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  2. Looks like #3 is going to be the winner and yes, I like the white font too.But keep the votes coming. Trappeur....
  3. lovelyscents

    Getting wax out of a Presto Pot

    Not a newbie but have never thought about anything else working other than a presto pot and turkey fryer, so I was interested for a split second. We all are constantly learning even years into this craft. It definitely does remind me of being in a church or work meetings ๐Ÿ˜‚
  4. I love both labels and like the font in white. I guess if I had to pick a label I'd pick the third one but both are adorable!
  5. Today
  6. Don't get me wrong: I still enjoy making some candles. I'm getting ready to try some more detailed designs for my silicone candle molds. But I think I am moving further from the candles and more toward just sculpting. We'll see what happens!
  7. Keep the votes coming.....thankyou! I was going to actually use both labels for the same groomer but now that I think about it, I have a veterinarians office who is interested in carrying the pet odor eliminator candles so if everyone goes for #3, I'll use the other one for the vet's office! Geesh I have about 5 new accounts, and with my sickness geeze I'll be working up to the end....lol Trappeur
  8. Yesterday
  9. My vote is for #3 also. The animals are so cute (even the cat ๐Ÿ˜)!! Also agree with with the white font. Great job.
  10. kandlekrazy

    I've been moving away from candles...

    OMG yes, I can see why candle making wasn't enough to fulfill your talent. They are all amazing.
  11. kandlekrazy

    2 new soaps.

    So pretty!!
  12. All so darn cute I can't choose! I do like the pets in #3
  13. Jeeze, Trapp.....you have worked your magic again! I like the white font. Kinda stands out so customers can see right off that it is a candle with a good purpose. Between the two different labels....I cannot pick! Both are adorable.
  14. Well, I have my candles all made and ready to go. Did a dozen of them just to get the candles in the door to this dog/cat groomer in town. So now I have my labels all designed so now I need to know which one, so need your advice here. These are "odor eliminator" candles..... You pick and let me know and I will know then as I love them both. Of course Zazzle won't be all over the labels as shown here. Trappeur Picture 1 and 2 are the same. The only thing different is the font color of the fragrance name Do you like the font in the green in the fragrance or the white font????????????????/ THIS ONE HAS THE WHITE FONT. This one has the green font.
  15. Trappeur

    2 new soaps.

    That would be me too, glitter in the eyeballs.....lol Trappeur....
  16. IKR!! I've been wanting to try that too, but the 25lb minimum makes me balk. That and it's like 2x the cost of palm. But I think the next time I am able to pick up an order from CW, I might get a case to play with. Without the shipping cost to worry about, it's much more reasonable. Of course I need another wax like I need more FO. ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…
  17. Sarah S

    Wicking for 16 oz. Mayo

    I can't disagree that the country comfort is great for stellar HT. Maybe the combination of wide melt pool and chimney-like neck? I think of the mayo/canning jar as being a compromise between price and performance, as you can generally get them cheaper than the apothecary, thereby allowing for a lower price-point to pass on to the consumer. Hopefully you'll be pleased with the 125! I'm just south of the Mason-Dixon line, in MD. I work in PA for my full-time job, in Waynesboro (a little west of Gettysburg). I have a bunch of family up in the Lehigh Valley area. What part of PA are you in?
  18. KrisS

    Web Marketing - Websites

    Thank you all for this conversation. Truly useful information. I just picked up a few (more) domains at significant cost savings in comparison to my existing registrations. One regret I'll share with you guys as a learning experience. I've kicked my own rump several times for not picking up "coconutcandles" when it was available at a decent price 4-5 years ago. If there's something you keep going back to as a domain you want, there's a reason for it. Nab it before someone else does.
  19. moonshine

    Coconut wax vs others

    Hi Chad I donโ€™t recommend buying wax from local hobby stores if your looking to pursue making good consistent candles There are so many suppliers out there that specialize in this and have quality waxes if your looking to do a coconut soy blend there are several to choose from however many are out of stock right now because of production/manufacturing issues a few of them to check out are: candles and supplies Northwood candle supply calcandle supply and I think cargil nature wax C6 is a soy coconut blend that can be found at the flaming candle if you do a search on the forum for coconut wax you can read a lot of good information and problem solving we have all been going through with this new trend
  20. moonshine

    2 new soaps.

    Beautiful as always probably a dumb question but having never made soap myself does the glitter stick on you when you use it or does it wash off easily? only asking because with some certain makeupโ€™s I canโ€™t get the glitter off for nothing and it ends up in my eyeballs every time ๐Ÿ˜‚
  21. Jcandleattic

    2 new soaps.

    Oh yeah, the shiny is glitter. I only use mica in the actual batter to color the soap, but I spritz glitter on the top to give it a glittery look. I put glitter on almost all of my soaps.
  22. Jcandleattic

    2 new soaps.

    The top one (orange and green mostly) is a mix of Lime EO, Bergamot EO, and Fruit Slices FO. The bottom one (teal purple and pink) is scented Mango Papaya. I'm hoping the scent comes back, because it morphed. It's still nice, and has a fruit scent to it, but it's not what it was. Also, the candies bled but not too bad, and I'll be able to cut it out after a cure.
  23. Hello, I am pretty new to candle making and loving it so far, however, I've come into some trouble with the candles I've already made thus far. I bought generic beeswax and soy wax from hobby lobby, but neither of them performed that well, i used a fair amount of essential oil with it and i was pretty disappointed. I have since done some research and found a few people saying that coconut is a pretty good wax for scent throw and health etc. On the forums here i have seen people say igi-4627 is a good wax for scent throw, however, this is a paraffin wax which i don't really want to use and was looking for a coconut/soy mix alternative which performs as well as this wax. Does anyone have any advice for any wax that i can try that will perform well for me? I will mainly be doing glass jar candles and/or cement container candles. Thanks, Chad
  24. TallTayl

    Upland slab/log replacement bands

    How about ratchet straps? They come in loads of sizes and are practically indestructible. We have rubber slotted adjustable bungee cords at the farm store. Durable as all get out with various lengths.
  25. TallTayl

    Beeswax Questions

    Beeswax varies considerably from lot to lot depending on which part of the comb is used. Fresh Capping, for instance is the caviar of wax it burns much more easily than the comb. If the comb is older, darker or if the bees just produce more durable comb good luck. If you think soy is a bugger, then girder up when starting the beeswax adventure. Itโ€™s more than twice as expensive to experiment with. The only reason I still bother is because it is in my contract to do so. As soon as Iโ€™m done with that event Iโ€™m done making beeswax in anything other than an occasional taper for myself.
  26. Arch Rock

    Please help me pick 6 scents

    Fillmore's French Vanilla is on my radar thanks to your recommendation. We were just talking about adding white pigment. Might be worth a try for those vanillas.
  27. Arch Rock

    Wicking for 16 oz. Mayo

    Don't panic Sarah! I should have mentioned that I'm only now getting started on testing the CBL 125 and HAVE NOT YET used this wax in the 16 oz. Mayo. I've been using my old wax and am finding a big difference in HT between the country comforts and the Mayos. BTW, are you in PA?
  28. Lovelyscents, you certainly could try those as long as they're water jacketed. They look more like they could handle cookies and coffee in a church basement once a week but if you're going to put them through their paces, I would look for a Bunn urn. Still a great option for those who don't like or don't have access to a Presto pot. Thanks for sharing. We also should mention in full disclosure especially for newbies, using ANY small appliance outside the scope of its intended use can be dangerous. You're voiding the warranty and legally, if things go horribly wrong, you will have no recourse for remedies.
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