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  2. When I first stared making candles, I was looking at SELLING my product but as time progressed and life took a toll on my time, I decided that I did not have the time or energy to devote to SELLING my product. As of this date, I am not interested in selling but only in producing a quality product for myself and friends/family...I guess I am not the candle mogal that I once thought I'd be. But I still produce a candle that I am extremely proud to put my name one...kwim?
  3. No, it was not a mistake. I was ready to come out from the shade, and I am trying to move on to next stage. But, I am so use to work out of my house for my all other businesses, which I still do, that I was just hoping to do this at my house too.
  4. Green screening to grab cleanly cropped images for overlaying on backgrounds/products? If just adding a label over a product, you could do that with layering in Photoshop. Take the original image with product in it, create a new layer(s) for the label, which will be superimposed over the base layer/image.
  5. Wow, that's a lot of sales in just one year on Etsy. Even their FB page appears to be a year old. Square POS, I'd guess. It allows for sales at markets, faires, and other in-person transactions to be synced with the Etsy account, so while website traffic might be low those numbers keep going up and up. That's my understanding, at least. The 50% sale might to there to attract online traffic, the loss in profit being offset by profits from in-person sales. Promotion expenses. Unfortunately, I couldn't find their in-person prices. Edit: While there are 1525 reviews from confirmed purchases on Etsy, a lot of them appear to be duplicates (I don't know what's going on there; that's... odd). It doesn't appear to be a reliable number for estimating number of sales.
  6. I like Ecwid too.. use on website and Facebook , and a link on IG too.
  7. The first mistake you made was to ask for permission from a nit wit government official. It's much easier to ask for forgiveness than to ask for permission. Why not just practice your "hobby" in your home and sell candles on the side?
  8. I think I know how they do it. They lose money on every transaction, but they make it up in volume.
  9. I guess all that stuff that only causes cancer in California and not in my state must go.
  10. Good choice. I use Ecwid. Lots of great features and works well. I'll be staying with them into the next year. I find it a little complicated, but most of it is a challenge for me.
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  12. Hello @Mnm76 and welcome to Craft Server. Yes, this is an addictive hobby but loads of fun. You should certainly be able to learn a lot of good and helpful information here. Do some searches on the topics that interest you. Enjoy! 😎
  13. My name is Emily and Im a new candle and melts maker that lives in Missouri with my two sons, boyfriend, our dog, and a 2 cats (inside anyway lol). I have just done my first batch of soy jelly jar candles a couple weeks ago and not really happy with the hot throw, so I thought I'd hang around here and see if I might learn something for the next gor round. I'm going to concentrate mainly on the melts this coming month. Wish me luck. I can already tell this is going to be addicting. Anyway, thanks for having me and I hope to get to know a bunch of you soon. :)
  14. Thank you for the information! I guess I need to go out and look for place where I can put my tiny candle factory.
  15. This is one with Cajun Candle Beads I just recently made this one. I had been using these beads for some time now & they pop right out the cutters no need to spray anything down or buy special pans I just simply bake & let them cool for about 10 minutes. Unlike other beads I’ve ruined because they stuck to the cutters I’ve experienced beads that break off, the melting in the car, the beads that lose scent after a day or two. Cajun Candles I’ve never had a problem with 👍🏼 I thought about testing buyaromabeads.com has anyone used there beads I’d like to know your opinion & read a review on them. TIA
  16. Thanks, I'll check these out. I use Adobe Photoshop on a very basic level right now and want to look up how to do it but I don't even know what the process is called.
  17. I’ve tried so many beads already Aromabeadsonline,Buyitshipit,Cajun Candles, & Plastic Pellets 4 Fun. I had really liked PP4F until today I had this one melt in my cousin’s car 😕 I’ve never had one melt & now I’m kinda scared to send out my orders that I have with these beads. I think I’ll be sticking with Cajun Candles it takes longer but the quality to me is better & I’ve always found them easier to work with ❤️ The customer service is great I’ve called twice before & they are always helpful & kind. Cheaper is not always better in my case ☹️
  18. It's not like the typical ocean scents or rain scents. It's more like a rain scent, but not as floral. I ordered every water scent RE carries during the sample sale and some other samples from here and there, and I'm in the process of testing. It'll take me a while cause I really went way overboard with the samples...LOL.
  19. Don't do it. It isn't safe. Before I knew any better, I tried all kinds of things and nothing would wick up the thing and work like it should.
  20. Has anyone tried using FO's they get for candles/soaps to refill wallflowers/plug-ins? I don't know if it's the scents I'm using or the sticks, but they don't work!! I barely get any scent out of them and the oil doesn't evaporate. Do they make the FO's for plug-ins different? Wondering if anyone has some advice.
  21. Pure Integrity Soy Candles has branched out and opened a new business (American Candle Supplies) they now carry supplies and fragrances previously offered by American Soy Organics.
  22. If anyone ends up with bad beads, they can be used for weighting craft items like fabric dolls, pumpkins, etc., as long as you haven't added scent to them. Just thought instead of throwing them, they could be used. GoldieMN
  23. Hi NightLight, greetings from the tropics of Australia. Do you mind me asking where you purchased your hanging moulds from?
  24. Last week
  25. Not yet but thinking about placing an order with them this weekend so I'll order a few pounds.
  26. I use the Asian Sandalwood from Flaming, and it is a power house in my waxes. Is that the one you are using? If that isn't working for you, I'd try Peak's sandalwood, but I would buy it from Keystone if they carry it.
  27. Candle Cocoon has something similar to the Ribbonwick. Wave Wick The wavey wick used by Ribbonwick appears to be patented. Flexible Wick (I found the mention of silk and alpaca hair as a wicking material interesting. I guess that makes them potentially non-vegan.) Edit: I just realized how old this thread is. Oops...
  28. I like the reduced price one from Aztec. It's pretty strong, and I think it's fairly close to the real thing. IMO, sandalwood isn't a powerful fragrance to begin with.
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