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Who typically makes more profit with wholesale accounts?

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On 3/7/2018 at 1:56 AM, LitUp said:


$7 is a very high wholesale cost to have, and if that is your cost then the minimum you want to sell it for is $14 wholesale and the retail will have a markup of 2-2.3x so $28 to  $32.20. Keystone aka a 2x retail markup used to be the standard but more and more stores are going as high as 2.3x markup in order to make enough money to survive. We stepped into wholesale full time last year and went from being carried in 5 stores locally to 140 in the US along with stores in Canada and Hong Kong, so if you have specific questions I'm more than happy to help out answering where I can.


Hello litup!


I have some questions regarding wholesale...


Do you all allow locals to pickup or do you deliver personally?


Do you cold call/email stores or do have a representative to acquire wholesale accounts?


What type of boxes/packaging do you use for wholesale orders?


How did you create your line sheet? If it PDF form or a link to a website or google spreadsheet?


After a wholesale order is sent, do you followup as far as asking about product performance? Do you allow returns on items that aren't selling?


Do you offer stores NET30 or other credit terms? If so, how to make sure you get paid?


Last questions...I promise...lol...at which point did you feel your company was ready for wholesale? What capacity of space and equipment do you think one needs before wholesaling?


Thanks in advance!!!!



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@Testing123 Those are a lot of great questions and we had the same ones. There is a great course on Creative Live about wholesaling that answered a ton of the questions, you hear from actual buyers and you get to see how other people are doing their linesheets etc plus it comes with sample forms. I highly recommend it.




Hope that helps!


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