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ButterEZ from Lotioncrafter AND homemade perfume

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So very nice to be back here on the forum.  I've missed everyone very much! 
OK, first my background:  I haven't been on the boards in a looooooong time.  I used to make candles but now only make them for myself and family (can't help myself--I've gotta make 'em) due to the cervical spinal surgery I had in 2012. Dr. told me no more carrying cases of wax, candles, etc., so no more craft shows.  Soon, I will have to have another spinal surgery but on the lumbar spine. So, here I am on the B&B board.  I had also made M&P soaps and lotions pre-surgery.  I bought some ButterEZ from Lotioncrafters and planned on using it to make something, but I don't remember what.  (Yeah, it's been THAT long and I know it's a discontinued item now).  Can and will any of you generous and experienced crafters please tell me what I need to use this stuff for and how to use it?  Thank you so very much for your help. 

Oh, the main reason I came to the board is because I want to make myself some perfume and lotion bars.  Found great info. on some lotion bar recipes, but am still looking for perfume recipe.  I have the body safe FO, Everclear, distilled water, and glycerin.  Is that all I need for the perfume? Thank you ALL!

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