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  2. It's been a couple weeks now and I'm very happy to report that "off" note is gone. (side comment: WSP L de Lolita Lempicka is a great vanilla sandalwood) I have a blackberry vanilla musk that has a play-doh note already in the bottle so I'm going to try it like this and see if that also is something that mellows out. If it does I would enjoy that for perfume the rest of this Summer.
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  4. Different fragrances can affect candle wax differently. How hot the candle burns then cools with different wicks can affect afterburn. It’s part of the process of learning different waxes and wicks.
  5. Keystone candles supplies and Candlewic are both in Pennsylvania. Keystone candle supplies has free shipping when you spend $49 or more. Keystone has amazing Peak fragrances. Candlewick has a bunch of great fragrances and two that I really love are baking cupcakes and Jack Frost. Hopefully you might be close to both of those or one of those places.
  6. Candlescience and The Flaming Candle both offer starter kits. Starter kits are a great way to get started.
  7. I use (and love) zinc wicks and they are notorious for "shrooming" even under the best conditions and especially with heavy fragrance oil (loads). There have been a few times over the last 16 years of candlemaking that the "shrooms" were pretty much non existing but I still trim to remove the burnt part. It's second nature to me.
  8. To those using zinc wicks, do you guys have candles that will pass a completely untrimmed test burn? Or are you having to (and hoping your customers will too) trim your wicks after every burn?
  9. AM and burned for 2 hours today at 2 pmSounds like a better plan than mine. The thing is I made an identical one with Rose fo and it looked fine after blow out. Set hrd. This may just hve to much fo?
  10. lovelyscents

    Adding fo

    I know what you mean, trust me lol
  11. Did you still try using it to see if the bubbles truly affected your throw? Maybe your lot had moisture in the batch?
  12. Not exactly sure what caused all this..but a 24hr cure on 464 is no where near long enough for the wax to be fully hardened. The golden rule of thumb for this type soy wax is a MINIMUM of 2 weeks for a cure, then start your testing. If you want to, make two testers and burn one at the 1-week mark, the other at the 2-week mark.
  13. This is an 8 oz tin I poured yesterday AM Wax is 464 5 oz Heated to 185 Added .50 Tulips fo from Southest candle Wick CD 18 Stirred 2 minutes Poured 135 Burned for 2 hours today at 2 pm to 4 pm and then blew out Flame was good, steady no flicker etc and MP was very good even had a little scent This is mush... What happened?????
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  15. I have sold melts and mic on ebay for years and what you said makes sense. I've never purchased from tht site but I'm ure the packaging is very nice from the seller but tht is the reason for the higher cost too.
  16. I believe (can easily be wrong) Etsy is generally more boutique feeling portal than eBay. I shop etsy for gifts things more so than for supplies. I expect to pay higher prices on etsy generally. On Etsy I also expect cute packaging and a personal touch, like it is a special little gift. Of course there are plenty of resellers of things that do not exemplify that AT ALL. Just my personal experience and opinion. when I’m shopping Supplies and common commodity items, eBay is where I look for bargain pricing. I don’t expect cute packaging or posh of any kind. Quick and dirty shopping and shipping. amazon falls in the middle somewhere.
  17. So just about the same as Ebay at 10% on a sale and if shipping 10% So what is the Etsy advantage I wonder. It dioe look more Posh
  18. Etsy fees Off the top of my head: $ 0.20 per listing 5% commission 3% +$0.35 transaction fee on sale and shipping if payment is processed by etsy 12%-15% additional if the sale came from an ad click.
  19. Etsy VS Ebay I want to see what the difference is in Cost for Esty Vs Ebay. Just looking at Etsy a little confusing. I have been selling on Ebay for some time and my invoices keep going up, any opinions or input would be appreciated.
  20. Both of those waxes change a lot in the first couple of weeks. Give them plenty of cure time. In my shop I notice a change in wick requirement of sometimes several sizes between a couple of days and a couple of weeks.
  21. This one doesn't contain alcohol. I haven't tried this but they have fantastic products. https://essentialsbycatalina.com/purefresh-advanced-odor-neutralizer-fabric-room-spray-base
  22. Im sorry if this question has been answered before but i couldnt find anything in search. So my question is what should i use to add fragrance to Palm stearin powder without melting it. I dont have a lot of it to try different ingredients. im afraid alcohol would melt the powder and i would end up with a big chunk of stearin instead of nice scented powder.
  23. I'm testing both right now. Have the baseline wick for both and pored with fo tonight. A few days will tell. used Fo Lavender Fields in C-3 and Roses and another in tulips in 464 They have reat CT right now aftersetting for a few hours.
  24. Where do you guys get air freshener base to make linen and fabric spray that doesn't contain alcohol? Like water based. I see a lot of bases, but most say don't ship via air. I want one that's safe all the way around. Ideas?
  25. PayPal is good, but (at least when I was looking) does not have all of the money saving shipping configuration. Seems like most of the free services have very similar rates. All are better than over the counter ❤️
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