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    Since getting into this addictive craft (sport? endeavour? past time?) there are a few phrases I have uttered that I can honestly say had never issued forth from my mouth before in my life. A few examples of things I never said before candles: "This is stupid wax." I have never had a reason before now to utter such a collection of words. "This wick sucks." Again, not a sentence I had ever uttered before now. "Well, that's a crappy melt pool." I am surprised that I even know what a melt pool is let alone use it in a sentence or know when one is crappy. "Darn those annoying sink holes!" Again, this is something you should say on the edge of a swamp, not in your kitchen. Some things are happening too that have never happened before. Like Hub comes in from a long day at work, opens the liquor cabinet to pour himself a shot of something stiff and ...where have all the shot glasses gone? I don't know. But look at these adorable itty, bitty container candles, don't you just love them? Here's an empty paper cup that I had coffee in last week, drink up.
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    ...you read the word "wicked" (2 syllables, as in EVIL) as "wicked" (1 syllable, as in SELECTED A WICK FOR A PARTICULAR CANDLE). *sigh*
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    Oh the youtube vids. I try to stay away, but sometimes I get sucked into one lunacy after another, and then I come away with my mind blown. People are STUPID. I'm insecure about my candles. Always have been. When they are great I worry that people won't like them because some youtuber said they should be hotter than the fires of hell in 6.3 minutes flat....you know, to get that full melt pool STAT. But on the other hand, I see so much product that is so poorly made in so many ways. I scratch my head and wonder how people can be happy with that. Yet they are. It's the only place I know of that leaves me feeling completely inadequate and vastly superior at the same time.
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    When in the store with someone, while browsing the candles and making comments in low tones about "wet spots", which are overheard by another shopper, who makes an odd face before moving along.
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    Enablers. You are all enablers. I shall slink off to cry by myself, with a bottle of wine, and a lit candle. But first, yes, I must smell them all, to find the one that best goes with the wine....
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    So... you're saying having lots of candles around is a problem? *Laughs nervously*
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    Okay so i had a wax haul pop up on my youtube and ever since then i started watching a few others. Great way to get more customers for sure. As im watching these videos from one site in particular i really cant believe that people would rush to purchase. The candles are over filled. The person in the video was warning people that when they burned to place wax pzper underneath because the wax will run out of the containers and onto your surface.. In another video the lady purchased a loaf and it was wrapped in plastic wrap but the wrap was soaked with oil and it had started soaking into box. PEOPLE LOVE THIS MESS. OMG I JUST CAN'T. It looks like that particular person was squirting fo over the finished product. Idk but geesh i wouldnt want wax flowing down the container onto my furniture or counters and i sure wouldnt want oil all over everything.. Has anyone else ever seen the hauls on you tube? ??
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    I am seriously out of control. Seriously. I have candles. So many candles. Yeah, I like candles, but at what point do you have enough candles? I think I passed that 60 candles ago. I can't get a grip on myself! This is the conversation that is running through my head: "Hmm, I like vanilla mixed with peach, but what will happen when I mix it with cinnamon? (makes candles). Not that great. Try another blend. (makes more candles) Yeah, these are excellent, I need to put these in my personal stash. Just for me. But what about Christmas and birthdays and other gift giving occasions? I won't want to deplete my personal stash for that. Better make more, you know, for just in case. (makes more candles). I have lots of sweet scents and that's fine, I like sweet. BUt what about friends who don't like sweet and want something more aromatic? (makes more candles)......" Good lord. When friends drop over I never let them leave without taking some candles with them. They always gasp as I set the box full of candles on the table for them to sniff and choose. I smile, as if this is all the fruits of my labours that I am generously sharing. No! No! It's a lie! I have, off in a corner, a MASSIVE paper bag stacked to the top with votives and they're mine MINE! My preciousesssss... Help me!
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    Or sentences I never thought my husband would be saying to total strangers....daily..... "My wife has ruined my sense of smell."
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    Do you have kids? Grandkids? It's hilarious when they start uttering candle related phrases. While watching one of my giant candle bowls candles burn the other day, my 11 year old son tells me, "mom, I think this one has too many wicks, the melt pool is really big." He was right. 😢 And my high schooler came home the other day and asked me "mom, are my tarts done curing yet?". She is bringing in some Palm tarts for her Spanish teacher. πŸ˜† Sadly I can't get anyone to play along when I start talking about pouring temperature, jar adhesion, and melting points. I guess there's a limit, lol.
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    I'm so enjoying this conversation! πŸ˜„ My family has a lake house up in NJ, and my candles have begun making the trip up with me. I tell my family I'm "testing" them, but really they're the ones that didn't quite pass muster but I can't bear to chuck. Sometimes I "forget" to bring them back home with me, so now the lake house has half-burned candles in pretty much every room. And that doesn't even count the ones I bring up specifically for gifts! I do the same thing with soap, everyone in my circle is squeaky clean and fragrant. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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    Oh gosh, I feel you. I have a problem with containers. I'm always picking up containers that I think would make a great candle. Slap a wick in it and BAM...I gotta new candle. But I never burn them because I'm always testing a bunch of something and I don't have time to burn for pleasure. And for regular stuff, I'm always making up cases at the time, more than I can sell. So I stockpile them with the intentions of gifting them. Then when it is time to gift, I get stingy. I sniff something I'd forgotten about and think, "Oh this is nice. I'll keep it for myself." Again, at a far greater rate than I can actually burn them. So, I get it. I'm there too. Did I mention I have a container problem? On top of the candle problem, I have a hoarding problem when it comes to containers. I have at least 4 cases of the purple Ball jars that I got super cheap, and I thought they would be great for spring. Two springs have come and gone and I haven't poured a single one, because I hate to get rid of the pretty jars. (And that is just one container type that I'm currently hoarding. I won't mention the others.) Then I started making containers because I was going to sell a handmade candle in a handmade container, but I'm unhealthily attached to the containers I make and haven't sold a single one. I've poured some..... for me..... See problem above.
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    I think you've come to the wrong place for help with that particular problem.
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    When I was a teenager a tart wasn't something that you melted so it would smell good
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    My candles have candles.😩
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    Imagine this. You go to an automobile dealer to buy a brand new, straight from the factory car. Then the salesman says, "Just remember. When you get it home, always remember to put a piece of cardboard or a tarp underneath the engine to catch the oil and other fluids as they leak to the floor."
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    As in, "Why do they have a musical called "Wicked" ?? Is it about making candles?
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    Guilty, guilty, guilty! Of all the things confessed here! I have cases of candles that I made to sell or give away, but for whatever reason I've kept them. I have multiple candles in various states of burn on all the mantles in my house. The dining room buffet has candles. The ledge between the kitchen and study has candles. The bar has candles. Bedrooms, bathrooms, the basement rec room, there are so many candles! I often look at the jars with a few inches of wax left and think, "That should just go on the melter to be done with it", but yet, there they sit; mocking me. I too have jars and containers that I bought to "put a candle in someday". Fragrance oils are multiplying and no matter how many times I tell myself to "use what you have before you buy more", I am but a weak mortal with a PayPal account and no self control. It seems we are all in a bit of a pickle.
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    Both of these are KETO approved, so I'm finally in the right place!
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    Totally agree with the advice to get adventurous with the blending. Sometimes I'll throw half a dozen samples and bits of leftover FO together like BAM! Emeril style! And get something awesome. Sometimes it's horrible, but who cares, I wasn't going to use them anyway! I've also found some great ways to use up FOs that smell good but didn't make the cut in candles: Mix with Vodka or 50/50 water and grain alcohol for a quickie room spray Mix with baking soda for a carpet deodorizer or hard surface scrub Mix with Borax for a scented laundry detergent booster Mix with unscented laundry detergent for a custom scent Put a few drops on a cotton ball for the bottom of trash cans Create a new addiction by learning how to make soap and/or lotions πŸ˜‚ Some fragrances are just horrible, and if I have less than an ounce I just trash them. Yes, it's money in the trash, but really truly is anyone else going to want them? Not worth the hassle. I have found that for me, personally, the 8oz size is a nice graduation from the 1oz sample. With most suppliers, it's a reasonable per ounce price, and I know I won't have a ton of it to use up if it doesn't sell or I change my mind about liking it. 8oz is plenty of fragrance to experiment with, without a huge commitment. Sometimes I will jump to the full pound if it's a great deal, or I know for a fact that I am going to be using a ton of it right away. But my production is very small-scale, so for me it's worth it to pay a little more for the smaller size and save on space. Plus I run out faster so I have a great excuse to order new oils! 😁
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    that's how I feel about my obsession with FO's atm. SMH. Family not quite sharing the ...er... enthusiasm. Must. smell. all the things!!!
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    I to have candles everywhere. I have 6 in my bathroom alone...... i used to mix and make, now i just blend a bit of oil and put it in my warmer, if i dont like it then its an easy toss.
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    I think Victoria is his Mother.
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    After Christmas I decided to take the good advice that was being offered and do some serious wick testing. Perhaps I went a little overboard because I now have a massive wick collection, most of which will never get used. Along the way I still fed my FO addition by giving it a few sample sizes now and then. But as my testing was winding down, my search for new FOs was, as we say at NASA, reaching escape velocity. I’ve slammed on the brakes now until I can get organized, but losing control of my FO addition has left me with an overabundance of sample size FOs. To put it simply I lack the ability to make more than two candles in any one scent. My storage space is beyond maxed out, so something has to give, it is time for me to start buying larger bottles of FOs and I have a considerable list of them to buy. What do you do with all the sample size FOs that you don’t use? If I take up any more space with candle making my wife will divorce me, and I’m rather fond of her.
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    As far as YouTube, I prefer the old Driver's Education crash films that they showed us in high school to try and make us barf. Those are quite mild compared to today's prime time TV shows.