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  2. Are you still happy with your new paper tubes? Just curious, thanks!
  3. It’s not a hassle at all. I put about one inch of water with a trivet. Put my pouring pot in and “presto” melted wax, now dries with spigot or cleaning pot or debris from the coating coming off of presto. This was my idea after my nice expensive pot with spigot immediately starting having problems with coating coming off. i have different wax formulas, so it’s very easy to be melting different blends this way.
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  5. I guess that helps testing different waxes. But I will never do double boiling. Way too much hassle. I only need one wax and it goes directly into the Presto pot.
  6. Thank goodness I read this. (along with the rest of the post and all posts concerning the Presto. I bought a Presto before even buying wax). I had read somewhere where a candle maker said they had one for every fragrance. But I read this before starting.
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  8. As long as possible. For anything with soy a week or two is very different from a day.
  9. Awh, I see what you mean. That's a good point but I have never used them.
  10. I would rather it be slightly under-wicked with some hang up and burn safely than great melt pool and smoking like a chimney. I have heard good things about LX and zincs in this wax, but htp seemed to be the most highly recommended so I decided to try these. How long do you cure before just testing wicks?
  11. I have ordered bottles for reed diffusers from them and am very pleased. I really like the look of their calypso jars and have some questions about them and jars in general. I saw someone say they used them, but was doing a search about waxes, so not sure how long ago that was. Ive been testing in a salsa jar and just finished burning one. I don’t like how the curved bottom combined with the wick tab left so much wax in the jar. Is this standard? Would customers feel ripped off? It it looks like the calypso has a curved bottom. If you have used this jar can you confirm how much is left Unburned.
  12. The wax burns down and then out. The hotter the wick the deeper the MP, and the sooner the wick is going to fall over and extinguish itself. You can slow that by wicking cooler, but you may not get a clean burn. Either way, I could never use HTP's in those tins for that reason. Also, they will burn a little differently after they've cured a bit longer. One day isn't ideal. If you are inclined to try other wicks, zinc, LX and paper core all work great in 4630 IMO.
  13. They seem to be doing really well, but I have a sneaking suspicion that with any FO other than maybe something really heavy they would be too big for the straight paraffin. It seems pretty good in the blend though, which makes sense as soy tends to need a little more oomph. I'm going to start the wood wick testing and I think with fragrance I will might try the htp93's. @Sarah S how big are the 10oz jars? Is the width similar to the 8oz? With how these 104s are burning I just can't imagine going as small as 73! We'll see though.
  14. I'm a little surprised the 104s are burning well, although the flame does look a smidge big. I'm currently testing CBL 125 in 10oz tins, with HTP 73 and 83. Both are doing well, but I have a feeling the 73 will win out with it's tidy flame and shallower MP.
  15. Yes I definitely am not a fan so far of the lean that I have read so much about with htp's. I don't think there's any real way to remedy that. It doesn't help that it's only exacerbated by my inability to actually center wicks. 😂 I decided to test wood wicks too, but I'm super nervous because I have only ever gotten flaming infernos with them. Though this is a new container and new wax as well (albeit similar). Almost to the end of my second 3-hr burn with the 104s... Though from the midpoint. No sooting or smoke. The melt pool does go all the way to the bottom. Not sure if that's a good thing? It would make the throw really great if it had fragrance lol! And the flames aren't too crazy. A little flickering but no smoke.
  16. What TT said. I tried exactly what you did once with the same results, my wicks fell over. Now I use TT's Wickectomy method. Looking at your pictures I see that same problem I have with HTP wicks, they lean in one direction and form an uneven melt pool, other than that issue I love them. If you look in the Wax and Wicks Test section I did a test with 6006 and 12 different wicks. I mention this because 6006 and 4630 tend to be similar in their wicking needs. The LX 14 & 16 results are anomalies, I'm currently doing a test in 8oz tins and getting better results.
  17. It’s taken this long for me to see the writing on the wall as far as my wax choices! The last few days Ive been burning candles from February. These are Flamings Pro Blend 600 wax which is just about 50/50 soy and paraffin. Both ct and ht are fantastic! Pineapple cilantro, which is on the strong side anyway and Asian sandlewood which is lighter generally but strong in this wax. I also have Asian sandlewood in my coconut wax blend which has barely no scent at all. I feel I’ve given coconut wax and soy a fair try but now I’d like to use straight paraffin and some paraffin blends. 🌸
  18. Look for my post about a Wickectomy. It will let you do this test with a tabbed wick very easily. Basically I use an Apple corer to make a hole enough for the tab to fit in then thread the wick through it. edited to add, 24 hours old is probably not enough time to get a good reading.
  19. Thank you both so much for your input!! As always, very insightful. I meant to reply to this sooner, but I had some mega speed bumps hahaha. First, my wicks fell over. I was wondering if that would happen, and it did. So I probably would not recommend this method for such short, wide containers. Would probably work better with taller containers. Unfortunately, I didn't notice this until the wax had cooled enough to partially solidify over the wicks, so I had to dig them out. This of course meant they were destroyed and taking the heat gun just eliminated my melt pools so that kind of made the testing pointless lol. So I decided to remelt them and repour to start over, this time with wicks in tabs firmly attached to the bottom lol. But then my 2yo got ahold of one while it was cooling spilling it everywhere. 😂 Oh my goodness lol. I finally got them fixed up and lit them with 104s again just to see. I burned them just shy of 3hrs. They look pretty under-wicked, but I actually don't think they are. I assume that with fragrance it will actually burn hotter because it seems to fuel the wick. I definitely do want to test them from the top. After going through everything I really really felt like it would've just been better to go from the top like you said @TallTayl. @Forrest I did notice a little bit of flickering and a few puffs of smoke from the 4630 one, so I could definitely see it being over-wicked later in the burn. It wasn't anything too crazy, but I could see it getting worse. You can see the flame was a bit bigger. The blend seemed pretty good for the whole burn though.
  20. I think an HTP 104 might be a bit large for the 4630, I think an HTP 93 should be about right.
  21. Have you ever noticed that most of the time scary articles are written by someone trying to sell us something? Anyway, thought I’d share this gem. bought it at Aldi (a chain grocery store) a few months ago for about $6. Lit it, and it was severely under wicked. The melt pool was smaller than a tea light and it was nearly self extinguishing within an hour. Stuck an HTP 83 in it. I power burn so just lit and let go. Never trimmed it. The melt pool was roughly the size of a votive through the entire first 2/3 of the large candle.. resisted the urge to wick up and am really glad I did. It smells so strong and clean every burn. Never any soot. Scent wafts into several rooms easily. The thick hang up wept into the melt pool, meaning every single burn was as pure and strongly scented as the last. I’m in the last inch or so now, and the sides are cleaning up very well. I suspect I’ll get at least 30 - 40 more hours with it. I wish like heck I knew what wax this is. It was made in India, so no clue what it could possibly be. Paraffin of some variety. It was hard enough to pop out of the glass when I bought it and re-wicked. Not squishy like 4627 or 4630. Not translucent and hard (or dirty) like 4786. Just a perfect candle wax in every way. I would switch in a hot second if I knew what it was.
  22. Excellent that you’re hitting your stride testing. one thing I noticed is that the half way mark testing did not work well for any of my waxes 😢. I thought it was the magic bullet to hit that magical point of no return. The problem I found was that the top half definitely impacts wicking of the second half. Wicking fo the bottom left me underwicked many times as it does not account for the hang up in the top. Test these, then compare another set with a full pour. On 8 oz tins I generally get 6-6.1 oz of soy wax blends, plus 8% fragrance (.45 oz) in each to the line which is roughly 1/2” from the rim. 6.5 oz net weight).
  23. Hobby Lobby carries the 6" pins for the 4" molds and the small ones for votives. I was told that they no longer make the other pins. If you have access to a drill press you will never need a wick pin again. Or if you know some one handy maybe you can get them to make you this
  24. My DS has told me that I am no longer allowed to talk to you. .............. I have just emptied out three carts from vendors and about to order approx. 3/4s of their line of FOs....... Hi. My name is Kathryn. I am a fragrance ho. LOL Mamabear, I thank you for pointing me in the direction of Nature's Fragrance. My son however said ugly things as he walked off mumbling under his breath .............. LMAO !
  25. Thanks-this just reminded me that crafter’s choice at WSP was a version I tried long ago and really liked. Will buy it again!
  26. Sorry, my phone died as I was typing a reply! Lol! Is there any specific types of scents that you prefer or look for? I have tried most of them, so I may be able to help.
  27. Welllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll.... I'm kinda an FO HO ............ pretty sure THAT ( getting over $40 ) won't take but about 5 minutes. ( I used to do wickless instead of candles, and I had buys in 3 distinct "want this not that " areas so there was a time, to fulfill orders, I was carrying and making right at 300 scents. ( I did however whittle it down to 200 LOL )
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