps in the jar creating uneven looking wax. Its one of the things I am thinking may be contributing to wax lines. If you can figure out a way to keep the wax at the bottom the same temp as the wax at the top of the candle you may solve your problem. The other idea is that the lines may be pour lines. In which case you need to practice pouring the wax into the jar with a steady smooth pour trying to avoid any jerking.
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    I've been using C3 for a few years and love using Premier's and CDN's. I would stick with the Pre 790 and for heavier fo's try 793. With CDN's I use CDN 16 and 18.
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    Ok Im going to assume that jar is give or take about 3" tall? I have 2 jars that are 3 1/2" wide and the wicks I use in c3 are the following: Either 1 htp 1212 or 1 cd 22 or 2 cd 5 (double wicked) I'm sure others will come here and put up their findings, but this is what I use for that wax. Trappeur
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    Thanks to everyone for the well wishes! I wish we all could get together and have a big ole candle making party!
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    Well, After 15 years, I have a water jacketed melter. I have wanted one of these for a long time. This thing is a wonderful workhorse. I got it from WaxMelters. My back will no longer give me fits while trying to get my 4786 wax into the small pieces to make it fit into the presto melter. This melter will melt 5 whole slabs of wax at a time as you can see in the pic. I love this melter, but I have also loved my presto melters for all the years of work they have done to help my business. The prestos will now be used for making tart melts and small pours. I am still pinching myself.
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