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I'm tore up! I need some kinda patch!

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Sooooo, my MOTHER shoves a used bar of soap (not a soap I made by the by...) up in my face yesterday as I was getting ready for Church. She want's to know what was in it... I smelled her coming into the room reeking of Patchouli.

ME:"That's patchouli mom." 

MOM: "Oh, well I really like the smell, can you make it?"

Me: "Yeah I can as soon as I get the Indonesian EO. BUT If I MAKE THIS FOR YOU... I'm MAKING it in YOUR KITCHEN!" 

So the upshot is where are all'y'all Getting your Dark Indonesian Patch from?  (would anyone have about 4 ounces to spare?) 




The Executor of Bad Ideas and Sundry Services. 

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Sponie, I have a little 2oz bottle from Bulk that I love and has lasted me forever. BUT I don't use it in soap, I only use it in lotions and perfumes. That stuff is crazy pricey!

I was pleasantly surprised at how close Aztec's patch FO smells to the real thing. A connoisseur might turn up their nose, but for soap I say good enough. Filmore also has a nice realistic FO.

If you have your heart set on the real thing (and really all imitators are pale), I have always been happy with my EO purchases from Bulk and NDA.

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