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    Article submission


    You want to submit an article. We would love for you to submit an article. :)


    There are some steps and rules that need to be followed.


    1. Go to a category that fit. Click the add article button. If you are not sure where it should go add in to the miscellaneous articles and we get moved.
    2. Tags are optional if you use them make sure they are related to your article.
    3. Add title
    4. Add you article here. Use the add media button to put the pictures where you want them.

    It can take up to 48 hours for your article to be approved. If your article has not been approved after 48 hours please PM me Vicky_CO. If your article is not approved you will be notified.
    Pictures added by url please be aware if the pictures disappear then so does the article. I will remove articles with dead pictures.
    If you have any questions add a comment or PM me. PM will get a faster response.

    Edited by Vicky_CO

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