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  • How to Use the Soapcalc (Sooz) Calculator

    The Mod Team


    The SoapCalc calculator is similar to the MMS calculator, but gives you more information on soap qualities.

    You need to enter your recipe in %s. Select an oil in the middle section, then click on the + in the oil/fat section on the right. Keep doing that for all your oils and butters, entering the correct % for each line.

    (If you only have actual amounts, not %s, you can either calculate the %s by hand, or enter the amounts in the MMS calculator and copy their %s to this one)

    If you want it to calculate your total amount of fragrance, enter your amount per pound in the Fragrance Ratio section in the bottom left.

    Change the Total Oil Weight to however big you want to make your recipe, top middle of the page.

    Click on the "compute recipe" at the bottom of the oil/fat section on the right to calculate all of your amounts. Your measuring guide will be at the bottom. of the page. It gives them to you in 3 different units, so you can select which column is easiest to use (ounces, probably, unless you like grams)

    You will get an error if the oils don't add up to 100%.

    Soap Qualities

    The first column shows the qualities for the oil selected in the center section of the page. Once you click calculate, you will see values in the second column. There aren't any "correct" numbers, but most people like to get their conditioning up over 50-60%, and the fluffy and stable numbers as high as they can for bubbles - 15s, 20s.

    The iodine value is an indication of hardness, try to keep that in the low 70s or lower. The smaller the iodine value, the harder the bar.

    Fatty Acid

    The fatty acid section shows how each oil is made up of different fatty acids. The first column shows the values for the selected oil in the center of the page. The second column shows the values for your total recipe. If you want to learn about the properties of fatty acids, you can check the following pages.



    If you want to change your lye discount

    You can change your discount at the top right. The calculator defaults to a 5% lye discount.

    If you want to do a water discount based on amount of oils

    If you want to do a water discount, you will need to change the "Water as % of Oils" value top right. If you are familiar with the MMS calculator, the range it usually shows for water is 25%-38%. Click the "compute recipe" to recalculate the amount of water.

    If you want to do a water discount based on amount of lye

    If you want to calculate your water based on the amount of lye (DWCP), you will still need to change the "Water as % of Oils" value, since the calculator doesn't let you change the "%lye" or "water:lye ratio" fields that you would normally use. Keep reducing the number from 38 down, and watch the %Lye or ratio numbers til you get where you want to go. Click the "compute recipe" to recalculate the amount of water. I'd say a nice discount would show the water:lye ratio somewhere around 2:1. A deeper discount would be somewhere around 1.8:1 or 1.5:1, but you really need to know how your FO and recipe will act this a discount that deep.

    General Notes

    You can also keep this calculator offline - in your browser, go to File-Save As, and save it to your hard drive.

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