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  • Double Glassed Method Gel candles


    Double Glassed Method Gel candles

    By Vicky_CO

    Well I promised this and as you will see double glassing is really easy it just looks like it would be hard. I have chosen floral design for both of my candles.

    Items needed:

    Large container (it needs to be big enough to hold smaller container plus you candle design.)

    Small container (This will house your actual candle)

    Embeds items

    Gel wax

    Scissors for cutting gel

    Melting pot


    Heat Gun (not necessary but helpful)

    Pic 1

    I have chosen to use MP gel wax. Candle 2 could be made with LP but Candle 1 needs MP or HP gel wax because LP is not dense enough to hold up the inner container. Your pour temperatures will change depending on which gel wax you chose.

    I am going to be making 2 candles

    Candle 1: The inner glass container is suspended.

    Candle 2: The inner glass container is placed on the bottom of the outer container.

    First get your gel wax heating. I try for a pour temp between 200 and 215.

    In Candle 1 make your scene.

    Pic 2

    In Candle 2 you need to place the inner container in the outer container. I have chosen to center mine. I fill the inner container with glass beads at this point to hold it in place once the gel is poured. Without added weight it will try to float up when you pour the gel wax. I then make my scene around the inner container.

    Pic 3

    When your wax is melted you can start pouring. Depending on your scene you may need to pour in layer to reduce bubbles. I also run my heat gun around the container to warm it up a bit for bubble reduction.

    Candle 1 you only fill till the point where you want the bottom on your inner container to rest. I want mine to be about and 1 ½ from the top of my container.

    Pic 4

    Candle 2 you can fill to the top of the very edge of the inner candle but I like to leave my gel about 1/8 to 1/4 below the top of the inner container.

    Pic 5

    Let your candles cool at this point. I usually wait overnight.

    Candle 2 is pretty much done touch up with a heat gun to remove surface bubbles you can either pour a candle in the center or just ad a votive or tea light. I prefer a tea light or votive.

    Candle 1 If you are using an oven or heat gun to remove bubbles this needs to be done before the next step and the candle needs to cool again.

    Candle 1 This is where a heat gun comes in really handy I heat the top layer of the candle to melting and place my inner container. This help to remove that bubble that always ends up under the inner container. You can also pour a thin layer then place your inner container.

    Pic 6

    I then finish the pour to about ¼ from the top of the inner container.

    Pic 7

    Let cool I do clean up and bubble removal at this point. Do not use the oven or heat lamp methods at this point to remove bubble or your inner container will not stay in place.

    Pour or place a candle in the inner container and you are ready to go.

    Pic 8

    Pic 9

    Now this is not “the be all to end all way” others may have ways that work for them so if this method doesn’t work for you don’t give up.

    P.S. I did try the wood roses in Candle 1 at first, they didn’t hold up to the gel. When I made my small test one it did fine but the larger scenes take longer to cool and the rose fell apart.

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