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  2. My package of Country Lane premium wax just arrived. When I searched on Amazon for microcrystalline wax, this product came up. I could have sworn it said "microcrystalline" in the description, but it doesn't say that on the label....... I am really hoping for whatever reason I didn't buy the wrong thing 😕 1oz per pound seems like so little to make that much of a difference to go from brittle to smooth carving. I will try, hoping for the best. Also, am I adding this to everything....including the core mold? Or just the dipping wax?
  3. Thanks for the input, I've been slow to update my list, but here is the final version. It contains several wicks I don't have, but I'm working on that. As you say this is approximate and results may vary for no apparent reason. But, for me at least this is a very useful tool. I recently used it to wick four 4630 candles based on my wicks for long cure 6006 candles and they were all good. Zinc 60 CD10 WI755 LX18 Zinc 51 CD8 WI750 CD7 WI745 Zinc44 LX16 CD6 CD5 HTP93 LX14 LX12 WI740 HTP73 CD4 HTP62 LX10
  4. Candle Science & The Candle Source both had good ones. I did notice the last one I purchased from the Candle Source was lighter in depth and darker in color. With all the changes in fo over the past couple of years I'd check and see if someone rated one in the fragrance review section.
  5. I like lavender sage one, some of the lavenders smell like bad bathroom cleaner.
  6. The Chemistry Store has "Leather Bound Books." I haven't tried it in product, bit it smells promising.
  7. The reviews there are saying it smells just like their Antique Sandalwood. Do you by chance already have that?
  8. I am not sure It is so amazing though- if you figured it out I’d like one too! I do have one of them so if. You wanted I could shave a little of it out and send it to you
  9. Has anyone tried Library from CS? I want to, but I don't need anything else and hate to order just that.
  10. Glad you bumped this thread...I was asked for an “old books” candle and have been thinking what to start with. I would never have thought of vanilla. I know you need a touch of leather - but those can be so overpowering. Wondering about a vanilla bourbon — and a touch of havana added to it...(not sure it reads “old book”. Maybe it’s just a blend I want to try 😂)
  11. In case anyone was curious, I remembered the other one I was trying to think of: Whispers in the Library by Replica https://shop.nordstrom.com/s/maison-margiela-replica-whispers-in-the-library-eau-de-toilette/5329412?siteid=QFGLnEolOWg-_lMlsq_LwjuRu_t2Owr6VA&utm_source=rakuten&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=QFGLnEolOWg&utm_content=1&utm_term=688428&utm_channel=affiliate_ret_p&sp_source=rakuten&sp_campaign=QFGLnEolOWg
  12. I’m switching lavenders (I think) I have used AAA- it’s been ok but I’m not wowed....have just poured Lavender Sage from PFO....but I need a straight lavender too. Not sure if I want one leaning toward floral or not.... I use 464 wax and normally need about a 10% FO load for a lavender scent — which is fine....but I need to get some options in and start testing. Any thoughts from my esteemed friends?
  13. Bumping this back up to ask if anyone's tried any discussed above? I wonder if I combined MMS's Books Abound, NG's Money, Indigo's Library, and WSP's Spank Me Leather what the result would be? What got me back on this is coming across a mention somewhere of Sucreabeille's Antiquarian scent: https://sucreabeille.com/products/antiquarian It sounds lovely: Scent notes: sumptuous leather, old yellowed books, pipe tobacco, soft sandalwood, white musk. It's just $39, and that would buy a few different FOs to try. Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab as a couple (again, not FOs): https://blackphoenixalchemylab.com/product-category/neil-gaiman/good-omens/ The Buggre Alle This Bible: "Crumbling paper and ancient cracked leather with a touch of tobacco leaf and incense. " The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch: " A seventeenth-century tome, pages lined with witching herbs and lightly spattered by gunpowder residue. " There was another "books" perfume (not an FO) I came across recently and I can't remember now what it was. But these commercial producers are getting some kind of FOs that they're blending to create these.
  14. There are a to. Of companies, and a ton of prices for labels! If you have a laser printer it can’t do most labels. Been using one for years. if you want something fancy pants, embossing, foil etc get online.
  15. Maybe one of the othe wax companies will buy formulas and produce some of the originals somehow. I first joined here, because I could not believe the new waxes. Horrible!
  16. I loved the original. It was amazing. But the re launched version was not the same.
  17. Great, thanks for sharing this video, sounds interesting. I'll have to spend some time and watch it all.
  18. It's called DIY Candle Making Beginner To Advanced. Yep, and unfortunately that's their only way to try and compete in the lion's den with everyone and their dog starting a candle business. There's so many people spending a fortune to get a business up and running then sharing their sob stories about how they don't understand why they haven't sold anything. The reality is, unless you have something that nobody else has then you're just going to be competing in a low price market where those types of customers are going to be looking for the cheapest best looking candle.
  19. I fell for their Ecosoya PB soy wax and really liked it, I"m bumming. Great question, what supply they can't secure? I don't get it. 😫
  20. OMG! Are you f'n kidding me? I'm about ready to take up knitting. LOL. But seriously, seems like chandlers can't catch a break. Their Ecosoya PB pillar blend wax is one of my favorite soy waxes, especially for making soy wax melts. Oh well, so much for that idea. I'll have to use a lesser wax or go about testing yet another new wax. All I want for Christmas are stable and reliable suppliers.
  21. That's a real bummer, Ecosoya PB pillar blend wax was one of my favorite Soy Waxes, at least for making melts. I really liked it and had great results. Geez, here I go again, back to a lesser wax or having to test yet another new soy wax. Having to revamp your products seems to never end as a chandler. 😝
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  23. What’s scary is reddit candle making thread. People making two candles then selling on Etsy. No mention of getting insurance or whatever. People throwing stuff into their candles for decoration. Yikes!,
  24. For the past year I have only been selling locally but now I'm wanting to start selling online, because I have lots of potential customers who live too far away for me to deliver. I'm thinking of going with Etsy, it seems like the best option starting out. My only problem I've run into so far is shipping. What is the best way to ship soap/aroma beads? How do you calculate what shipping will be? Is it cheaper to use the packaging from USPS or your own? I need to know this before hand because when listing in Etsy you have to put in the weight and dimensions of the package. I want to keep shipping as cheap as possible for my customers because I know when I'm buying online, the shipping price is what decided whether I'm buying or not. And any other tips for starting up would be great.
  25. Which FB groups? I've been looking for a few... Can you pm me if you can't state publicly?
  26. This is great! I will probably watch more than once. :-) Did he mention trimming the wick between burns? I might have missed it...
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