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A Little help getting to know you.

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How old are you?  61.  Not sure how I got this old, but it came quick!

Where do you live?  Just outside of Minneapolis, Mn.

How long have you been making candles/soap/whatever?  Bath and body-4-5 years, Candles 6m

How did you get started making candles/soap/whatever?  I saw a booth at my local farmer’s market with lovely soaps and I thought “I can do that”.  And so the journey began...

Are you married?   Yes.  Any kids?  3

If candle/Soap making isn't your primary job, what do you do?  Flooring Store owner(carpet, vinyl, ceramic, etc.).  Also Revenue Cycle Management(RCM) at one of the busiest hospitals in Minneapolis.

Anything else we should know? I’ve tried to find local classes on candle making at local comm.ed. and colleges, but Mn. must be a no mans land....so I was thrilled to find this site!!! Thanks for letting me join💖

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