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Found 35 results

  1. Is Anyone Using Q220?

    I have been using EcoSoya CB Advanced with pretty good results, and have been waiting to hear about the reformulation.
  2. I've tried a few differentwaxes blended together, but haven't been able to get an incredible scent Throw like I want. It's really good, just not there yet. Also, they seem a bit soft, even after adding paraffin. What do you use/suggest for wax tarts/melts? (not clamshell.) I've been researching GW 416 and it seems to be pretty decent. Has anyone used this for tarts? And do I need to add anything to it? thanks a million **edit : I'd like them to be a bit harder so they don't melt in your hand or in the bag. I wanted to try ecosoya pb but it has been discontinued. And ky is too pricey with shipping.
  3. I've tried to find the answer to my question but was unable to. My question is this; what is the best parasoy for container candles? I want the best HT/CT possible in a parasoy. Im trying to research a few but can't find any good information. Thanks in advance!
  4. I'm using IGI 6006 and have tried multiple wicks with no success yet. Im wondering if I'd have an easier time if I add another brand of soy like 464 or what. I love the blends. Any other suggestions for a blend wax? thanks in advance!
  5. I have tested several wicks and many didn't even come close to the edge of the jars. Can I remelt these and reuse the wax or does remelting them burn off the fragrance oil?
  6. So I am now to this forum and I apologize in advance if I've not posted in the correct place. I am using igi 6006 parasoy wax by itself (I haven't added any extra soy like many do.) I use 8.5% FO added at 185•, and I pour at 170•. I let them cure 24hrs before my burn test. I am using 3.1" diameter jars with 8 ounces of wax in each. So far I've tested 6 different wicks. I've tried the eco 8 & eco 10 first. They both produced insane amounts of soot and the flames were flickering almost nonstop. I've tried the eco 6, LX 22, CSN 14, and a medium zinc wick. The photos are after an 8 hour burn. I burned for four, blew them out then relight. I took these just before blowing them out. The csn 14 is probably my favorite, but I can't quite tell yet. The burn pool doesn't seem like it's going to be large enough. When lit, the flame is very still and doesn't flicker much at all. The only downside is if any wind comes around the flame, it smokes like crazy The eco 6 burns beautifully, but the burn pool seems too small. The 8 is the night size up and that was too large, so I have no clue where to go from there with the eco wicks. I like the LX 22, but I'm not sure if the melt pool will be large enough and the flame sometimes dances. The medium zinc obviously wont work. The flame is very weak and the melt pool is only about 2". The other question I have is about different FOs needing different wicks. Do I really have to test each FO to find a specific wick for each one? It just seems like that would cost a few grand and be VERY time consuming. (Say I want to test 30 FOs. I'd need 30 jars. I'd have to have multiple wicks of each size and each brand. The amount of wax this would take would be enormous.) thank you in advance!
  7. Hi! Do you know how stearic acid works in candles? How does the amount of stearic acid affect the wax and the candle? Thanks for your insight!
  8. Hello! I believe NEST has amazing wax and scent throw. Their wax is probably proprietary... can any of you experts confirm this? Do you think it has coconut wax? I'm doing everything right and my candles just don't smell as strong and as good ;-( I used IGI 4630 and 6006 with the right wicks, they are burning very nicely and CandleScience fragrances. How do these amazing companies pull it off? What do they do differently? Thanks!
  9. What kind of igi is this?

    I'm trying to find out what kind of igi this is! Anyone know how I can find out!?
  10. I was doing a search about wax stuff & this nonsense came up. I don't like fear mongering. I don't like it one bit. https://wellnessmama.com/22656/dont-use-scented-candles/
  11. I am using NG joy wax and the scent throw is a bit better than my beeswax and soy but..want to optimize it the most. Is normal paraffin better?
  12. New to candle making here! I've already given up on soy wax and switched to a para soy blend. So far so good I think. What I want to know is what wick would work best for an 8 oz tin with para soy problend 600 wax?
  13. Tart Wax

    I decided to give tarts a try since it seems I am already making candles and tarts seem much easier than candles. I use IGI 4627 for my candles. Would you use this wax to make tarts also? What wax do you recommend for tarts and melts? I purchase my wax from Candle Science so I would prefer to stick to buying from there to save on shipping since I order a lot from them. Thanks guys
  14. Hi guys, I have read different posts on using 4627. Some of you use different temperatures for heating, mixing FOs and pouring for this wax. What method do you get the best results with this wax? I like to use max FO % possible. How much do you heat it to? At what temperature do you add the FO? When do you add your dye? At what temperature do you pour? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all
  15. Do you find that NG's FOs are as strong as other supplier's FOs in wax tarts? Or do you find they're all about the same?
  16. I ordered a 5 # sample bag of KY Para Soy for Tart + Votive wax. The directions on the bag say to heat to approx 165 + add FO - stir for 2 min and pour at 150-155 It says wax can hold 1-1.5 oz pp of wax. My question is Ive never added FO at that temp - always at around 180 + those with vanilla about 183 . Ive always been told by CS Peak etc that the wax needs to be around this temp in order for the FO to bind. I emailed RE to ask about this, the response was they've always followed the directions of the wax + said it might be dangerous to add FO that high temp due to flashpoint ???? Im hoping someone has used this wax. I really like the idea of using a easy to store/use wax - its in really tiny beads, no cutting wax, just scoop - weigh + melt. Thanks
  17. Blending w/PoB

    I've been using Pillar of Bliss for my tarts, but I'm not happy with the hot throw, it doesn't seem consistent (I know it can vary with FO) or to last very long. I've tried other vendor wax & it seems to be so much better. I recently tried blending a small percentage of 6006 with the PoB to see if it made a difference. It does make the wax easier to cut which is nice, but so far that's all I've noticed. I know experimenting is all a part of it, but I hate feeling like I'm wasting so much product. Thanks for any help.
  18. I live in a narea with tons of beekeepers who sell honey, but I never see beeswax for sale. Does anyone know if they collect it and/or sell it? Maybe they throw it away?
  19. Hello everyone, I am new to soy wax candle making. I am here because I was wondering in your experience Is It ok to use essential oils in soy wax candles. I have been researching and for the most part is the general answer is yes but I am left wondering if it is even worth spending money on expensive essential oils rather then fragrance oils. I've read that fragrance oil have better scent throws then essential oils but sometimes i am not a fan of fragrance oils because some of them tend to have a synthetic smell to them. So far i have experimented with an 8 oz candle with a total of 20 drops of a mix of amber and sage essential oils, I am currently waiting for that to cure so i can light and test it. With that being said I have the following questions. Is It ok to use essential oils in soy wax candles? What is the general rule of thumb for the amount of essential oil to 1 lb of soy wax? What is a good temperature to add essential/fragrance oils to the soy wax? What is a good temperature to pour the soy wax into a glass jar? Is It ok to mix essential oils and fragrance oils for soy wax candles? Any help is really appreciated!
  20. Does anyone know if Astor 6086/2 wax is still available and if not, is there any wax that can be used as a replacement for it? Thanks!
  21. wax melts/cupcake candles/oreo candles

    I love making various wax melts and cupcake canldes small medium and large the smell from a wax melt is much more stronger than a normal burning candle dont you think? Is there any other ideas you have about wax melts you would lie kto share with me I was wondering is it wise to make cupcake/oreo candles as i have heard they are a food imitation and come under the food trading standards? please let me know more information thank you kyle @creativecrafts
  22. I am a rookie and just curious as to how long these waxes take to settle after pour before I should light a candle. i am currently using 464 soy wax but I am also curious about Parrafin.
  23. Unhappy with wax.

    I've been making tarts and testing fragrance oils/waxes for about 4 months now. Before I started making tarts, I did a lot of research on waxes and decided I wanted to use all soy so I went with EcoSoya Pillar Blend. I've tested loads of fragrance oils in it and it's a pretty decent wax for me. I get pretty good cold throw and decent hot throw.. but it doesn't seem to last. I'm just not satisfied with it. I like that it's a smooth wax. I've never had bumpy tops. I like that I can use a lot of fragrance oil and it'll still accept it. I have recently purchased three other waxes, two of them being a parasoy blend. I don't know a whole lot about parasoy blends but in my opinion, both of them are similar. I tried Celestial Parasoy Votive Blend and ProBlend 650 Parasoy Votive and Tart Wax. They have cured for about a week. The cold throw is disappointing and the hot throw is better than cold but nowhere near great. I have one more new wax to test though.. it's a soy tart blend, so we will see how it goes after curing. I know people tend to be very protective over revealing info on waxes they use.. but is there anyone that can suggest some good waxes for me to try? I'd like to use 2 ounces of fragrance per pound and I'm really looking for a great hot throw. Like with the EcoSoya, a lot of the time, the cold throw was great but hot throw was just blah. Either a straight parasoy blend or a paraffin wax that's good to mix in other waxes would be great. I just want something that will throw like a champ hot and cold. And I thought it would be good to get advice from people here who know what they're doing than myself going and spending a fortune on a ton of different waxes. Thanks in advance!
  24. I am getting ready to use a Paraffin wax. I want to make pillar candles and Cut and curl candles. Which is best type to use? I have purchased all my molds. However I have only made soy wax candles. I currently use Candle Science but there shipping rates are RIDICULOUS!!!! I am looking for a new Supplier Can you recommend a good one? I live in southern Illinois. I have no problem buying from several suppliers but knowing who they are is not easy. I spend hours online looking. I was wondering which supplier has the strongest fragrance oil? I am new to this and have limited funds. So I really need some seasoned help. Thank you so much for your assistance.
  25. Just Scent JS 123 Wax

    Hi! I'm new to candle making and I was wondering if any of ya'll use Just Scent? I am wondering about their JS123 wax. Thanks in advance!!! i love their oil and was just needing some general info about the wax. I am not totally against soy but I buy their oils and would like to minimize suppliers. Thanks